Sugar Daddy dating site launch; past its sell-by, already?

The economic picture of the US must be getting tougher, that’s all I can say. Or the Sugar Daddies attracting thousands of young, nubile Sugar Babies on the niche dating sites must have something I don’t possess to have these college grads flocking to spend time with them. Mm, think I’ve answered my own question there with the term ‘millionaire’. Writing pays ok, but I’ll be lucky to hit six-figures, this year, let alone seven. Maybe one day.

But to the point in question. The launch of yet another Sugar Daddy dating site in the US is receiving huge press coverage over The Pond in an unprecedented escalation of the niche, which has seen college-aged girls, struggling to find regular, traditional ‘graduate’ jobs, turning to the Internet to find an older, wealthier guy to finance their education. is, however, slightly different from other dating sites in its niche. For one, it doubles up as a free dating site for those who are perhaps uncertain whether they have got what it takes to be either, namely the Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby. Somehow, with this attitude, it doesn’t convince us at this stage that it will ever rise to have the credibility of a site, perhaps, like Brandon Wade‘s, which has been in the news for all of the wrong reasons, recently. However, knowing Mr Wade’s business acumen, there is a sector of the online dating community who would suggest that the controversy has been somewhat manufactured, certainly given a helping hand to reach the mainstream headlines, at any rate. And, that the market-savvy entrepreneur would agree that, in his niche of the dating industry, all publicity is good publicity.

The premise of this new dating site is similar to others designed to pair together young, attractive single ladies with older, refined, wealthier gentlemen. Allegedly, it only takes two minutes to complete a dating site profile that will get you online and dating. That in itself smacks of cheap marketing that will not attract the type of clientele that will ever put it up in the niche of the high-end Sugar Daddy dating sites, which the genuine man about town would sign up for.

There are testimonials on the dating site, already. Given that it has only just launched, you would perhaps have to question the integrity of those comments. And a quick flit around the buxom profiles states that they have been ‘recently active‘ – put your own benchmark against ‘recent‘, if you will.

Things may get better for the dating site, which is targeted for singles in the US and Canada only, at present. Who knows? It may well be the next Badoo, but for singles at both ends of the dating spectrum, and this article will come back to bite me on the posterior. Nonetheless, I’ve signed up to the blog’s RSS to keep you, avid reader, updated with the latest developments in Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby land. Keep in touch with yourself. Z. x

Dating sites – a bit of something for just about everyone

Being single is great for a while and only the absolute confirmed bachelor or ice-maiden can truly say that it’s what they want forever. For the rest of us, there comes a time when longing to spend time with a soul-mate or kindred spirit overwhelms the desire to go out and get ratted every night with a random bod you’ve met on your dating site or courtesy of your dating app, end up getting laid and then wake up next to said bod the following morning with absolutely no feelings for them, other than wondering whether they’ll go up in your esteem if, next to the kettle, is a 300gm jar of Douwe Egberts.

No? Never just hooked up with someone from one of the 1,000s of online dating sites festooning the Internet? Mmm, perhaps it’s just me then. But I know it’s not. Online dating is one of the hottest trends availing itself to singles all over the globe.

I’m sorry? You think you’re too old? Okay, if you’re of a certain maturity, traipsing half way across the county at the drop of a hat to meet someone you’ve just met on a dating site, parking up in a suitable location, downing several alcoholic beverages and then hopping straight into bed with them on the first night may not be your cup of tea, but if you’re 55 plus, then you, dear sir or madam, are in the fastest growing age range to discover the world of online dating. Oh, yes, it’s true – senior dating is top of the cyber-love pops!

And what was that, madam? You only go for older men who can lavish you with gifts in return for small favours and accommodating them on an ad hoc basis as and when the mood takes you? No problem there, either. There are many distinguished dating sites for the Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby alike.

And you, sir? You go for the older woman with perhaps a swimming pool in her yard and a penthouse villa in The Canaries, à la Mrs Robinson? In the words of Harry Enfield – Young Man! Don’t fear – cougars are on the prowl online as well as their older male peers looking for younger female company.

And you there, looking for a same sex relationship – you won’t be disappointed either. By jove, many of the mainstream dating sites are even enlightened enough to acknowledge the vast sector of the UK population who would much prefer to spend the evening – and night – with someone of the same gender and have their own private areas to service them. Ooh, err!

Online dating has come a long way from the dial-up days of seedy little websites, which were more likely to infect your hard drive than lead to a relationship capable of allowing you to pick up something else equally undesirable and contagious. As a starting point, if this is all new ground for you, check out our dating site – you may be surprised at how many people you have lots in common with, no matter what your dating preference.

(Oh, and if this is your virgin online dating experience, be sure to check out the next article about online dating security!)

The moral and legal thin line of Sugar Daddy sites

One thing you can safely say about Brandon Wade is that he is not shy about putting his dating sites in the firing line. Sites, he has many, most are controversial. As much as the public at large complain about the man and his dating sites, you can’t argue with the fact that they’re popular.

In a recent interview, Wade was took to task about the fact that there are so many sugar babies on his sugar daddy site that were students at NYU – 500 plus, if the report is accurate – and how the idea came about. You may (or not, thinking about it) be surprised at his role models and how his own dating experience led to the niche dating site‘s inauguration.

Seeking Arrangement is a dating site that connects wealthy elderly gentlemen (by that, I mean older than the person they expect to date – according to Wade, the average age of his site’s male members is 36) with (a lot) younger women. The former being the Sugar Daddy, the latter the sugar baby.

There is an expectation that, for being pampered and bestowed with gifts by the well-off Sugar Daddy dating site member, the sugar baby will come to an arrangement – through the site – with the ‘generous benefactor’. Two adults coming together for mutual benefit – where’s the problem?

The issue in the public eye, and with many local New Yorkers, is that so many girls at NYU are signing up to Seeking Arrangement to pay their ways through college. In Brandon’s eyes, this is the perfect scenario. College girls who would perhaps never get the opportunity see how the other half live for the price of positioning themselves as eye-candy or a trophy girlfriend; in return, an otherwise lonely bachelor (or married man, he’s imposed no restrictions for wedlock being a barrier on his sites) has someone who he can lavish his wedge and bestow gifts upon.

That outlook is not surprising as Wade grew up idolising Hugh Hefner, he of Playboy fame, whom he wanted to grow up like. Given Wade’s self-confessed geekishness, that was never going to happen unless he could tempt female company by dangling the carrot of spoiling them beyond their wildest dreams. Recognising that there was a huge market for this, the adult dating site was born. Now, with 900,000 members (at time of interview), you have to take your hat off to the bloke and say he nailed that to perfection.

There is a very thin moral (and perhaps legal) line and whether you disagree with it or not, there’ll be a lot more graduates coming out of NYU debt free than if Wade’s site was not about. Go, Brandon!

No cold front this Christmas for Carrey

Whatever Jim Carrey does, he cannot seem to keep his love-life out of the media spotlight. Although his current beau is almost 30, the fact the she’s a Russian student who flits across the country to be with the Hollywood star (presumably at his expensive), puts ole Jim in the Sugar Daddy category, according to Brandon Wade, founder of one of the largest Sugar Daddy sites on the planet.

It would seem that it took a rock concert to officially alert the press to the relationship and grease the Axl to keep the media wheels a-turning. The pair were spotted hand-in-hand in LA at a Guns ‘n’ Roses gig to officially bring to an end in the world’s eyes Jim’s relationship with Jenny McCarthy as he takes up with Anastasia Vitkina.

Is it really a Sugar Daddy/Baby relationship?

The ‘official’ definition of a Sugar Daddy, according to Wade, who is also author of ‘The Definitive Guide to Sugar Daddy and Mutually Beneficial Relationships’ so some cynics may say has a vested interest in the relationship’s encumbent publicity, considers a Sugar Daddy to be a man of definitive wealth, somewhat older than his partner, to whom he is willing to concede some of his time (and wealth) in return for her affection, be it platonic or intimate.

Loosely speaking, if reports in the press are on the money, the two do fit the bill to be tagged thus.

Many Sugar Babies live a similar lifestyle

On Brandon’s dating site, which hosts more than a million members, many of the young girls who hook up with their older partners do travel extensively to be with them and their bank accounts.

The girls on the adult dating site, who outnumber the Sugar Dadies by 10-to-1, unbelievably, are rarely expected to fund any of the accomodation or travel expenses and often list their occupations as ‘students’.

Given this, you can see where the parallels are being drawn by the media with the relationship between Carrey and Vitkina and what has become socially recognised as the Sugar Daddy/Baby relationship.

Wade puts the success of his own dating site,, as much down to the economic crisis as anything else.

Jobs simply aren’t there that college-girls would normally take to tide them over; it is much more benfitial, and lucrative, to date an older man with wealth, who may not be expecting a long-term relationship, just a fleeting association, which suits the students to get them through college…

…we must have been going through a credit crisis when I went to University, too – I just thought the girls all had rich fathers when they were dropped off for a new term. Shows what I know.

The sweet truth about sugar daddies

As online dating sites cast off the dementors of their past and come well and truly into the light, so too the stigma is shed like an outgrown basilisk skin. As such, many dating site members become the brand’s best advocates when they meet someone online, fall in love and enter into an offline relationship, even marriage. Should you find your perfect partner online the monthly subscription fee you will have paid will certainly have provided a great return on your investment.

Using the US as an example, where matchmaking sites as we know them now have blossomed more than anywhere, compared to the somewhat dubious forefathers which earned the industry its distinctly tawdry reputation in the early days of the internet, between 2007-2009 20% of straight couples there met using online dating facilities. That’s a lot of free advertising and recommendation is perhaps the most successful and trustworthy form of marketing that there is.

The world of online dating is a vast marketplace with many niches; willingness to share one’s experience is not true, however, across the entire medium. Certainly, many members of the adult dating site niche may have professional or family-oriented interests that they wish to protect, hence play their cards very close to their chest when it comes to revealing where they have met their latest beau.

Well, that’s what one adult dating site host thought, but found a very different reason as to why he was not building brand recognition as he had hoped.

Seeking Arrangement is a site for Sugar Daddies and their younger, female relationship partners, Sugar Babies (you learn something new every day). The Sugar Daddy dating site has its roots in a yahoo discussion group but has developed, over time, into a stand-alone site for the young lady looking for the older lucrative male to share good times with.

Unlike other dating sites, given the clientele and the presupposition of the site, this is one community where, other than dating and (presumably) sex, a third prerequisite comes in to play. One in no way suggests that a frugal gentleman could not join in the fun, but one suspects that his pick-up rate would be considerably less than other members who are prepared to splash the cash.

What is troubling the webmaster is that almost 40% of his membership is keeping the details to itself; almost a half of that sector admitted to wanting to keep the fact that they were sugar daddies under wraps completely, no great surprise there. But what upset Brandon most, and, from his tone, he feels this on a very personal level, is that the mature men are keeping schtum because they want to ensure that the well of sugar babies never runs dry.

This level of ‘sugar selfishness’ personifies the genre, in dating site terms. If you are looking for long-term relationships, perhaps this is not the site for you. If the Daddies are looking for a bit of eye-candy to impress at social and professionals levels and are happy to lavish the lovelies from their considerable personal or expense accounts, this is more like it. And if the Babies are not looking for a serious relationship, just a good time moving in perhaps higher circles, this is an opportunity to get in at the deep end.

Surprised that the dating site membership comes across as selfish? Who are you trying to kid?