“J” reveals his “friend’s” lucky escape Chinese dating

[from “J”…]

We continue the tale of J’s “friend” – he must have been a very close “friend” due to the passion, somewhat toned down here, which punctuated the original fable, the moral of which is categorically: do not give your password to anyone you meet whilst online dating

Not long after “J” and his Chinese beau agreed to go steady in a purely cyberspace capacity, the Chinese lady gave J her password as a sign of trust that they were truly going exclusive (although they’d never met) and he felt pressured into doing the same.

To cut a long, long story short, he did, and it wasn’t long before “J” was being reproached via text and phone calls because of the comments he’d made and approaches he’d received from other members on the dating site before he’d entered into this serious online relationship. Then, much to his bemusement, further scoldings started coming from other Chinese ladies who he’d been speaking to before he’d gone exclusive.

It transpires that the quiet, demure Asian girl he’d started ‘seeing’ had turned into a fire-breathing dragon and was flaming all of his other contacts on the dating site. In order that he couldn’t get in touch with anyone else, said new Chinese dating partner overrode the password he’d given her in good faith with the devout intention of cutting him off from everyone else on the website.

Needless to say, it took a lot of sucking up to the webmaster and his contacts to get back in on the dating site, and that he pretty sharply ended the virtual relationship before his reputation went viral, but this does serve as a warning to the information you give out on dating sites about yourself. The simple summary is: don’t! Never give your credit card details, passwords or any other sensitive information that could be turned against you. What seems sweet one minute can turn sour very quickly if you don’t keep its sugar levels up.

“J” was lucky it was only his online dating persona that his Chinese girlfriend went about ruining. It could have been anyone behind that dating profile, lulling “J” in with flattery, pressurising him to part with information that he probably knew he shouldn’t. Paid dating sites store payment information, bank details – it’s just not worth the risk: keep your private information safe, at all times.

“J” reveals his “friend’s” experience Chinese dating

The following article (in two parts) is a lesson to anyone who ever gets tempted to share their personal information with someone they think they know on their dating site, but obviously not as well as they thought…

After dating women of the west, extending your catchment area to capture ladies from a little further to the East (well, the other side of the world, really), spending time on your dating site with women of Chinese origin can be an uplifting experience.

There is an element of a Chinese woman’s make up that is demure on the outside, but belies cunning intelligence beneath that gracious exterior. Self-possessed of dignity and charm, personality traits that cannot be taught beyond a certain age, it seems that there’s nothing they’ll not do to please you.

Not necessarily in a sexual way but everything about their demeanour aims to please to the extent that if they cause you offense, they will be beside themselves until you accept their most gracious and numerable apologies. Because of this inhibited nature, this will not come across in any dating site profile; you will only ever discover these hidden qualities by taking the time out to get to know the lady of Oriental persuasion in person.

However, I have recently come across one lad, who calls himself J who had whose friend had a problem whilst he was on a Chinese dating site. For the purpose of this tale of woe, we will call the victim “J”, okay with you?

After spending some time on a Chinese dating site, presumably having had little success elsewhere, reading between the lines, “J” could not believe the amount of positive responses he was getting from a whole hare-em of Asian lovelies. He was so enamoured by one of the single Chinese ladies to whom he was spending a fair amount of his online dating time that, after she implored him to go exclusive on the dating site (you can sort of see a flaw coming there, can’t you? Anyway…), he agreed. [read more]