Why waste time checking dating profiles in your room?

For UK singles, dating online has become something of the norm, rather than the refuge for the down and out and desperate that it once was. Even the thought of shelling out fees for upgraded services, giving access to chat rooms and video dating, has not put off the serious single – whether they’re serious about being serious or just want to meet up and have a good time.

And who can blame them? Online dating has improved dramatically over the last four of five years. There are the mainstream players who spend more on advertising than many others take in revenue but, quite often, the pool of fish is just to big for the savvy dating site member. Many smaller dating sites have upped their game and the competition for your membership fee is fierce.

In order to entice the UK dating pool to come to them, dating sites are now offering more value for money than they ever have before. Mobile phones have played a huge part in this revolution, as the trend has shifted with advanced technology for more Brits to spend time online through the face of their handheld than they do behind a PC or laptop screen.

The major benefit of using a mobile with your dating site is that it doesn’t matter about not having a date, per se, before you walk out the front door, if you’re an existing member of a dating community that is hyper-connected via WAP or Wi-Fi. You can spend more time concentrating on yourself, looking your best for a prospective partner who doesn’t know it’s their lucky night yet, and literally leave the dating until you’re on the bus or metro to whichever destination is lucky enough to be hosting your conquest later that evening.

Sign up to the dating site, do a local search to see who’s online datng there and then – some webmasters even provide free SMS, so even if you like the look of someone who’s not online, you can still poke, wink or prod them and they’ll be informed on their mobile that they’ve got new dating site mail.

Whether they choose to open that communiqué or not is a different kettle of fish, obviously, but if they’re an active member of that dating site community there should be little reason not to.

If, perhaps, happy ever after is your dating aim, you may understandably have reservations about meeting up in this off-hand manner; to be fair, perhaps matchmaking sites or those that operate in a very structured way (so that you can check off your list of must-haves and deal-breakers in your own spare time as you flick through profile after profile) are best for you.

Casual dating is what it is and meeting someone off the cuff and mobile phones – especially those that can operate with a GPS platform to let you know that someone from your dating site is in the very room, let alone town – were just made for each other.

So, come on, what are you waiting for? Sign up takes minutes, it’s the beginning of the weekend, don’t hang about. Unless you want to spend all weekend looking through dating site profiles and that be your only satisfaction, of course, wondering what might have been. Don’t just think about it, do it!

UK singles represent different target market for dating site

The tenth most visited dating site in the UK, boasting 120,000 visitors in September alone, has intentions to boost those volumes by taking a different approach to their view of the potential online dating UK audience.

Being only just in the top ten, according to information gathering organisation comScore, perhaps does the matchmaking site an injustice, as the chart ranks both paid and free dating sites together. However, they do still have a way to go to catch up with their nearest ‘paid-for’ membership site rival who, in comparison, attracted 698,000 from their group of dating websites.

But that is not their concern; figures may look good on paper, but they are not judging their own performance on that statistic.

The UK singles market is a different proposition to its US counterpart, where this dating site’s motto has grown from their ‘conversion rate’, whereby they claim to be responsible for “5% of all new marriages,” in Northern America.

But that is not going to be their driver when looking how to best service the UK singles market. The mission is not about simply getting people together to make their advertising look good, although the UK manager does state ‘the faster people leave the site, the happier I am’, but rather the plan is getting people together who are going to stay together in a long-term relationship by focusing on what makes them ‘really tick’.

bringing in the experts to connect on all levels

In order to make the UK dating dream a reality, i.e. getting couples together whose profiles suggest that they possess ‘twice as much likelihood to stay together’, the company have hired a specialist marketing organisation who ‘know how to connect different points of view in a competitive marketplace.’

The PR company, who will be looking after the dating site’s Australian interest, too, also look after the brand recognition of globally recognised icons Nintendo and Costa. If that is not pedigree enough, they recently won Marketing Week Engage Awards’ agency of the year award, to compound their market-leader status.

The drive to enamour itself with the UK dating market will also include monitoring and improving the mechanics and interactive capabilities for ‘who’s and ‘how’s of the dating site membership, specifically how singles use the facilities.

As well as the components that the members are used to, there are already ongoing tests to bring the site from a static web-page into the hands of mobile users, incorporating payment checkouts, web-chat using cam technology and location-based apps to literally date on the go.

So, let’s hope the integration of all of these components is swift, seamless and harmonious, for the long-term relationships of British singles, everywhere.