Choosing the right dating site user name

We continue with your quest to get up and dating, at least to get online dating in time for Valentine’s Day, even if getting any physical action this late in the day may be pushing a little. But, there are plenty of free dating sites out there that allow you to sort and browse singles by location, such as the one on our home page at, so you may well get lucky.

So, just in time for the weekend, we’ll conclude today with three articles in brief that follow on from choosing the right dating site and what type of dating site membership is right for you.

In order to keep this as short and sweet as possible, today’s posts will be introductions, an overview, if you will; there are other articles on here that go into each topic in more detail, whereby there’ll be a hyperlink to relevant content within for you to expand on these insights.

Choosing the right user id for your dating site

Each and every member on your dating site will have a unique user id or user name, which keeps their sign-in unique and allows you to find them and know who you’re getting mail from. You, likewise, have to choose your matchmaking moniker.

There is nothing inherently wrong with using your own name, but for security’s sake, you are strongly advised not to. If someone hacks the server of the dating site and gets hold of sections of information, you do not want to give them the last piece of the jigsaw by offering your real name on a plate. Also, if you have an abstract real name and you want to keep your dating site usage personal, i.e. not let anyone at work in on your secret, it is best to keep your real name out of the public domain as much as is humanely possible.

Also, there are some names that just do not work on dating sites, proven beyond doubt, in both hemispheres. In Europe, found that Dennis, Kevin, Chantal and Celina’s weren’t having their profiles browsed or e-mails opened as often and in New Zealand, Barry, Jacqueline and Angela came in for the same treatment on findsomeone.

Funny, as in subtle or witty, work quite well if you’re thinking of making up your user name; whereas funny as in corny (Ivor Biggun, for example) just does not, relating a childish sense of humour and that you’re not taking this dating lark altogether seriously. And those that lean towards smut, such as NineInchNigel will be given short shrift, likewise.

Not so much on the UK dating scene, but certainly in Europe, your name carries a lot of weight, as do the words in your profile. In the UK, the emphasis of your picture is relied on heavily and promoted as such on dating sites, whereas elsewhere its the words in your profile that pack the biggest punch.

More about your photo, up next.

Kevin, meet Barry – you’re both going home single, tonight

In a recent study by German dating site, they found Kevin and Dennis the least likely names to attract responses from the female dating population amongst its membership. Guys, if you’re reading this, head down under as the Kiwis have no such aversion to your monikers.

If, on the other hand, your name is Barry, you’d be better advised to stay in the northern hemisphere as the Bazza’s of this world had no luck whatsoever on the dating sites New Zealand had to offer.

Hang on, Barry, Kevin and Dennis – it’s the cast from Auf wiedersehn, Pet, innit?  Mmm, suppose The Kiwis are close to Oz.  Ah, well – on with the show…

Hot Rods and blistering Brads

If, on the other hand, you were lucky enough to be christened Rod or Brad, you were more or less guaranteed to have your response at least read by an anxious single awaiting your contact. Having your messages opened, however, was not necessarily the be all and end all, according to findsomeone’s manager, Rick Davies.

Rick concocted an algorithm that deduced, from the amount of mail traffic and the number of smiles (beats having a wink, I guess) someone received what were the hot names, the cool (as in frigid) ones, but also those that experienced the most success. The results prove conclusively that the name is not the only factor and that, how articulate or funny you are and what you have in your dating profile, does count.

Of all the male names in the country, Cameroon Cameron took the biscuit for the best pulling name across the dating site for 2011; this was based on the fact that, once they’d been contacted, they were seen on the dating site no more. Leaving the rest to feed off the crumbs, no doubt.

However, victorious names did alter from state to state. In Wellington, for example, the Daniels really put the boot into the Barry’s, whereas the Fiona’s left the Angela’s sole-destroyed.

Nationally, for the ladies event, Mel just pipped Tina to first spot as the most likely name to actually findsomeone, although the guys found Becky to be the hottest, having the highest ratio of responses to online dating contact.

The camera never lies

Joining Barry as the most spurned members from the female half of the dating site was Jacqueline; however, Davies did have some advice for all of those who appeared on the least-wanted lists. And that was to give yourself maximum exposure. Your name may be off-putting to the dating site community but if you’re picture perfect, then upload a gallery of yourself.

He went on to underline the fact that any success, whether it is what you scribe in your dating profile or the quality of your show-reel of photos, it’s all about advertising yourself.

His results also indicated that ill-written or -conceived grammar could be a barrier to your dating success. Poor punctuation often failed to get a response, as did sleaze. Rather, the emphasis was about getting things right, from the profile, up. Good advice to anyone considering having a crack at online dating!