First dates – keep the personal stuff to a minimum

There is a world of difference on your first date between letting your date know a little bit about you and you either giving them your life history or being that pleased with your achievements that you come across as boastful.

Money is a great thing to have but there are better ways of letting someone you’ve met on a dating site know about it other than by reeling off a list of what you bought with your ‘spare change’ or by actually dropping into the conversation your latest bonus or pay-rise. Sure, that’s the kind of stuff you need to be honest and open about when you’re in a long-term commitment together, but not the kind of subject you want to be discussing at a first date. If you’ve got class, it will shine through in your actions and personality; you won’t have to tell your date about it – they’ll work that one out.

And another slip-up that many singles often make when it’s their first time out with someone they’ve met through a dating site is asking how come the other’s unattached. If they want to discuss that (other than with someone whom they’ve developed a deep relationship), they’ll have mentioned the reason they’re single on their dating site profile or during private communication. If you have to ask, you’ve either not been paying them close enough attention or they’re not ready to talk about it with someone who they hardly know. Leave the subject of past relationships – even if you are totally stuck for anything else to say on your early dates – until your partner starts to open up about them.

Likewise, they will definitely not want to hear in too much detail about everyone you’ve ever snogged the face off. Please, try and remember, dating in the early stages is about getting to know your new partner – past relationships are just that: past. The clue’s in the question, folks.

As well as overwhelming questions, there is also the possibility of rushing the physical aspect of a new relationship. No matter who it is, no matter how good looking he/she is and how much they implore you for a little first date physicality, say no.

Unless, of course, the object of the date is purely on the pre-determined understanding that you’re just meeting up for an ‘online dating friends with benefits’ type of arrangement, of course. It has been known to happen but, generally speaking, if all someone wants is adult dating, they will head towards a dating site that specialises in quickie dates or one-off intimate liaisons; it is not the done thing on a first date with a member from one of the mainstream dating sites.

There is more about that aspect in our first date tips for him, for her and for the two of you series, if you need further clarification as to why that type of activity is not the best basis for a long-term relationship.

So, one more article to go for January from the #datingguruuk series, then we’re into the month of lurve…February!

Truckloads of men learning how to pick up

Online dating can be a daunting place when you have never done it before. It is one of the most competitive marketplaces online, with millions of new users signing up every month, in all the different variants, in many, many countries. How do you make yourself stand out in the crowd, in the face of possibly millions of other men competing for the same woman?

For a start, that is highly unlikely to happen. Especially on matchmaking sites, where you are aligned with other singles looking for love online based on information you have input about yourself in your dating site profile. Many members stretch the truth about themselves, but there is a degree of enhancing your image that is tolerated, expected even, in the world of online dating.

Despite the volumes of potential partners online, many men still struggle to land that first date. It can be a frustrating time, especially if you are paying for the privilege of being turned down and not just trying your luck on a free dating site. There is help at hand, however. As well as a multitude of (hopefully) helpful articles posted here, there is a new breed of dating site springing up online designed to give men the upper hand when setting out on that tortuos, and torturous, road of finding that elusive long-term relationship on your chosen dating site(s).

One of the rising stars in this genre, featured recently as part of a BBC article looking at how diverse the £2bn a year online dating industry has become, is the site Pick Up Artist Training. Although based in the US, it has ‘boot camps’ on both sides of the pond to help us limey’s new to UK dating approach, talk to and secure a date from women both off- and online.

First look at the site and it would appear to be like the title suggests, a pick-up site. But it is a little more subtle, especially when you start reading the blog.

Richard La Ruina, aka The Gambler, explained to the BBC earlier in the year that not everyone who attends the bootcamp is looking to make conquests of every woman they meet. Rather, many men genuinely struggle to find a comfort zone when attempting to approach a desired member of the opposite sex and the intensive course helps men who “…want to just meet the right person”.

The boot camps are run regularly, once or twice a month, in the UK.  If you’ve got £779* spare and would like expert advise on how to pick up women, then perhaps this is the course you’ve been looking for.
*price correct as at time of writing

UK singles represent different target market for dating site

The tenth most visited dating site in the UK, boasting 120,000 visitors in September alone, has intentions to boost those volumes by taking a different approach to their view of the potential online dating UK audience.

Being only just in the top ten, according to information gathering organisation comScore, perhaps does the matchmaking site an injustice, as the chart ranks both paid and free dating sites together. However, they do still have a way to go to catch up with their nearest ‘paid-for’ membership site rival who, in comparison, attracted 698,000 from their group of dating websites.

But that is not their concern; figures may look good on paper, but they are not judging their own performance on that statistic.

The UK singles market is a different proposition to its US counterpart, where this dating site’s motto has grown from their ‘conversion rate’, whereby they claim to be responsible for “5% of all new marriages,” in Northern America.

But that is not going to be their driver when looking how to best service the UK singles market. The mission is not about simply getting people together to make their advertising look good, although the UK manager does state ‘the faster people leave the site, the happier I am’, but rather the plan is getting people together who are going to stay together in a long-term relationship by focusing on what makes them ‘really tick’.

bringing in the experts to connect on all levels

In order to make the UK dating dream a reality, i.e. getting couples together whose profiles suggest that they possess ‘twice as much likelihood to stay together’, the company have hired a specialist marketing organisation who ‘know how to connect different points of view in a competitive marketplace.’

The PR company, who will be looking after the dating site’s Australian interest, too, also look after the brand recognition of globally recognised icons Nintendo and Costa. If that is not pedigree enough, they recently won Marketing Week Engage Awards’ agency of the year award, to compound their market-leader status.

The drive to enamour itself with the UK dating market will also include monitoring and improving the mechanics and interactive capabilities for ‘who’s and ‘how’s of the dating site membership, specifically how singles use the facilities.

As well as the components that the members are used to, there are already ongoing tests to bring the site from a static web-page into the hands of mobile users, incorporating payment checkouts, web-chat using cam technology and location-based apps to literally date on the go.

So, let’s hope the integration of all of these components is swift, seamless and harmonious, for the long-term relationships of British singles, everywhere.

Not a Carrey in the world

If you consider yourself a ‘man’s man’, like your meat and two veg, have a dating site profile and are aged between 35 to 48, your luck may be about to change.

Former Playboy model Jenny McCarthy is on the prowl for a man again, following the break-up of her two-month fling with Paul Krepelka earlier in the year, and that description above is the type of guy she’s looking to land.

Worried that your receding hairline or that Roman nose may be preventing you from finding love online? Well don’t be. By her own admission, those characteristics are unimportant, as long as you’re “…really sweet” and “a perfect reflection of who [she is] now,”.

The former Miss October ‘93, once the partner of Hollywood superstar Jim Carrey, confirmed that she is ready to date again at the American Music Awards on Sunday evening. She’s not got anyone specific in mind, but knows what she wants and she’s using a dating site to cast her net.

It would appear that her relationships with figures in the limelight have taken their toll on the former glamour model, though. She yearns for a real man, like those of her Chiago upbringing, and is setting her sights on men beyond the trappings of Los Angeles who are neither likely to ask to borrow her make up nor choose the veggie option off the pub-grub menu.

star relationships attract unwarranted pressure

Stepping away from the ‘microscope’ of fame and fortune is a very important consideration for Miss McCarthy’s next relationship, as the scrutiny ‘star couples’ love-lives are subjected to, in her experience, can cause complications and add unnecessary pressure.

Although, that doesn’t mean the man she decides to start any long-term relationship with will be able to live off her earnings. It is very important to Jenny that the guy she ends up with from her online dating site must be able to ‘buy dinners and stuff like that.’

But don’t get rushing off to see if you’ve got a message from Jenny in your dating inbox. She is remaining somewhat anonymous and, like the profiles of the men she’ll be looking to build a relationship with, she is hoping that it’ll be her personality and not her fame that wins over her next man.

And, no – it’s highly unlikely that it will be one of the snaps from her ‘93 Playboy shoot that will be endorsing that dating site profile!

Is online dating a real relationship?

If you were to really think about the terminology, ‘online dating’ isn’t. According to the, the definition of dating is: ‘An engagement to go out socially with another person, often out of romantic interest.

I mean, I know times have changed and we now have fantastic touch-screen computers and mobile interfaces, but even they cannot replicate the feeling of holding hands underneath L’Arc de Triomphe on a chill, November midnight.

So, how do we cross that Champs Elysee of a road to get your new online partner to leave the comfort of their home and actually come out on a date with you? And if you have ever been unfortunate enough to have to cross that road between 7am and 10pm, you’ll know that’s no mean feat! Give me the online dating challenge every time.

a quick recap on the basics of online dating

First and foremost, you must start building bridges, and the keystone that binds any relationship has to be trust.

This can be difficult, given that any potential blossoming is still in the virtual zone and needs terra firma to really take root. Honesty is the best policy from the outset. Okay, if you’re a recovering alcoholic or have got twelve children, these are things you may want to introduce at a later stage.

But the basics like age, weight, career, ambition and what you are looking for from the dating website and any future long-term relationship you have to be straight down the line from the outset.

Do not, repeat: not, try and jazz up your profile with some ludicrous tale like you’re 6’2” and 15st, when you’re 5’4” and 9st wringing wet; or that you ‘head up the IT department’ at work, when you’ve only just figured out how to launch the internet on your 7-year old PC that the kids left behind when your partner walked out just before the divorce. Sounds harsh, but desperation leads to all of the wrong decisions.

And, if you are on a bit of a downer, do not let that dullen your profile. By all means mention that you are separated, heck – how many dating site members aren’t?, but try to keep the majority of what you’re saying about yourself upbeat, in order to attract more invitations to date. As in ‘real’ date, off-screen, where the clammy, nervous hand is a real, tangible entity, not a dream across 1,000 miles of cyber-space.

To instil confidence further, ensure that you suggest the first date be in a public place. No matter how convincing or genuinely trustworthy you are, your new online dating friend cannot really start to trust you until after a few liaisons.

And remember, people may look slightly different to their profile pic, if you’ve not had access to a web-cam date prior to your first meeting. In a recent survey, it was discovered that men’s dating site profile photos were 6 months old, on average, whereas women’s were from 18 months ago. However different your partner looks off-screen, be sure to compliment them, to set them at ease.

Okay – that’s you set, and ready to give your partner an Eiffel, when you meet and make the date a date. All of this virtual relationship malarkey – it’s enough to drive you in Seine!

Money no object for online romancers

Dating sites defy economic trends

With cut-backs and the tightening of budgets so prominent, you would expect luxuries to be the first thing to go. Accepting this to be true, it would appear that dating websites are considered a necessity, as membership numbers, even for paid dating sites, continue to rise.

This has been helped by an insurgence of members from mature dating singles, whose numbers have risen by almost 40% in the last two years.  Although, with the positive effect of social media has had on the UK dating scene, many younger individuals are so used to speaking to new friends and contacts over the cyberspace platform, that the step up to a matchmaking site is hardly noticeable.

One of the main reasons for the increase in individuals looking to dating websites for potential love interests is that, although there may be what is considered an expensive monthly subscription, it is ostensibly cheaper to pay that fee once a quarter than going out a few nights a week to bars and clubs where you have no guarantee that there will be any like-minded singles awaiting your arrival.

At least, when you log on to your dating site, you are guaranteed to be in a virtual room where other romantics looking for love on line. You have also skated around the headache of ironing a fresh top, a quick shave or wax and bolting down your tea after a long, hard slog at work to make it to your nearest pulling hotspot.

There is no reason why you can’t turn your dating site night in into a night on the town from within your own room.

After a while, you will have built up a database of several contacts who you know will be gracing the chatrooms and forums with regularity.  On those nights, what is stopping you filling your fridge with a few beers or a bottle of wine, get some snacks in, even get a mate around and make like you’re in a bar as you chat to potential online partners.

At least, with access to the dating site profiles before you initiate contact, hours of diatribe spent chatting up your target can be saved, and possibly several rounds of over-priced drinks, too.

Try not to go overboard with the alcohol, though. You do not want to get inebriated and find that you have proposed to seventeen other members of your dating site with the adrenilin-surge that dutch courage instigates.

Dating this way, if you are sensible and pragmatic about it, you really can narrow down your search for a long-term relationship. Or, if you’re not looking for lasting love, just someone local who you can have a mutual off-screen relationship with, without the headache of having to trapse bar upon bar to find them. The money you save on the hunt can be put towards an extra-special ‘first date’.

Love by numbers

Chinese dating fair yens for compassion

It was hardly a surprise that the numbers attending a recent dating fair in Shanghai exceeded all expectations, given that there are 180 million eligible singles living in the country as a whole.

The two day LoveExpo event, which had 10,000 tickets available for each day, attracted almost twice the amount over the weekend, with 18,500 present on the Saturday and an estimated 20,000 on the Sunday. The queues to gain access to the event were so long, any pretence of the festival turning into a love-in were soon dissipated, as angry mothers and hopeful and curious romantics threatened to petition The Mayor of Shanghai over the farcical arrangements.

Instead of waiting to enter the venue, organised by 40 of Shanghai’s dating agencies, many of the attendees took to pinning less-than romantic posters more like snippets of online dating profiles anywhere that they thought may be visible to a potential long-term partner.

With the expected number of surplus men in China expected to reach 24 million by the year 2020, it is little wonder that the practise of vetting potential son-in-laws is so rife.

There is an assumed responsibility in the country for the groom to buy their bride a new matrimonial home. With the average salary in the capital £5,000 per annum and the cost of a new home running at over £500,000, it seems that available brides will be hankered for by those on top salaries, with those single men at the lower end of the earning scale left with slim pickings.

In fact, only 38% of single women would even consider a ‘naked’ marriage, whereby a house and car wasn’t included in the deal. Compare that to UK dating, where the consensus of online dating site users is that they are just happy if their potential partner has a job; you can see the constraints that hold back free love in this pressure-oven of a city.

As a result, even if those bachelors were unable to attend the dating exhibition due to the heavy work commitments that living in Shanghai endows, their mothers went in their place to act as go-betweens. One hopeful 23 year-old single woman had between 20-30 mothers of bachelors approach her with their sons’ phone numbers

It does make you wonder how many women get left behind when it comes to dating in China, but one 27 year old explained how she was considered an old maid to still be unmarried. Having travelled 500km to attend the event in the hope of finding a long-term relationship, however, she would still not concede to accepting anyone, with her focus purely in men who could house any potential future marriage.

Another 61 year old woman, who attended the event behind her 34 year old daughters back, explained that her daughter would never use a dating agency and if she did happen to fall in love with someone beneath her standing, the family unit would “…step in and make sure she snapped out of it.”

So, unless you were one of the 5,000 couples who tied the knot in Shanghai on ‘Singles Day’, so called because of the numerical configuration of 11/11/11, you may have missed your chance with in the numbers game, unless you have several 0’s every month in your pay-cheque, that is…

Dating sites viewed with trepidation in Southern Asia

Survey reveals 60% of United Arab Emirates see internet dating as untrustworthy

An investigation undertaken in UAE of almost 800 people reported that tradition is holding firm over the global rise in dating site numbers.

A professor from UAE University attributed the attitude towards online dating communities as suspicious due to the sanctity of marriage being a life commitment, not just something you can buy on the web and return it if it doesn’t suit.

In other areas, the survey did show the populace as active on the internet, with 7 in 10 respondents trusting the platform to pay bills and 6 out of 10 see it as a viable medium to air their views on society as a whole.

In further reflection, Dr Al Oraimi acknowledged that, although the region was going through a transitional period, given that it is only 40 years old long-standing customs show no signs of changing any time soon; therefore searching for a partner online is, more often than not, ruled out as an option.

Another insight, from a Palestinian living in Dubai, added that family units have become extremely protective of their own, sometimes overly so, since the second world war. Indeed, anyone from outside of that unit is viewed as a stranger; that would include anyone introduced to the family via a dating site platform, regardless if they had been invited by someone within.

Following on in that vein, Dr Al Oraimi reminded us that parental vetting is still very much a part of the courtship process, including knowledge of the background of anyone entering a long-term relationship with their children. However, given the lack of support any offspring would receive should the potential marriage fail, many do not even consider searching online dating profiles as a viable option in the first instance.

Shaadi, which means marriage, is one of South Asia’s more prominent ‘introduction’ sites. Gauruv Rakshit, the contact site’s business brain, is of an opinion that underlines another aspect foreign to the Western World.

He understands that the custom still favours arranged marriages, where families meet to discuss their compatibility and that of the intended life-partners; if the two parties are agreed, the wedding will happen, regardless of any objections by bride or groom.

His attempt at reversing this trend via the personals site has several options for singles wishing to meet outside this tradition, attracting 70,000 members to date, with a further 8,000 new members joining, month on month.

So, although tradition holds firm in most regions, there are signs that individuals are starting to grip their futures by the horns, and step outside the practises held dear for so long.

White men can’t jump; black women don’t date often, either…

report reveals black women are biggest losers on dating sites

There’s no disputing the facts, but, if you’re a black woman trying to attract a potential partner on a non-specific dating site, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Following the latest study of over 1,000,000 dating site members, the message is harsh, but plain: unless a black woman initiates contact, her inbox and dating journal are likely to be untroubled by romantic prospects.

Although few psychological insights were drawn as to why this was the case, the orchestrators concluded, in hindsight, that “…black women were the least likely group [based upon results] to be contacted…”

Professor Mendelsohn, one of the collaborators on the assignment, suggested that one of the possible reasons why this continues to be the case, as a similar 2009 study by a different, free dating site also concluded: ‘black women get the cold shoulder from everyone, including their black male counterparts’, is because of the prominence of white women in the portrayal of beauty in the US media.

No matter what race you are, social conditioning primes you to believe that female beauty = white lady.
(ed – !? – one word: Rhianna!)

26 year Aja Worthy-Davis, a political figure operating out of NYC, has experienced this ignorance first hand.

On her experience of another prolific matchmaking site, she empathised with the findings from the recent report. Of the three men she met up with off-line during her membership, she initiated contact in all instances; one of those liaisons, with an unnamed Russian gentleman, flourished into a relationship that lasted almost two years. Now in a long-term relationship with a former high-school classmate, she still feels that the time spent with the dating website worthwhile, adding “…it is a good way to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people.”

On the other side of the coin is the argument that perhaps many black women who join a dating community tailor their profiles so as to not attract unwarranted attention from outside of their race. Whether a sub-conscious psychological force comes into play, whereby many black women strive to sustain the heritage of the black family is undecided.

Ron Worthy, a spokesman for Blackpeoplemeet, acknowledges this burden. He, goes as far as to concede that many educated black women, in order to maintain thoroughbred roots, will “marry down” to a black guy who is not their socioeconomic equal.

This theory was also backed up by Professor Mendelsohn’s study of 1,000,000 dating site users, which observed that ‘although black women were much more likely than their white counterparts to contact someone of another race, they still primarily sought to contact black men.’

So, if you’re a black lady joining a run-of-the-mill dating site, be prepared to start firing out those invitations to get that ball rolling. As per Aja’s experience, it is worth making that all-important first move, nyet?

Desperation deadline date defunct

Buried deep in the mythology of dating land is the ‘three-day rule’ – the supposed time a gentleman is expected to wait before approaching a lady following their first date. There are quarters that believe this is an outdated prerequisite, if it was ever valid at all.

Whether you agree with the rule or not, one thing is for certain – the three day dating waiting rule has been bisected, according to a new study of 200,000 singles interviewed after their first online match-up.

Admittedly, the rule was conceived in a time when suitors were restricted to land-lines and Royal Mail post if you wanted to follow-up in writing and was embedded into folklore by reference in the film ‘Swingers’.

How times have changed – with dating sites coming from beneath the shadow that dogged their image for years and social media moving at such a pace, both with its advance in technology and the speed with which it allows communication, the mythical three day rule has been banished to legend forever.

So, what is the new accepted follow-up waiting time, following your first date, whether you have met via a matchmaking site or, shock, horror, actually met without using online dating as your medium?

The precise time is 1.52 days, but we’re splitting hairs by not calling it one and a half days. This comes as a relief for so many men who have adhered to the rule with amazing regularity, it seems. The news also brings with it a breath of fresh air with it, as it transpires most women set no stall by the old yardstick and have often wanted men to get in touch sooner, rather than later, if that first date went well.

With so many platforms to get in touch with a potential partner outside of the dating site arena, it may be somewhat surprising that over a half of first-time daters prefer to be contacted by text. The traditional phone call also still fares well, with 3 in 10 men opting for actually talking the other half of their new found relationship their preferred choice.

However, the best advice, regardless of polls and opinions is to follow up when you thin the time is right. If you have made a real connection on that first date, you will instinctively know when to make that call, send that text, PM on your dating site, share, like or tweet.

Boy, am I glad I’m married? I wouldn’t know my Harris Poll from my Spanish Archer…

Dating sites insights to true romance 3

dating site profiles unveil secret fingerprint

Following one of the biggest ever reports by data scientists evaluating dating site profiles and the accuracy of the details contained therein, we have a better insight than ever into the make up of matchmaking site members.

If you’re new to online dating, getting started in itself can be an uphill task – the last thing you need is having your confidence shattered by falling for someone whose representation of themselves is deliberately misleading.

It has been recognised that the temptation to shed a few pounds on your dating profile or use a not-so-up-to-date photo is too great for many to resist; however, there are unscrupulous singles whose vivid imaginations can paint a picture altogether unlike the real them. The researchers used sophisticated software to assist analysis of the syntax that broke down elements to highlight patterns to help identify those who may be leading you up the garden path.

There are several reasons attributed to why some members feel they have to lie about themselves in order to attract their target partner. One of the reasons dating site members lie on their profiles was akin to ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ – after looking at similar dating profiles, some singles seeking to attract a partner would bend their profiles to meet the expectations of the people they were trying to attract and ‘one-up’ themselves over the competition.

This has had a positive effect for some members of the dating site community. If they have identified a need to make themselves more attractive to a particular group, rather than consistently lie about it, they have actually looked to self-improve to attain the necessary stature to meet those requirements.

Liars use a certain language, too, both in the words they use and the emotions expressed. Sentences tend to be shorter and, rather than develop aspects of their character that other dating site members may find attractive, their profile is dotted with negatives, like ‘not’ and ‘never’. However, when expressing emotions, that negativity disappears, with a distinct lack of reference of feeling sad or upset. If they do, they tend to use the third person – all of which points to a distancing of them with the real them.

Other surprising findings from the study reveal that we are not perhaps the close-knit multi-racial society we think we are. Over 80% of approaches made to other singles by white members were to other whites. The black community, however, were far more likely to initiate contact with whites.

And guys who spend every other night in the gym may want to think about revoking their memberships. Women prefer men who are tall, will make allowances for a little extra poundage but, most of all, the pounds in the wallet are what really counts. So, gents, if you’re working out to get a woman, save your pennies!

Men, on the other hand, were more eager to respond to women slightly underweight with a less domineering physique.

And, lastly, to increase your chances of a long-term relationship, keep your political preferences to yourself. True – most long-term relationships show that the couples therein bat for the same party.

Pretty as your picture

dating profiles write-ups as important as photo

As more and more singles get used to using dating sites, there is a growing aptitude to be able to discern a potential partner’s suitability without having to view the profile photograph.

Far from delivering many dating sites‘ promises of being able to matchmake you, whatever you look like, a recent US study has shown savvy female dating site members can deduce whether the male they’re checking out is eye-catching enough from what they write about themselves to warrant taking their interest any further.

In recent studies revealed here on, we have seen how people are beginning to detect when members are stretching the truth about themselves beyond accepted parameters. Now, it seems, there is no hiding place at all if you have anything to conceal.

The study was simple enough in its format and utilised only a small section of participants. However, the results were persuasive enough for them to be adjudged conclusive and representative of the online dating community as a whole.

Using a group of fifty budding female active dating site members, the researchers presented them with one hundred male profiles. The criteria given to mark them on was their overall attractiveness, set against theoretical dating encounters: would they accept an invitation for either a date, an intimate fling or a long-term, lasting encounter.

In order that the group of women did not see a corresponding photograph to the text of the male profiles, they were split into sets of 25, to ensure unbiased judging, and asked to judge both on the impression from the write up and the chosen dating profile pic.

It transpired that men who were considered to good-looking from their photgraph were able to compose written text that enabled the confidence that being pleasant on the eye imbues to shine through. Whereas, those dating site members who were considered less attractive had similarly unflattering write-ups.

So, if you take the knowledge gleaned from our recent ‘insight’ articles, which highlights where members may be stretching the tolerances accepted by the online dating community as a whole, and apply those along with the character that emits through a write and still like the potential partner that you’ve singled out to run those tests on, you should really think about approaching them.

If, as the adage goes, like attract like, there should be no reason why your initiation doesn’t provoke a positive response.

Of course, the real proof of the pudding will be in the eating, but a lot of the guesswork should have been taken out and the man in the flesh should at least resemble that online dating profile that has moved you to action, thus far.

Captain’s log – Virgin star date

Millionaire launches search for a date in space

Everyone who uses online dating sites has an inkling of what their first date is going to be incorporate. More than likely, the liaison is planned down to the town, the restaurant -probably even the meal itself (goodbye, garlic).

To ensure that first impression is nothing less than memorable success, you‘ve acknowledged already that the budget may have to be stretched a little. But does anyone looking for love on line ever really dream that the hunt for their perfect partner will find them ready to lavish out $200,000 – per head – on the first date to ensure that the foundation for building a long-term relationship is well and truly laid?

Mm, perhaps not. But that money is already in the bag for one lucky lady on one of the more upmarket adult dating sites,

Bryan Christopher, a 38-year old millionaire from Ohio, has already splashed out for two tickets on board Sir Richard Branson’s scheduled adventures into space, but is yet to secure a partner for the jaunt Via the exclusive singles site, Christopher is looking for an ‘…adventurous, beautiful woman” to accompany him onboard Virgin Galactic’s Space Ship Two, when the first flights are confirmed, provisionally set for 2012.

Christopher will hope to join Branson and his wife, Joan, on the flight; he was inspired by a recoding made by the Virgin founder, who expressed his desire to run the gauntlet of emotions with his wife that is experienced by the thrust of G-force, floating weightlessly in space and sharing the once-in-a-lifetime experience of looking down on Earth, from space.

If the first date is successful, Mr Christopher is not ruling out a repeat performance.

When asked if his eventual online date will be expected to share a 2suit, a garment that unravels to accommodate two people, and then re-fastens using zips and Velcro for any couple looking to diminish space between them in orbit, he admitted that this tactic might be stretching the boundaries for a Virgin date.

Sir Branson himself has had experience in this field, admitting that he joined the mile-high club as a teenager. However, it is unlikely he would have imagined back then that he would be presenting the opportunity to entrepreneurs of the future on his own fleet of bed-lined aircraft at the time.

So, the moral of this story is: don’t under-sell yourself when setting yourself up for your first online date. If you’re lucky enough to land a millionaire, the sky really needn’t be the limit.