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Many posts on this dating website have been written specifically to promote members’ awareness of the fact that, behind many profiles, lies the face of a criminal just waiting to coax you out of your hard-earned cash.

To some, this is no surprise; yet others are genuinely shocked when they fall for the sob stories without realising that Jeanette from Dagenham is really a college graduate from Nigeria working from his laptop in a cafe well on his way to earning $60k a year, towards which your ‘gift’ is just a token contribution.

It is quite possible, too, that your ‘Jeanette’ on one dating site is ‘Rachel’ on another, or at least the real person behind the front is one and the same. Your tokens of affection, which you assume are heading to different parts of the UK, will never be cashed in a European bank. If you could trace the wire that sent the money transfer, you’d see your money sitting in a bank in Africa.

This is deceitful, but nonetheless commonplace; some people carry on for years, transferring huge amounts of money before they realise that they’ve been duped by a criminal mastermind.

There are, however, very different kinds of criminals on dating sites, becoming all the more popular. If there is such a thing, these criminals are legitimate, posting their loosely disguised dating profiles on ‘pen-pal’ sites from their cells across the US. There is a substantial market for women who genuinely want to date men on the inside, likewise, men who become enthralled with female prisoners.

Not that inmates have a PC waiting for them when they check in to whichever penitentiary it is they are to serve their time. The onus is on their circle of friends from ‘the outside’ to get them set up on dating sites – this can incur a charge, depending upon the site and the type of service they purport to offer.

One of the first reactions, other than ‘what do the couple gain physically from the relationship’ is ‘why do prisoner governors allow this?’

Many are, as mentioned, fronted as a pure contact site, however the details of the profile are straight from any ‘dating site in a box’ you can buy or affiliate from the internet. Otherwise, being able to form a remote relationship beyond the confines of the prison establishment promotes a sense of self that can be so difficult to find once one gets sentenced to spend time behind bars.

Prisoners with a sense of purpose and something to look forward to once they have served their time are much more likely to stay away from activities that would jeopardise parole than those with nothing to lose by flouting the laws whilst incarcerated.

Intimate inmates 2

It takes a special type of person to have both the patience and foresight to commit to someone who may never be free from their cell. Yet there are successful relationships on dating sites for prison inmates, even marriages are not that uncommon.

However, as the younger generation grow up with social media very much a part of their everyday lives, talking to people on line, even falling in love or becoming infatuated, is absolutely the norm. Furthermore, latest figures show that 10% of the 2bn global internet population have registered their information on a dating site. For a significant sector of those 200,000,000 people, connecting online is enough.

There are many sites dedicated to promoting the virtues of inmates and, if it was not for the prison number and the fact that the address is a correction facility or state jail, you would be forgiven for thinking that you were perusing any one of the thousands of mainstream dating sites that populate the internet, today.

Some of the URLs can be misleading and lead you to a set of blog-search results by Google for ‘similar’ type dating facilities but the genuine prison dating archives provide an invaluable outlet for inmates across the globe, not just the US, where their rise in popularity is rife.

Some of the larger dating sites showcasing incarcerated felons did genuinely start out as pen-pal mediums ; however, since the first websites of this type launched in 1996, the natural progression and acceptance of meeting singles online has sat well with the general public more easily in recent years. Of the top ten key players in this market, some boast as many as 10,000 potential partners with their profiles filled in awaiting your correspondence.

The amount of information displayed for its members can differ for each dating site. The aim is to present the inmate in the best possible light and to that end, the accent certainly is on the positive with the profile information listed.

If you are interested in connecting with a prisoner, there is sufficient detail to at least get you on the way to making an informed decision. It is rare that the crime for which they are serving time is listed but you will find a personal introduction penned by the inmate beneath a suitably-chosen profile picture. If the prisoner has took part in self-learning or vocational activities and courses as a first step on the road to the enlightened them, you can expect to find that information there, too, alongside the usual data, such as height, weight, date of birth, etc.

What may be key, depending on whether you are looking for a purely online relationship or hoping to make it physical by visiting as well as writing or actual dating once their time is served is the release date. If you only ever want a genuine pen-pal service, it may be worth considering prisoners with lengthy sentences. On the other hand, should you wish to make more of your new-found friend and take the liaison offline, you may want to concentrate your search to someone who is soon to be released.

There are many, many people currently serving time who are truly repentant and are making great strides to put the past behind them and start afresh. If you want to be a part of their new life, even if it’s as a time-passing written correspondent, there are many inmates just awaiting your post.