Is it me you’re looking for?

One of the absolute maxims you must keep to the fore to improve your online dating site success rate is to get your profile in order, from the off.

Before you even register with a new dating service, have your profile typed out, spell-checked and formatted in your computer’s word-processing software. Recent research has proven that mis-spellings and poor grammar are one of the biggest reasons that your queries do not get responses. Allegedly, it shows a lack of care from the individual, both of themselves and towards the person with whom they are attempting to initiate their online relationship. So getting your words right is paramount, to getting that ball rolling.

Once you have found the vehicle(s) of your choice, whether it be a subscription dating site, a free one or even a more risqué adult dating website, the first impression a potential partner is going to have of you is gleaned from the description you choose to put below, above or behind your photo.

There are many reasons to make this interesting, truthful and eye-catching.

The first is simple enough – you do not want to have to keep amending your profile every time you log on to your dating site. You know who you are – your time browsing should be spent answering private messages that your wit, charm and super-model looks have invited, and looking for other singles dating on the site.

Not only that, but also, if you keep chopping and changing the ‘about me’ section, and the tales you relate do not seem to align with the rest of your personality, a potential partner who may have been building up the courage to approach you may well be put-off, questioning the authenticity of your profile.

If one aspect is exaggerated, how does someone looking in on you know any differently about other aspects of your personality that may have been stretched?

The temptation can be, when browsing the competition (we’ve all done it) to see an aspect of their make up that you covet. Next thing you know, a bit of creative editing, and you were at Cambridge with Joanna Lumley, just before you took a year out to missionary work in Africa and then went on to help them build a new home on the moon.

Okay – that’s stretching it a little, but the point is, if you are unwittingly copying a fallacy, it is both noticeable and, more likely than not, it will not match the rest of your profile, therefore stand out for all of the wrong reasons.

Honesty is the best policy, after all. Just because the void of cyber-space lies between you and a potential long-term love online at present, unless you are content with the relationship remaining virtual forever, at some point you are going to meet up.

Singles online, looking for a soul-mate, will not take kindly to time wasters; if you arrange to meet and your partner has turned up on the pretences of your profile and find them not to be true, not only will you have an awkward date (if they stick around), but you know the first thing they are going to do when they return home is boot up the lap-top and deride you in front of the whole dating community, thus potentially damaging your chances with someone who cares for the real you.

In your dating profile, emphasise the things that are truly important to you. In all successful relationships, there is compromise, but some things mean too much to give up for anyone. Be clear with your information, use a suitable tone and avoid negativity. If your profile sounds miserable, is anyone likely to approach you on a date?

Keep it real for the best long-term results.

Online dating industry to hold annual awards

The online dating industry’s largest annual awards ceremony is scheduled to take place in Miami early in the new year. However, the nominations for the twelve categories to be recognosed closes this Friday, 4th November.

This year’s ‘early’ event, there are two others later in the year in the US and Europe, will be a joint venture between The Internet Dating Conference and Online Personals Watch. Attendees at the Miami Beach Convention Centre, hosting the conference between January 24th and 25th, have the additional bonus of sharing the venue with the Social Networking Industry, who will be in the exhibition hall next to the internet dating industry’s hall.

Those registering for the dating and matchmaking event will have their invitations extended to the coincidental convention, too. It is perhaps not so much of a surprise that the two industries should be hosting their conferences under the same roof.

There is no doubt that the recent explosion in social media popularity has played its part in helping dating websites eradicate their once dubious image and enhanced their profile to the status of being the en vogue way to meet people, as it is now perceived.

There are very few secrets on the surface of the online dating industry; everything a company has to offer is up front and in your browser as soon as you enter any individual singles or dating website.

The types of service, paid fees and levels of membership entry can differ considerably, however, but the mechanics and target market place are similar: taking a single person, matching them to another and hoping it is the beginning of another new love story.

What the conference sets out to achieve is to bring the CEOs and the website designers, the affiliates and networkers together.  The combination of this input helps the dating industry’s biggest players bring you, the member, the most professional and enjoyable experience each and every time you log on to your online matchaking service.

The feedback is invaluable right the way down the chain, providing online dating comparison websites insights into the best established and start-up companies to promote and partner, in turn offering their clients genuine and proven tactics in the search for love on line.

The ‘best’ categories, those recognised as the dating industry’s key performance indicators, developed over time with members and internet business professionals alike, are as follows:-

  • Dating Site
  • Matchmaker
  • Software Provider
  • Mobile Dating Site
  • Dating Site Design
  • Dating Coach
  • Most Innovative Company
  • New Technology
  • Payment System
  • Affiliate Program
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Up and Coming Dating Site

So, the next time you visit your preferred site, it’s worth considering all of these steps that have brought you ‘in-off-the-street’, as it were, and helped you get started on your journey to find Mr or Mrs Right, who may be hiding behind a profile, just waiting for you to discover them in deep in cyberspace.

A free date for your diary?

Very rarely, these days, do we get offered a little something for nothing, especially on the internet. So, when we encounter a free dating site, we are guarded before we even begin perusing potential partners, keenly awaiting us behind possibly dubious profiles.

Okay, that’s maybe harsh.

To paraphrase even more cliches in the love-seekers handbook, there are exceptions to every online dating rule and you will find the odd diamond or two in the rough.

However, singles dating sites that do not charge a membership or sign-up fee are reliant upon sponsorship and advertising fees alone for their revenue. With a site-owner who has a knack for web-design, this may not be immediately noticeable, front-of-house.

Where you may notice a difference to paid membership sites, however, is in a lack of real-time admin or long-term support. This could range from individual requests being answered to the potentially more dangerous ommission of site-owners corroborating its members dating profiles.

Another important factor to keep in mind, when deciding where to start looking for love on line, is the type of relationship you’re expecting to find. Should you be looking for serious, long-term commitment, perhaps free dating sites aren’t the best place to start.

From the female point of view, if your prospective dating material is unprepared or unable to pay for the priviledge of meeting you, that in itself may raise questions about his calibre, attitude or financial standing. From the male prospective, what self-respecting woman wouldn’t dip into her purse to attract a higher class of gent than the fellow outlined above?

The exception to the rule is if you are completely new to website matchmaking services; in which case, free personals chat-rooms and forums are great places to get the hang of online dating and to get the low-down of the service you’re using.

And again, if you’re only after a casual online relationship, then free sites should suffice. More recently, they have become one of the more fashionable ways to get to know the opposite sex.

In all seriousness, though, if you do arrange to meet up with a member of a free dating site, and you have the slightest suspicion about their online credentials, do suggest that the first few dates are supervised or in close proximation to your regular stomping grounds. If there is nothing malicious about the intentions of your date, they will raise no objections, whatsoever.

Good luck – I hope your diamond doesn’t have too many rough edges!

If at first you don’t succeed…

For every sector of the online market place that is the World Wide Web, there is always one company that does things differently. Online dating is in no way exempt from that scenario.

Many seasoned singles site users are used to one of only two different types of online dating service: free or premium.  By seasoned, I’m not merely referring to the more mature dating correspondents; there are many younger members, nowadays, who have not only fuelled the momentum behind this ever-growing market, but also, by their demands, have made dating websites take a step back and look at their role, in toto.

Whichever end of the timeline you’re closest to, or to whichever type of online dating you subscribe, one common complaint is the frustration when a member whose reaction you are trying to invoke is just not answering your private messages; this becomes all the more frustrating if your free dating limit or chosen premium only permits a certain volume of direct correspondence over a given timeframe.

It can take an awfully long time to realise that you’re either punching above your weight or that the target of your affection is simply not interested.  So, what to do? Be patient and risk missing other dating opportunities or go to plan b?

There is often very little you can do if the object of your desire is unresponsive. In the ‘real’ world, away from dating sites, however, when every other trick in the book has failed, there is always the last resort: throw cash at your problem. It is perhaps not the most tactful of deployments, but many long-term relationships have required such a kick-start in the past.

One online dating service recently saw the mileage in this tactic.

When alikened to a ‘charity auction’, the company’s CEO conceded that the mechanics were similar, however, the underlying motivator for his site remains solely for the purpose of guaranteeing its singles membership, who may otherwise pass unnoticed, a genuine chance of finding love on line.

If the tactic of selling first dates didn’t cause enough of a furore within the dating community, a process for which they have since applied for patent rights, the company’s more recent announcement has taken their outlandish stance to a whole new level.

To date, the CEO believes that the dating site’s growing ranks have come, in the main, by word of mouth. In an attempt to capitalise on its current popularity, the site has entered into a joint venture with an existing affiliate organisation.

This will give the online dating site a proven route to market, with the affiliate company’s huge network of publishers and webmasters primed and ready to promote the business.

The affiliate program offers each networker $1.00 for each new sign up to the dating agency’s main, free membership and a subsequent 40% chunk of every successful bid their sign-up’s win, if a new member joins within 30 days of clicking through the affiliate’s link.

And the limit? There is none. Each affiliate will get paid for as many sign-ups as they can direct to the site.

No doubt this latest foray into uncharted waters for dating websites will upset a few of the established old-guard…
…but only, perhaps, because they wish that they had conceived the idea, first.