Learn to love ‘copy and paste’ for your dating site profiles

One of the things that you soon get to learn about paid dating sites is that the information they ask you for at sign up can be a lot more than you’ve been used to filling in on the free dating sites. This is even moreso the case when you join a matchmaking site – those that compare your personal information with its other membership and, based on a scientific algorithm or other compatibility method, will pair you up with whom ever their calculations see fit.

A quick word, here. You may have read about dating sites that employ relationship experts and dating coaches. These are very real and are growing in popularity for the lovelorn single who’s working hard building up their nest-egg and doesn’t necessarily have time to do all the searching themselves for a date, but has the money to pay someone else, namely your dating coach, to do the groundwork on their behalf.

If you have the cash to hand to accommodate this facility, then great, but we’re talking serious wedge for that personal touch where you get a one-on-one session with the site’s resident expert. It does take the algorithmic guesswork out of the equation, as they will have spoken to all of the members on their dating site in the same confidential manner. We’ll discuss those at then end of the week, but if you want to find out a little more in the meantime, just enter ‘relationship experts‘ in the onsite search facility on the home page and it will bring up all the relevant articles on our site out of the 200+ posts, to date.

Going back to the Mental note article, this is where you need your notepad that you wrote down all of the good stuff from the other members’ profiles you browsed, earlier. Only this time, re-write your profile based on the key issues that define you in your word processing software (MS Word, notepad, roughdraft, NoteTab, etc.) and save the file somewhere you can access it easily. Also, you can set your browser to remember your ‘autofill‘ information – this will save a lot of time when filling out the basics of your membership application. But never store your card payment details – most browsers allow you to deselect that information when indicating what you want storing in your cache.

You can then copy and paste this information for every dating site you sign up to. Every site has a theme, so you may just need to tweak the odd word or ten, but it’s better than writing 1,000 words every time you sign up to a new dating site. Okay, that’s it for today. Back tomorrow with more about dating sites and what you need to know to get you that date for Valentine’s Day!

Mental note: what stands out in their dating site profile?

As we touched on in yesterday’s articles, one of the very real downsides of free dating is the fraudulent aspect of dating site profiles that are scam artists looking to put a wedge between you and your wallet. Paid dating sites present stumbling blocks that will keep the opportunist scammer at bay. The more hurdles a dating site places in the way, the less inclined any one other than genuine love-seekers are to jump them. The obvious downside to that is, as you’re starting out online dating, do you really want the headache of filling in form after form, profile after profile?

Well, here’s a tip that you can implement before you start filling in any dating site profiles. Take a notepad (the offline kind – real paper and pencil [yeah, I know – shock, horror! – actually write?!?!?]) and, as you’re browsing, start making notes about all of the things that really stand out about other members’ posted information that either makes you step back, smile or shudder. If you’re having that reaction, you can bet so will many others who view your profile.

Online dating is all about selling yourself, one-upmanship over the competition. Don’t try to be someone else – you’ll soon be found out by the older hands – but learn to emphasise your good points. More about that when we look at dating site profiles in more depth.

Besides that, even though you may think you have a better chance of attracting a higher class of dating prospect, if you exaggerate too much, one of two things will happen.

First, your date could be a great success, but the person with whom you’ve connected may be looking for the persona you’ve created, not the real you. Down the line, you both may become disheartened with the relationship and back at square one, all your time and money wasted.

Or secondly, the date could be a disaster. Dating sites have chatrooms and e-mail; any faux pas or outright lies that you tell can be all around your site before you’ve even put the key back in your front door, if your unsatisfied partner has done their duty by the other members and shown you up for what you really are: a charlatan and a fraud!

Paid membership dating sites help screen you from scams

Yesterday we looked at the benefits and down sides of choosing a free dating site to get you a date in time for Valentine’s Day. Today, we’ll continue looking at which dating site is right for you by looking at the two main types of paid online dating facilities.

There’s an old adage: there’s no such thing as a free lunch. I’m yet to meet anyone in a business sense that’s proved that theory wrong. Even if you think your dating site is free, someone somewhere will be making a buck out of you down the line, even if it’s just on their PPC (pay per click) advertising that runs alongside the ‘portfolios you can check out for free’ from another, more well-known dating site,your free dating site webmaster will be earning off your presence, even moreso if you buy a product such as an online dating guide that they’re an affiliate for.

With paid dating sites, you get little or no advertising from the more reputable brands. However, some are more equal than others and the only way you’ll ever really find out which paid service definitively suits your needs is by signing up to them. But we hope to outline a few benefits int the following articles that will help you differentiate which ones are worth throwing a few bob at if you’re serious about finding a compatible partner online.

The keyword in paid online dating membership is the word ‘paid’. You have to place a value, per month, on what you feel is worth paying to find your perfect partner online. There tends to be a bit of a jump from zip to around the £15-£30/month mark. You may soon find that, although free sites are good for a giggle, the advertising does get infuriating after a while. More of that than profiles.

Be realistic about what you can afford. If you push the boat out for a £50/month membership, bearing in mind that many dating sites may only offer you a subscription in blocks of three, six or twelve months, are you going to leave yourself short? The last thing you need, come Valentine’s Day, is that you’ve connected with a potential partner online, but you’ve blew all of your dating money on the membership fee to meet them in the first place! By setting a fee that you’re comfortable with, you will already have started to narrow down the search for potential Internet dating sites that you’ll end up signing up to.