Sugar daddies get younger but so does their worth

Have you ever wondered what the make up of your average American Sugar Daddy is? If you’re not looking for long term commitment, no interest in a serious dating relationship, but believe your time has a price, you may want to consider becoming a Sugar Baby.

Many, many people see this way of life as nothing but legalised prostitution, yet spending time dating for money will definitely raise the question. The words ‘demeaning’ and ‘cheap’ often appear in the same conversation, but not when you’re speaking to either party involved in the ‘contract’, nor one of the most prolific names in the adult dating game, Brandon Wade.

The ‘Sugar’ lifestyle is not just rising in popularity as a way of life over in The States, it is rocketing. A combination of city-slickers earning far too much money to trust anyone as a partner or spending too much time working to devote to any traditional style of relationship combined with college graduates or young mothers struggling to find any job security – or job at all – has polarised the casual relationship.

The caw that gets stuck in everyone’s throat is when it is married men – or women – that draw upon Sugar Daddy dating sites. The men have too much money to care, often citing to their wives that they are away on business; the young piece of arm candy is absolutely aware of the situation and is blasé about the whole affair, taking money (on average $4,357 per month, according to one study, is the amount Sugar Daddies spend on their addiction) that would otherwise be destined for the family home.

That is small change, though, compared to what the average Sugar Daddy earns. The report, based on Brandon Wade’s, suggests that a Sugar Daddy will typically earn over $250,000 per annum and has a nett worth of more than five and a half million dollars, information which is available alongside each member’s dating site profile when you log on to the dating site.

In a separate report, which interviewed several Sugar Babies, they split their time between four older men. Older men who are, in more recent times, not so much older. The average age has come down in the last five years from 44 to 39 – hardly granddad age. This is due to a larger influx of a lot younger men and it is not just the age that has dropped. The net worth of the average Sugar Daddy dating site male member has dropped $1.5M and the monthly budget has also taken a hit by almost one third from $6,231, which it was five years ago.

However, that’s still a fair amount to lavish on the Sugar Babies, eager to spend time with the wealthy men-folk, who can expect, amongst other things, condos paid for, expensive cars, the $2,000 pooch and all sorts of other financial assistance in return for their time, attention and whatever else is in the contractual, mutually-beneficial relationship between the Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby of 2012.

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Brandon Wade to speak at Online Dating Summit 2012

We’ve had iDate Miami and the world of online dating is still buzzing from the energy created at the week long conference. But there’s no time to hold one’s breath – the next big event is little over five weeks away, this time Europe is the destination.

The biggest names in the world of online dating will be gathered in Barcelona at the Online Dating Summit 2012 over the weekend of Friday 2nd March to Monday 5th inclusive for updates and innovations since the event in Florida at the end of last month.

Among the speakers in Spain will be one of the most renowned names in Internet dating and owner of some of the most controversial websites, Brandon Wade. He will be speaking on the panel for the debate for affiliates who have the decision of where their traffic is sent.  This is not going to be one for the purists, nor the faint-hearted.

No matter how much those dating sites get highlighted and publicly berated (and Wade is not afraid to put his sites in the firing line for target practise; there’s no such thing as bad publicity, right?), they all make money; for Wade and the affiliate army who pave the roads for customers looking for the types of niche dating he offers to find the way to his sites and no one else’s.

There are two types of customer in the world of online dating – those looking for a quick fling and those in it for the long haul. The panel discussing “Mainstream Dating vs. Casual Dating – When to Send Your Traffic Where” will endeavour to decipher between the two types of customer.  From there, the decision is which type of dating site will suit the customer best in order to get the best ROI for the afilliate driving traffic for the programs they’re signed up to and, of course, the webmaster themselves.

Details in one recent report suggest that Wade’s sites receive a quarter all of their traffic from affiliate programs – with a portfolio like his, that’s an awful lot of traffic to divert – positioning yourself to be one of the drivers could be extremely lucrative for those who put the effort in.

Seeking Arrangement, Wade’s Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby dating site has its affiliate program running through Commission Junction whereas – the site that appeared on US TV accused of being a platform for legalised prostitution – has its commission program through Share-a-Sale. In the next article, we’ll take a quick look at one of Brandon Wade’s sites, SeekingArrangement, and see what makes it tick – the numbers will astound you.

The moral and legal thin line of Sugar Daddy sites

One thing you can safely say about Brandon Wade is that he is not shy about putting his dating sites in the firing line. Sites, he has many, most are controversial. As much as the public at large complain about the man and his dating sites, you can’t argue with the fact that they’re popular.

In a recent interview, Wade was took to task about the fact that there are so many sugar babies on his sugar daddy site that were students at NYU – 500 plus, if the report is accurate – and how the idea came about. You may (or not, thinking about it) be surprised at his role models and how his own dating experience led to the niche dating site‘s inauguration.

Seeking Arrangement is a dating site that connects wealthy elderly gentlemen (by that, I mean older than the person they expect to date – according to Wade, the average age of his site’s male members is 36) with (a lot) younger women. The former being the Sugar Daddy, the latter the sugar baby.

There is an expectation that, for being pampered and bestowed with gifts by the well-off Sugar Daddy dating site member, the sugar baby will come to an arrangement – through the site – with the ‘generous benefactor’. Two adults coming together for mutual benefit – where’s the problem?

The issue in the public eye, and with many local New Yorkers, is that so many girls at NYU are signing up to Seeking Arrangement to pay their ways through college. In Brandon’s eyes, this is the perfect scenario. College girls who would perhaps never get the opportunity see how the other half live for the price of positioning themselves as eye-candy or a trophy girlfriend; in return, an otherwise lonely bachelor (or married man, he’s imposed no restrictions for wedlock being a barrier on his sites) has someone who he can lavish his wedge and bestow gifts upon.

That outlook is not surprising as Wade grew up idolising Hugh Hefner, he of Playboy fame, whom he wanted to grow up like. Given Wade’s self-confessed geekishness, that was never going to happen unless he could tempt female company by dangling the carrot of spoiling them beyond their wildest dreams. Recognising that there was a huge market for this, the adult dating site was born. Now, with 900,000 members (at time of interview), you have to take your hat off to the bloke and say he nailed that to perfection.

There is a very thin moral (and perhaps legal) line and whether you disagree with it or not, there’ll be a lot more graduates coming out of NYU debt free than if Wade’s site was not about. Go, Brandon!

Dating sugar daddies sure beats flippin’ sloppy joes

Sugar dating is, whether Florida likes the statistic or not, helping to fund many young female graduates progression through their in-state university system. According to one recent report, college students account for 4 out of 10 ‘sugar babies‘ new sign-ups on one of the most publicised sugar daddy dating sites, The adult dating site now claims over 1,000,000 members and its CEO, Brandon Wade, likes very much to keep the odds stacked in favour of the daddies. That’s where the money is, he never wants to let them down, so he always ensures the books never run out of fresh babies for the daddies to lavish their money on. That’s a lot of college girls leaning on wealthy, older men to see them through school.

Although the dating site has had allegations that it is nothing more than a front for legalised prostitution, the relationships are not all about sex. The onus is very much put on both sides of the partnership to express what they want from the relationship – if the two halves of the one requirement match, then you’re in business. No pimps, no cajoling – everything is up front and in the open (within the dating site confines). If it’s not working out, you simply call the relationship a day, learn from any mistakes and build on that for another scoot around the sugar block.

If that all sounds a little too formal – more like a business contract than any real kinship to a loving relationship – then that’s because it is. This type of dating site is not about any pretence towards love or marriage or any of the other yardsticks you tend to measure the mainstream dating sites by. Indeed, many of the sugar daddies are married men, so any thoughts about falling in love and being happy ever after are blown out of the water from the off. Girls need money to get through college. Older, well-to-do business men spend a lot of time in Florida doing trade. Whilst they’re there, they like to have some familiarity around them to share in their wealth and success. But then the trip’s over, back to the wife, settle the dating site fees, end of transaction. Is it cold? Is it commercial? You betcha it is.

Brandon Wade is no mug. As online dating figures started to increase from this avenue, he didn’t bask in the wonder of it. He up-sold that market, branding the sign-ups from the universities as ‘college sugar babies‘ on his dating site, giving them their own .edu domain for their e-mails (using this filter to compile the data on the sign-up percentages) and publishing a list of the top 20 schools that were supplying him the 40% of new sign-ups in a league format on the dating website.

Florida’s universities feature three times in the list, contributing 219 sugar baby dating site sign-ups for 2011. Although you cannot search specifically by college, you can adapt filters to within a region – pretty important parameters if you’re only out of town on business two or three days a month.

By adopting a Miami-focused search on the dating site, with the additional ‘College Sugar Baby’ status, you can drill down to your catchment target area, leaving you with a clue that the girls you find are either at South, Central or International universities. Given some of the dating site profiles for the girls within those search parameters, it really is no wonder that none of the three universities cared to comment on this growing trend amongst its pupils.

Is sugar dating legal prostitution, older men manipulating younger women or vice versa? The only people I hear complaining are those not getting any of the action…

Florida – the dating, like the oranges, is sugar-sweet

We have all seen the recent press about what it will take to even get a place at one of the established universities in the UK, these days. What separates the English universities from some of the other global academic institutions, however, is that there are well-to-do parents not just from this fine nation of ours but from all over the world willing to fund their offspring’s education just so that it has ‘educated in the UK’ on their curriculum vitae, semper et in perpetuum.

For universities in other cultures, especially those as diverse as in the US where this level of education is almost mandatory if you want to do anything with your life, there is perhaps not so much of an abundance of readily-available wealth, or parental willingness, to support the whole three year stint completely from the family nest egg. The onus is very much, therefore, on the shoulders of the said son or daughter to at least part-fund their further education through this critical stage of US adolescence into young adulthood.

With a national economy in a very similar condition to our own, many of the part-time jobs are spoken for and those that do become available are right at the bottom rung of the employment, the vacantors of those posts moving on to positions that pay more than minimum wage. Credit is also an issue – it can be made available for graduates but rules and regulations for paying those fees back are a lot more stringent than we have in the UK, so what’s a girl supposed to do to get herself through university without spending any inheritance before it’s earned or trying to make split-ends meet after working a six-hour shift serving sloppy joes?

Surely that’s obvious – become a sugar baby! Sure beats flippin’ burgers to earn your crust and the perks far outweigh the downsides, that’s for sure. However, according to one recent report out of Florida, the number of registered sugar babies on dating sites could end up wiping out half of the country’s wealth, laying within the bank accounts of the sugar daddies registered on these very adult dating sites in one semester if the girls from the colleges who are currently signing up (a figure put at 40% of all new sign-ups according to’s founder and marketing mogul, Brandon Wade) really put the effort in.

And – here’s a new one on me – it’s not just for older men seeking a specific relationship with a significantly younger female, either; not to be outdone, the cougars (mustn’t have liked the moniker) are now flocking to the site and re-branding themselves as Sugar Mommies in order to bag a toy boy whom their benevolence can put through college. The relationships, as you would expect, all come with a price tag, some as much as five-figures a month, depending upon what each of the prospective partners negotiate for the services they are expected to provide. You don’t see Arnie or Rob Lowe bragging about that in the adverts for California, do you?

Next up, we look at some of the fascinating facts and figures that make up this niche area of the dating site world; while you head on over, I’ll just be checking out some uni’s in Florida, to see what spaces they have coming this fall (see, getting the lingo, by jingo, already…).

Is paying for your online date legal pimping?

Labelled as “the oldest trade in the world”, way before the wheel and the pyramids came along, was prostitution. It’s still prevalent in society today, as downtown, low-lit street corners are populated with ladies of the night offering themselves for cash, with a cut going to their pimp, who acts as their bodyguard when things get tough, for his slice of the pie.

And now, for those who have trouble attracting a date by the usual means (ie online dating, these days…), you can now pay to take someone out, if the price is right.

This is not a hidden dating site, trying to stay away from the limelight, oh no. Brandon Wade has made darned sure this adult-only dating site has received maximum publicity, parading it on TV in front of live audiences.

The show even had some of its dating membership in tow as they attempted to convince the public that everything was above board, legitimate, and these dating site boys and girls were available to be wined, dined, wooed and, let’s face it, rude by their prospective partner, if they could stump up the cash (on top of their monthly membership fee).

Brandon Wade – in over his head, off it, or got it well screwed on?

Whatever your opinion of Brandon Wade, he knows where the money is, and he courts publicity like the members of his dating sites do each other. The fact that he uses human traffic to fill his pot, well, that’s up to the individuals who sign up for his services.

As well as this dating site, which allows you to pay for an evening’s entertainment with a member of the opposite sex of your choice – yes, there are men on there who are successfully reaching their price tag and thus being whisked away for nights of adult dating and whatever that entails – he also runs another site where there are big bucks involved, for Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies.

Honestly, you wouldn’t believe how many women flock to sign up to be a Sugar Baby! Anyway, he recently caused a stir when he claimed that Jim Carrey’s relationship with Russian student Anastasia Vitkina was akin to many on the Sugar Daddy site. The theory behind that comparison being that Jim’s quite a few year’s Anastasia’s senior and she flits across the globe to be with him, all at his expense.

So, back to the dating site where you pay for the privilege of someone’s hand for the evening: would you use this service, either pimping yourself out or paying for someone who took your fancy? And what would you expect at the end of the first date for your dollar?

You can see why some members of the dating site community see this as, at best, an escort service, at worst, an online brothel waiting to happen.

Why not check out our safe selection of hand-picked dating sites which could, theoretically, get you up and running in minutes; and whilst you’re on, check out our site for the many articles designed to help you get the best out of online dating?