Phone dating still a buzz

Just when you think that ‘mobile dating’ means downloading the latest app to see who’s in your local vicinity or checking out someone’s QR code to see if their profile matches the screen on your iPhone, the traditional ‘phone call’ comes back with a vengeance, to prove that linguistics still have a big part to play in dating social media.

One company in Northern America, responsible for a whole array of direct calling networks, has just released it latest monthly figures and the results are quite astounding. Teligence, who run the RedHot Dateline service amongst many other varying types of phone chat, have reported that 16 million calls are made across their networks every month by its 2 million users.

These adult dating type services do have one distinct advantage over online dating sites, hence their popularity. With a dating website, your profile is your profile. On any given day, someone looking for love online will tick all of their required search criteria and, providing you match, you’re in with a shout of being pinged.

But us humans are emotive beggars – it’s dynamic fluctuations in feeling that separates us from the animals, right? Well, that and opposable thumbs which enable us to pick up a mobile to instigate a phone conversation that will help us relate our mood to another like-minded single.

What if you fancy a change? What if you want to step outside of that online dating persona that you have created? Do you create another profile? By the time you have achieved that feat, made it believable and actually interested people in the new you, you’ve expended that much energy doing so, you just want to crawl back inside the old you and make it all go away.

With phone dating, the anonymity means that you can be anyone you want to be when the mood takes you – you can indulge yourself for instant gratification. Teligence caters for broad sectors of the public to enable precisely that. Its figures show that 6% of men who use their services are there to speak to other males, whilst female to female conversations account for 50% – yes, half – of all calls instigated by women.

On internet forums and chat rooms, you leave a trace, a history. One crazy day can ruin months of hard work, attracting like-minded singles and building trust of those who you would like, eventually, to date. Phone dates, however, like Teligence’s services, which connect people in the same city to enable hooking up, can be done and dusted in hours, nobody other than the two (or three or four – there is the facility for group chat) any wiser and all home in time for tea. Not to mention dessert. x