Picture perfect or changing faces?

On the back of a rush to the checkout for singles looking to bag a date for New Year’s Eve, plenty of fish have offered their members invaluable advice based on recent studies about their successful membership.

It has recognised that people who present an unmodified photograph, and dedicated dating site users can tell the difference between air-brushed profile photos and the real thing, have the best reaction.

Not just to attracting people to them in the first instance but, because the dating site member has chosen to represent a true image of themselves on their profile, their partner gets what they expect when they first meet and therefore are most successful in securing a second date.

Keep it fresh to keep ’em kean

The advice from the dating site, to keep any potential partners hot to trot, is to be flexible with your profile photographs. As well as ensuring your dating profile reflects a true-to-life image, rotate the pictures to invite more interest from genuinely interested parties.

Then, when you feel you can procastinate no more, slay the dating site community with your best snap to truly get your date begging to meet with you.

Get online now if your new to dating sites

This is the busiest time of year for dating sites. As soon as Boxing Day rolls around, it is all systems go for the online dating industry until Valentine’s Day rolls around some seven weeks later, according to a source from Match.com.

New Year represents a dating milestone

Whether it’s to bury a terrible year for dating or fire up hopes for a more successful one, singles use New Year as both a full stop and the beginning of a new chapter.  A time to draw the line under past failures, learn the lessons from those disasters and prepare yourself for the challenge of dating with a whole new community and with a different attitude.

The report even suggests that, if you just can’t find or choose someone you genuinely would like to date, why not consider blind dating?

If you do do this as an option, the site are wary of the security and recommend that you invite the person to a get together where you have plenty of friends who can keep an eye on proceedings.

Start 2012 with a bang

There are times of the year when singles will go out of their way to change just that statistic – being a single – even if it is just for one night only.

Christmas is one, family or office parties are another – but the one event that no one wants to be alone for is the dawn of a New Year.

Whether it’s a psychological need or a physical requirement to have someone to see the old year out and welcome the new one in, singles across the world seek to end their loneliness, if only for one night.

Last minute shopping – for a festive date

As internet shoppers hit the online malls festooned with Christmas cheer before the festive break, it wasn’t only gift-wrapped presents for the relatives eager party-goers were in the market for.

Online dating sites reported a massive surge in activity as singles desperately looked for a date for the end of the year.

Long-term relationships not a consideration

The old adage ‘A dog is for life, not just for Christmas’ springs to mind in a truly converse sense; Heather Paul sums up the mood succinctly of what it means to singles to have someone they can call their own for this fleeting moment.

In a recent article in the NYDaily News, she states, simply, “I do not care if we click, because I will keep him around until Jan. 1 so I will have someone to ring in the new year with.”

Dating sites for just about anything

Heather has her new year date courtesy of ILoveYourAccent.com. It’s unique selling point is that it offers singles from either side of the pond the opportunity to interact and hook up together, providing they can meet, of course.

It’s amazing how far people will travel to meet up, if they feel there is a genuine opportunity for a relationship; with looking for a one-off date, as seems the case with the very recent activity dating sites are reporting, it may well be that singles are using the online dating facility to find someone local for the festive period.

The profile picture has it

According to one dating site, who have reported a 15% increase in new sign-ups to their free dating facility and 20% in their existing dating site community, the combination of beautiful eye and a killer smile is the best recipe for success.

More on that in the next article.

With the millions of online dating site users, there should be someone for everyone. But the clock is ticking and with only a few days to go until the year of the London Olympics rolls around, it’s time to get your skates on and get yourself a date for New Year’s Eve.