Why waste time checking dating profiles in your room?

For UK singles, dating online has become something of the norm, rather than the refuge for the down and out and desperate that it once was. Even the thought of shelling out fees for upgraded services, giving access to chat rooms and video dating, has not put off the serious single – whether they’re serious about being serious or just want to meet up and have a good time.

And who can blame them? Online dating has improved dramatically over the last four of five years. There are the mainstream players who spend more on advertising than many others take in revenue but, quite often, the pool of fish is just to big for the savvy dating site member. Many smaller dating sites have upped their game and the competition for your membership fee is fierce.

In order to entice the UK dating pool to come to them, dating sites are now offering more value for money than they ever have before. Mobile phones have played a huge part in this revolution, as the trend has shifted with advanced technology for more Brits to spend time online through the face of their handheld than they do behind a PC or laptop screen.

The major benefit of using a mobile with your dating site is that it doesn’t matter about not having a date, per se, before you walk out the front door, if you’re an existing member of a dating community that is hyper-connected via WAP or Wi-Fi. You can spend more time concentrating on yourself, looking your best for a prospective partner who doesn’t know it’s their lucky night yet, and literally leave the dating until you’re on the bus or metro to whichever destination is lucky enough to be hosting your conquest later that evening.

Sign up to the dating site, do a local search to see who’s online datng there and then – some webmasters even provide free SMS, so even if you like the look of someone who’s not online, you can still poke, wink or prod them and they’ll be informed on their mobile that they’ve got new dating site mail.

Whether they choose to open that communiqué or not is a different kettle of fish, obviously, but if they’re an active member of that dating site community there should be little reason not to.

If, perhaps, happy ever after is your dating aim, you may understandably have reservations about meeting up in this off-hand manner; to be fair, perhaps matchmaking sites or those that operate in a very structured way (so that you can check off your list of must-haves and deal-breakers in your own spare time as you flick through profile after profile) are best for you.

Casual dating is what it is and meeting someone off the cuff and mobile phones – especially those that can operate with a GPS platform to let you know that someone from your dating site is in the very room, let alone town – were just made for each other.

So, come on, what are you waiting for? Sign up takes minutes, it’s the beginning of the weekend, don’t hang about. Unless you want to spend all weekend looking through dating site profiles and that be your only satisfaction, of course, wondering what might have been. Don’t just think about it, do it!

Figures for mobile dating are on the up…and then some!

Two years ago, mobile dating was very much in its infancy and prototypes were having limited success, and even fewer take ups. Mobile handset security was in question, as was the whole concept, querying whether or not dating sites would make safe enough havens for such platforms. As Phil Collins once warbled: Well take a look at me now!

No empty spaces here any longer – mobile dating is the ‘app-ening trend amongst savvy singles out for a night on the pull. No longer is there the need to trawl thousands of dating site profiles at home before enticing a potential partner to hook up for those with Smartphones, Androids or Blackberries. Simply make sure it’s switched on whilst you’re out on the town and wait to be pinged by another member of the dating site when they’re in your vicinity and see where it leads.

For proof of this growing phenomenon, one of the leading franchisers of dating sites, who have only recently adopted dating applications for mobile devices, have seen some stunning results since launching their platform.

This is how fast the take up of mobile daters has been, the developers have not yet found a way of handling individuals’ request to send their dating site mobile en masse and are having to literally take the framework for each website, de- and re-code it, and issue them in batches to their franchise managers every few weeks. It’s all a bit techy for me, but this involves redirecting users once they land on their traditional dating home page by some javascript snippet and then, after the server deciphers the type of device the dating site member is viewing the website with, will transmit the signal so that it’s functional on their device. See what I mean?  It may as well be in the icloud, it’s that far over my head, but the punters seem to like it as the following sets of figures will amaze and astound you.

Singles like mobile dating. After just the second full month live, the dating site sign-ups have increased by nearly a half, registering a 44% increase. That represents almost 20% of the whole of the new business (and the company I’m talking about, that’s some big numbers).

And this is the truly amazing figure. Like most dating sites, there’s has both a free and paid for facility. True to many models, a lot of members try the free aspect initially and then go on to sign up for the full monty, some with considerabubble monthly fees. The increase in upgrades via mobile technology has escalated 133%. Or simply put, for every three people who were upgrading their dating site membership prior to the mobile platform, there are now seven people doing the same.

Mmm, it does kindle one’s interest, doesn’t it?

Mobile dating app means she’s not the only one I know

Do you remember, ooh, pre-Google say, when you had a little black book full of names that you could rely on to get you out of a spot of bother if you had a get together but no date to go with? Failing that, you had to pull your finger out, get in a taxi to Picasso’s in Wolverhampton, flop your hair about to The Charlatans a bit and hope that was enough to score a partner for that family do you just knew you’d be chastised by your lovely, but dated and slightly senile, aunt for if you turned up without a girlfriend on your arm?

Well, Tim, Blunty and the gang are still going but my hair is less floppy, now – more ‘distinguished’, one could say – but if the only one I know is otherwise engaged, nowadays I can just tap the app and, even though those long, strawberry-blonde locks have gone, I retain that winning smile if I need to rustle up an off-the-cuff date. Especially with apps that let me know of any like-minded singles that may be in the vicinity.

If we thought that dating sites had revolutionised the way one hunts down a member of the opposite sex in an hour of need, we stand to be amazed by the progress that GPS-toting smartphones are making to those ends.

There are now more and more apps – downloadable for most types of devices – which can hook up to a satellite and see other members of these mobile dating sites who are literally minutes away from you.

I think anyone who has ever gone out for a night ‘out on the pull‘ has walked into a bar and, following a quick reccy, decided what a lost cause it was and subsequently been at a loss. Not only do these mobile apps let you know who’s about, but they also contain a snippet of dating site profile information about that potential partner who’s just waiting to be found.

With one tap of the app, you can entice them to come and meet you, have a drink of their choice waiting and, all of a sudden, that bar is no longer so desolate as when you first walked in. You can even make out to the other singles hanging out there that you’d arranged the date beforehand as you wait the short time for your mobile dating correspondee to enter the establishment.

With a smug grin, you can turn around and ask silently: who’s the saddo, now? Nowadays, that would probably be me, flopping about to ‘Then‘, minus the fringe, glitterball reflecting where it once swayed, oh so softly…

Phone dating still a buzz

Just when you think that ‘mobile dating’ means downloading the latest app to see who’s in your local vicinity or checking out someone’s QR code to see if their profile matches the screen on your iPhone, the traditional ‘phone call’ comes back with a vengeance, to prove that linguistics still have a big part to play in dating social media.

One company in Northern America, responsible for a whole array of direct calling networks, has just released it latest monthly figures and the results are quite astounding. Teligence, who run the RedHot Dateline service amongst many other varying types of phone chat, have reported that 16 million calls are made across their networks every month by its 2 million users.

These adult dating type services do have one distinct advantage over online dating sites, hence their popularity. With a dating website, your profile is your profile. On any given day, someone looking for love online will tick all of their required search criteria and, providing you match, you’re in with a shout of being pinged.

But us humans are emotive beggars – it’s dynamic fluctuations in feeling that separates us from the animals, right? Well, that and opposable thumbs which enable us to pick up a mobile to instigate a phone conversation that will help us relate our mood to another like-minded single.

What if you fancy a change? What if you want to step outside of that online dating persona that you have created? Do you create another profile? By the time you have achieved that feat, made it believable and actually interested people in the new you, you’ve expended that much energy doing so, you just want to crawl back inside the old you and make it all go away.

With phone dating, the anonymity means that you can be anyone you want to be when the mood takes you – you can indulge yourself for instant gratification. Teligence caters for broad sectors of the public to enable precisely that. Its figures show that 6% of men who use their services are there to speak to other males, whilst female to female conversations account for 50% – yes, half – of all calls instigated by women.

On internet forums and chat rooms, you leave a trace, a history. One crazy day can ruin months of hard work, attracting like-minded singles and building trust of those who you would like, eventually, to date. Phone dates, however, like Teligence’s services, which connect people in the same city to enable hooking up, can be done and dusted in hours, nobody other than the two (or three or four – there is the facility for group chat) any wiser and all home in time for tea. Not to mention dessert. x