Dating site content held in question. Pish!

I know I may be jumping in at the deep end or guilty of a knee jerk reaction but there’s a comment in the press – specific to dating sites – that says that we don’t blog enough content. Pish!

Alright, the guy who’s posted the article freely admits that, in his role checking out what dating sites actually offer their membership he doesn’t spend all of his working hours trawling their blogs to see what they’re writing. But for us dating sites that put a helluva lot of work into crafting our posts and trying to develop a theme and a purpose, you can see why we’d perhaps take offence at such a comment.

It is our strong conviction that words are the very essence of the Internet and healthy, enjoyable content serves two very distinct purposes. One is to satisfy the search engines in order to make our online dating facility visible to you, the singles public, to put the very best dating facilities firmly within your grasp.

And secondly, more importantly, the online dating industry is now a $2bn global industry – innovations, new technology, dating events such as iDate Miami – if it wasn’t for us bloggers writing about them here on our dating sites, how would you, avid reader, ever get to hear of the advances that are taking place?  And I’m not even going to start about the dating site security issues we’ve regularly covered in the interests of keeping the millions of singles safe from fraudsters who are only after one thing, and it’s not your modesty!

Matchmaking sites, for instance, are always tweaking their coupling algorithms and using new methods to bring singles together – hundreds of men and women with letters after their names scratching their heads in underground laboratories in order to help you meet Mr or Mrs Right. Their work would go unnoticed if we didn’t bring their amazing feats to your attention.

Would you, for example, be even aware that a relationship could be started by a dating site that matches you with a potential partner based upon your DNA? Okay, it’s not been scientifically proven that this method works any better than other scientific formulae applied to parship but it does have its own success stories, like any of the other mainstream dating sites.

See – you probably didn’t even know that a sample of your spit could do so much for you, did you? And this gentleman has the gall to say we don’t big up the content enough on our blogs! The very nerve of the man.

Please, show your appreciation – drop us a comment about our dating site content, or if there’s something you would like to see us write about that we’ve not covered already (use the search box, below – there’s not much we haven’t covered over the last six months, to be fair). Other than that, join me again tomorrow, where we’ll have some more riveting content to share with you, dear reader. Until then, adieu. And you won’t have come across that word anywhere else today, I’ll bet. x

Genetic dating – find a match using your spit

We’re very used to talking about the dating pool here on But when it comes to the gene pool – especially when the subject matter also talks about diving into the birthing pool with any potential match from a a dating site – that’s perhaps one pool too many for us to comprehend, especially before one has even met their potential partner.

For those of you who’ve followed our blog, it will come as no surprise that, when it comes to online dating at least, what’s not someone’s cup of tea, another will slurp the saucer dry. So it is with the latest news from Gene Partner, a company from Switzerland who claim to be able to matchmake you with your perfect partner using a scraping you send to them from the inside of your cheek, give you the optimum chance of producing eine kleine Wunderkind, and all through a simple biological algorithm and their interpretation of the results.

Ah, the results of what? I hear you ask. Well, this is perhaps the most unromantic act of courtship imaginable, although birds have been known to partake, and that’s to take a swab of your DNA from the inside of your cheek and despatch it, forthwith, to the professors waiting to test and assess your spit. Told you it wasn’t pleasant.

The firm is not the only company out there in dating land to offer a match based on your genetic coding. Scientific Match will offer you a lifetime of cheek scratching and comparing for a four-figure fee whilst Eventful dating will take your saliva and that of someone you are interested in or are dating, then analyse the results to see just how compatible you are based upon their theory or interpretation of what the coding tells them. Oh, and not forgetting proof that the premise that DNA matching works is based on a T-Shirt Test held in 1995 where women were asked to smell the sweat of similarly aged men and score the odour to back-up the claims that, Eureka, it works.

Gene Partner dating and a little more scepticism

Once you have ordered your spit-kit and took a scraping, and paid the $249 fee for the privilege, you then mail said sample of saliva back to the Swiss company. In a little more than a fortnight, you’re given your results across five compatibility regions, including several analyses of attraction and how likely you are to have a happy and successful pregnancy with other singles they have in their database who have parted with their cash to take said test.

This practise has, obviously, drawn some less than convincing comments about its validity as a proven matchmaking service. Experts have suggested that there may well be DNA active in the initial process, but it is character that determines the longevity and success of a relationship. Whereas another boffin, in not so many words, has seen the two women behind the operation jump on new technology, know how to use and market it and, ’10 seconds’ after the new technology is available to the world, someone makes a dating site out of it.

The social shrink who passed that comment is a guy named Eli Finkel – if that’s not reason enough to believe him, I don’t know what is. Have you ever heard such a prof-etic name, since Einstein at least, in all of your born days? Me, neither.