Let your dating profile picture tell its own story

In the UK dating arena, unlike many other global dating site platforms, profile pictures are critical to the amount of click-throughs and e-mails you get from your prospective audience. Certainly on the Continent, it is the words that matter, even your name can be the difference between whether you’re a dating site genius or utter online dating disaster.

Filtering this aspect of your dating site profile further, there are profile pics that work and those that don’t.

Before we go into the whys and wherefores, when you’re choosing your photograph, think about why you joined the dating site in the first place. Did you just want a quick fling then drop your partner like a ton of bricks come February 15th? Is a fling not your thing? Is it a long-term partner you’re after, a sugar daddy, a cougar, a toy-boy or sugar baby? Your photograph, like the old adage goes, paints a thousand words and it will determine the type of character that visits your profile.

Needless to say, if you’ve followed this week’s articles and set about finding the perfect dating site, choosing the aspects from other peoples profiles that suit you (and turned them into your own words, of course!) and found a membership package that’s ideal, do not let your picture spoil all of the rest of your hard work.

A couple if tips gleaned from past studies: guys, look smart, comb your hair, shave and brush your teeth – yes, even for your photo. You may well have had sixteen pints the night before you’ve asked your mate to come around to take a decent photo, but that cannot show through in your image. A good quality digital camera image that you can crop and resize, depending upon your dating sites perameters and storage limits, is what you need.

And ladies, a similar message applies. One golden rule – do NOT wear too much make up – guys genuinely like to see the real you, the one that they’ll wake up to every morning. They do not want to see a Beatties make-up assistant whose skin resembles that of the Tango Man and whose eye-lashes and -lids are that thick with mascara and shadow, it could be anyone hiding beneath the war paint.

And, ladies, if you do use a professionally shot photograph, beware that it doesn’t look too contrived. It will convey the message that you and you alone are the most important thing in your life; if a shot looks too polished and you will attract no one if your image is too domineering or ma suggest ‘high maintenance’ from the outset.

Of course, the more up to date the better, but recent studies have shown that women’s photos tended to be from eighteen months ago, whilst men’s are half a year old. But keep them fresh. Remember, non-paying members may only have access to that one single profile picture and not your entire gallery. And singles, to entice them to sign up to dating sites, like an array of different images – your perfect partner may have passed over your image a dozen times but then homes in on a you taken from another angle!

There’s much more on site about dating site profiles if you put that term in the search box. More about profile creation, next.

There may be two or three also-rans before you meet The One

In the previous article we alluded to the fact that rushing a date is not the recommended way of going about online dating, but, with Valentine’s so close, there is little other option than to go for it. In reality, however, you may have to prepare yourself for the fact that this just might not happen in so short a time-span. Softly, softly catchee monkey, as the old saying goes, are the bywords for dating site success.

If you’ve ever been to a singles bar, you know that you may have to go countless times before you see anyone who you’d even consider sharing a cab home with, let alone any part of your mind or body. dating sites are similar in that aspect. Some sites charge a minimum of a three month subscription anyway but, if you’re serious about meeting the one, you’re best off taking out three months as a minimum term (read the next article about payment before you pay!).

You may get additional features for that level of commitment, but that’s not the real reason you should opt for three months as a minimum membership. As much as you want to find a date online, it’s unlikely that you’ll spend every hour of every night as soon as you’re back home from work browsing dating site profiles or chatting to singles in the forums. When are you going to fit Emmerdale in if you do?

More likely, you’ll start enthused and the first few nights you may well be on your dating site every night, granted. But you’ll be amazed at how quickly you filter out those who fall outside your requirements and, even for dating sites that boast millions of members, you may only find two or three potential dates who are a close enough match to your must have traits to warrant special attention.

People are creatures of habit and you’ll start to know when those people who you’d consider dating appear on the site and, other than at times when you genuinely have nothing better to do, will coincide your frequenting of the dating site with theirs. So, out of your three month package, you may only spend eight or twelve nights chatting to a prospective partner at best.

And, just because you’ve had the chance to vet your partner before meeting them doesn’t equate to a perfect match offline. You may have to get through a few dating site members (not physically, unless you want to earn a reputation) before you begin to see the results you hoped for when you first signed up and began your online dating journey.