Online dating industry to hold annual awards

The online dating industry’s largest annual awards ceremony is scheduled to take place in Miami early in the new year. However, the nominations for the twelve categories to be recognosed closes this Friday, 4th November.

This year’s ‘early’ event, there are two others later in the year in the US and Europe, will be a joint venture between The Internet Dating Conference and Online Personals Watch. Attendees at the Miami Beach Convention Centre, hosting the conference between January 24th and 25th, have the additional bonus of sharing the venue with the Social Networking Industry, who will be in the exhibition hall next to the internet dating industry’s hall.

Those registering for the dating and matchmaking event will have their invitations extended to the coincidental convention, too. It is perhaps not so much of a surprise that the two industries should be hosting their conferences under the same roof.

There is no doubt that the recent explosion in social media popularity has played its part in helping dating websites eradicate their once dubious image and enhanced their profile to the status of being the en vogue way to meet people, as it is now perceived.

There are very few secrets on the surface of the online dating industry; everything a company has to offer is up front and in your browser as soon as you enter any individual singles or dating website.

The types of service, paid fees and levels of membership entry can differ considerably, however, but the mechanics and target market place are similar: taking a single person, matching them to another and hoping it is the beginning of another new love story.

What the conference sets out to achieve is to bring the CEOs and the website designers, the affiliates and networkers together.  The combination of this input helps the dating industry’s biggest players bring you, the member, the most professional and enjoyable experience each and every time you log on to your online matchaking service.

The feedback is invaluable right the way down the chain, providing online dating comparison websites insights into the best established and start-up companies to promote and partner, in turn offering their clients genuine and proven tactics in the search for love on line.

The ‘best’ categories, those recognised as the dating industry’s key performance indicators, developed over time with members and internet business professionals alike, are as follows:-

  • Dating Site
  • Matchmaker
  • Software Provider
  • Mobile Dating Site
  • Dating Site Design
  • Dating Coach
  • Most Innovative Company
  • New Technology
  • Payment System
  • Affiliate Program
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Up and Coming Dating Site

So, the next time you visit your preferred site, it’s worth considering all of these steps that have brought you ‘in-off-the-street’, as it were, and helped you get started on your journey to find Mr or Mrs Right, who may be hiding behind a profile, just waiting for you to discover them in deep in cyberspace.

Are you using dating sites on the sly?

Wifi hotspots, iphones, androids – if you want to check who’s responded to your dashingly, devastating dating site messages, you can do it almost anywhere, these days.

Gone are the days when you had to pray to the gods of javascript to close your browser swiftly in order to hide the latest online dating profiles, if, whilst surfing the free online singles sites at home, there turned an unexpected key at the front door.

Thankfully, if perusing prospective relationships on line is your thing (even though you are betrothed to another), you can accommodate this pasttime far and wide.  This is a far cry from being tethered to the dial-up connections of the past, when dating websites were only as remote as the length of your telephone wire.

According to one dating service, browsing the internet for online singles remains a commonplace activity for those who perhaps oughtn’t be doing so.  The results of their survey, put to 25,000 of its members, suggested that juggling blindfold with machetes was perhaps preferable to looking for love online when you already had a partner in situ, ignorant of your daliances.

Okay, we can make allowances; almost two thirds of those surveyed were male. Not that I’m saying men are less intelligent, but are perhaps prone to showing off any ‘sexts’ received from a dating site member to their mates, hence more likely to leave the evidence on the sim or M2 card in their mobile.

Now, one would assume that a level of common sense would prevail and that, upon returning home after receiving a message from someone obviously keen on building a relationship outside of your existing one, you would delete it.  But no.

An amazing 58% of those caught not quite with their pants down, but nonetheless hard pushed to refute the evidence when it’s there in the hand-held, attributed the reason to messages received via a third party personals site.

Pro-rata, the result was similar for both sexes, with admitting being caught by their partners because of a carelessly undeleted dating site cell-message accounting for approximately 3 times the polled answers than that of its closest rival, the good old PC.  So, obviously the gods of Javascript are still gainfully employed but possibly on shorter time, these days, like so many other uk dating site visitors.

Looking forward, however, the integration of GPS on our phones means your partner could quite feasibly track the whereabouts of your mobile if you were to sneak out on a date; therefore, it would advisable to stay in the proximity of where you said you were going to be if you do decide to nip out for a stab at speed dating.

Remember, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and it would be awful to get home one night, only to find that your service provider had been irrevocably been cut off…

A free date for your diary?

Very rarely, these days, do we get offered a little something for nothing, especially on the internet. So, when we encounter a free dating site, we are guarded before we even begin perusing potential partners, keenly awaiting us behind possibly dubious profiles.

Okay, that’s maybe harsh.

To paraphrase even more cliches in the love-seekers handbook, there are exceptions to every online dating rule and you will find the odd diamond or two in the rough.

However, singles dating sites that do not charge a membership or sign-up fee are reliant upon sponsorship and advertising fees alone for their revenue. With a site-owner who has a knack for web-design, this may not be immediately noticeable, front-of-house.

Where you may notice a difference to paid membership sites, however, is in a lack of real-time admin or long-term support. This could range from individual requests being answered to the potentially more dangerous ommission of site-owners corroborating its members dating profiles.

Another important factor to keep in mind, when deciding where to start looking for love on line, is the type of relationship you’re expecting to find. Should you be looking for serious, long-term commitment, perhaps free dating sites aren’t the best place to start.

From the female point of view, if your prospective dating material is unprepared or unable to pay for the priviledge of meeting you, that in itself may raise questions about his calibre, attitude or financial standing. From the male prospective, what self-respecting woman wouldn’t dip into her purse to attract a higher class of gent than the fellow outlined above?

The exception to the rule is if you are completely new to website matchmaking services; in which case, free personals chat-rooms and forums are great places to get the hang of online dating and to get the low-down of the service you’re using.

And again, if you’re only after a casual online relationship, then free sites should suffice. More recently, they have become one of the more fashionable ways to get to know the opposite sex.

In all seriousness, though, if you do arrange to meet up with a member of a free dating site, and you have the slightest suspicion about their online credentials, do suggest that the first few dates are supervised or in close proximation to your regular stomping grounds. If there is nothing malicious about the intentions of your date, they will raise no objections, whatsoever.

Good luck – I hope your diamond doesn’t have too many rough edges!

Dating sites to benefit from new app

Social media continually improves the methods in which we can promote ourselves across a whole host of platforms to the World Wide Web in an instant. Gone are the days spent filling in your online dating profile every single time you joined a new dating community.In the past, when looking to explore new adult networking or personals sites, disinterest could soon supersede anticipation if the plethora of information required at sign-up was unequivocally long in relation to the benefits offered.Whilst the thrill of exploring pastures new remained, the repetitiveness of entering your dating profile soon became a chore.

That changed markedly with ‘autofill’: theoretically, complete your details once, and then every time your personals were requested by the next site, your browser did the rest.  However, not all forms were designed equally; my age is not as long as my mobile number, although, nowadays it sometimes feels that way.

We now have ‘OpenID’; once you sign in to your new dating site and subsequently confirm these details by clicking an auto-responsive e-mail – bang – all of your information is instantly stored on their server.  Job done.

Even blogs offer the facility, once registered, to join with your Google, facebook or Twitter log-in; you can start finding your online matches immediately, without the headache of having to provide everything from the colour of your eyes to the size of your…

How easy is it to join a new dating site, now?  Simples – literally one click and you’re verified!

Now here comes the crunch: How is your information verified?

Just because some time in the distant past you’ve filled in a form and validated it by confirming the e-mail?  Not exactly passport-secure, is it?

After waiting years for technology to facilitate instant, lovable online profile creation, these methods may be whipped from beneath our feet.

Tr.uly, based in Boston, US, have developed a sign-in application that, not only requires the information we are used to providing, but also requests data which aligns with US government information records.

If you have signed up to your current online dating service with false information (including your age), start worrying now.  They’ll be on to you!

However, there is a positive side.

If your relationships site adopts this application, and many free dating sites in the US have expressed more than a passive interest, you can rest easy in the knowledge that Joanne from Stafford will not suddenly become Duncan the dustman from Wolverhampton on your first date.

You’re also provided with your own mobile QR code, for on-the-spot verification for added security.

Furthermore, if you want to display your credulity online, there’s an option to give your profile its own stand-alone URL (website), which you can link to any manner of online dating agency profile, although this does attract an annual fee, currently $4.95.

So, next time that drop-down menu appears, if you are thirty-something, be sure to click that “30-39” option; there’s no rolling back the years with this new app.

Online dating numbers continue to rise

In more ways than one, it seems, we are spending more time than ever viewing the world through one browser or another. With a whole host of social activities only a few clicks away, the realm beyond the laptop can be brought instantly into our living rooms every night of the week.

According to recent research by online dating agency groups, it’s not only recognised social media outlets receiving such close attention.

Any stigma once attached to looking for love through digital dating agencies has long since exiled. However, few expected online dating websites to become as popular as their growing audience figures suggest.

The results appear to confirm that visitors to their sites much prefer pawing over the profiles of its populous than perusing prospective partners on other platforms, such as facebook, Twitter and their rising rival, Google plus.

However, there are worrying statistics which suggest online dating devotees may be neglecting the real world completely, the one full of living, breathing singletons with whom genuine intercourse exists, in favour of forums, instant messages uploaded photo albums.

As such an unsettling question has been raised: are adults who use matchmaking services online becoming obsessed?

It is not singularly the act of its membership scrolling page after page of like-minded love-seekers causing consternation, for both paid and free online dating agencies, but also the worry that individuals are revelling in the dream itself. Clinging to the hope that their one true love exists just beyond that 14” plasma screen, before which they sit for hour after hour, seems preferable to risking bursting that bubble.

And that is exactly the point that the dating agency representatives who conducted the survey are trying underline. Contributions through their membership fees continue to arrive, month after month, but where are the subsequent success stories?

Of course users of singles dating sites should spend an appropriate amount of time perfecting their own profiles in order to attract that perfect partner. But feedback suggests that members are spending an inordinate amount of their online time touching up their own profile. A more worrying conclusion drawn from this is that members are indulging in their online self rather than actively seeking to approach genuine date candidates, in both the real world and the ever-growing virtual world, too.

The worry for owners of online and adult dating services now recognising this trend is that sectors of its membership are not getting their money’s worth of the services for which they are paying. These ‘personals’ sites, to which they are occasionally referred, offer real opportunities to find love online if the platform is used in the manner intended.

One possible reaction, once members recognise that they have paid membership fees for any length of time but never actually acted upon a request to date, is that they will look to blame the online dating service in question rather than themselves.

This is press that the dating industry, which has worked incredibly hard to assure its solid reputation, is understandably keen to avoid.

So, if you have a success story and found your perfect match online through a dating agency, let them know; they are waiting to hear from you, now.