Dating site figures get more impressive each time you log on

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been online dating, but a report will come out and the figures will simply astound you. When you see a snippet of a suggestion that one dating site alludes to and then hear another report about the latest influx of new members from another, you can get so used to seeing and hearing about how popular looking for love online has become, that the numbers simply pass you by.

Then one report, or rather article, pops up in your feeds and all of a sudden you have three snippets making up the basis of said article and you suddenly start to realise the volume that goes into creating a $2.1bn industry like online dating has become. As if that’s not a scary enough figure on its own, this recent report suggests an increase of 7% on that figure this year alone!?!? When will it ever stop?

In today’s two articles we’ll analyse those figures, look at how accurate they are and, with reference to claims made by some dating sites, see if there is actually any credibility in their claims that the algorithms they use to pair couples in the first instance do actually count for anything or rather, as one recent scientific research has suggested, are random and that, given so many people being in one boat, the law of averages would couple as many people as the dating sites claim that their algorithms do.

Do dating site questionnaires just pay lip service to the marketing?

And that’s as good a place as any to start. One of the single, biggest online dating sites is eHarmony. They are a matchmaking site and they ask a lot of questions to get to the bottom of a person’s psyche. But are all those questions just paying lip service to the marketing that has a single sold on the idea that they will meet the spouse they’ve been looking for, it’s just that the eHarmony marketing team have positioned themselves to make that lovelorn single one half of the 542 marriages per day the dating site claims to be responsible for in the US?

According to one single who became one of the success statistics, she responded to over 1,000 questions in order to meet the match of her dreams, which she thought acceptable. The man she married dated her for nine months after they met up on the site – my guess is it would have been sooner if he hadn’t had to respond to so many queries. No wonder they won’t reveal their algorithms if they incorporate that many logical yes, no and if gates – you’d need somewhere the size of Wembley to lay the flowchart out…[read more]

Improved technology not the be all and end all of dating

It’s no surprise that, following iDate 2012 Miami, there is a huge amount of excitement about what the year holds for the industry. For those at the top of the online dating tree, they have set their targets and gleaned from the scientists and competition where their dating sites can make inroads and how to do just that.

It’s one thing the dating industry knowing what technology can do for them but what do the dating site members expect?

Great strides have been made in technology in social media and Internet users have now come to expect a level of unparalleled browsing and ease of use that may have many ‘dating site in a box’ website owners speaking frantically to their coders to ensure that their facility can keep up to date with the latest that the industry has to offer.

Finding a dating site that suits your skill level and personality is key to success

That’s certainly the state of play in New Zealand, where details in one recent report suggest singles have expectations of a certain level of service, but have learnt not to expect miracles when it comes to the physical result without having to put a bit of effort in themselves.

More there than perhaps in other countries they know that finding the right dating site can be the very real difference in experience between success and failure. As the sites mature, the users do so with them; as such, there has been a recent leaning towards matchmaking facilities whose questions can put everyone on a level playing field, at least as the search for the perfect partner gets under way.

Rather than head off and go gung-ho into dating site profiles that may be a match or have a nice picture as the younger generation do, the more mature dater has had time to assess what’s become important to them. With set questions applicable to the right type of dating site to suit the more mature dater’s requirement, they can be a lot more selective of the dates that algorithms throw up and use the potential partners as a guide. However, whereas the inexperienced dating site memeber have been known to expect the search results to be definitive, dating site algorithms are no Google or Yahoo web-search; although the principal and the aspiration beyond the facility may be similar, the targets are not a distinct as a set of keywords. That’s not to say that keywords don’t play a part in achieving accurate results; they most certainly do.

So, if you do know what you’re looking for in a dating site and a partner, it may be well worth considering a matchmaking site; as long as you’re prepared to put in a little work after your e-mails with your ‘best match’ singles comes through and don’t expect them to be definitive or exclusive to your search, they could very well get you on the way to finding that all-elusive dating site partner.

Dating site dementors officially vanquished

The stigma that surrounds the world of online dating has officially been put to bed, according to recent reports coming out of the US, following both scientific research and the success of iDate Miami 2012.

No sooner has dating land shed its undesirable cloak, however, than matchmaking sites are finding themselves coming under attack from some corners of the scientific world on two counts.

At the recent iDate Miami conference – the first of three meetings by the giants of online dating scheduled for this year – there was a heated panel discussion surrounding the merits of calculations and algorithms that were used to select potential partners based on information provided by the individual single when he/she signs up.

The doubt has been cast upon the relevance of how this information is used to couple the dating site members, especially when the volumes of singles looking to fall in love online are so immense. According to Julie Spira in a recent article she wrote for the Huffington Post, everyone now knows a couple who got together via on online dating site or another.

Furthermore, she went on to add in the article that, whilst attending a recent Super Bowl bash, two of the three couples she became engaged with were together thanks to two of the more niche dating sites, namely Jdate and Fitness Singles.

The crux of the current debate, as far as one can make out, is that the professors are now viewing matchmaking sites, who present a range of probable complimentary suitors to any given single based on the information they enter on their hit-list requirement, as a supermarket sweep rather than a way to find ‘the one’, which is how it all began. To be fair, I don’t think anyone in their wildest dreams, when dating sites started to go mainstream, ever hoped for a global $2bn turnover, but that’s where we are with it, now.

Of course, there is objection from those who claim to have dreamt up the strings of logic to produce the matches, both from the CEO’s trying to deflect harm from their brand and the dating site scientists who have achieved prominence on the back of algorithmic love.

There’s an absolute ton of stuff on this topic, so join me for the rest of the week when we’ll be dissecting the frogging life out of all the mumbo jumbo and see what it means for you, the dater.

Dating – not like it used to be

Online dating – to some a mystery but to the millions of dating site members across the globe, a lifeline to the outside world.

It has proved a perfect platform for those who would be otherwise unsure when it comes to approaching new friends, as well as purely for the purpose of dating.

For those not used to using such a facility, there are many out there to choose from and they all provide something a little different.

Whether you’re a teenager taking the first tentative steps in the world of dating, a seasoned dater looking for your next conquest or one of the baby-boomers looking for the chance to go around again, there will be a whole host of dating sites for you.

Gone is the mystique surrounding these types of platforms. Whether you’re just using online dating for a bit of flirting or practising relationship building on the free dating sites or are willing to commit to 3- or 6-month sign-ups if you’re serious about finding your one true love ‘until death do us part’, you won’t be disappointed with the choices we’ve put together for you here at

It’s no wonder dating sites are gathering such huge client bases – there are the mainstream dating sites which match you based on an algorithmic function using personality traits that you enter into your dating site profile about yourself and the type of single you’re looking to start dating – or rather, think you are; many of us don’t know what our true match is until we start building relationships online.

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, there are sites for that, too. Many college girls, rather than get a job to see them through the last years in education become Sugar Babies and hook up with older, wealthy gentlemen who furnish them with gifts to see them through, often in return just for going out with them to lunch and functions as a trophy girlfriend, or other times a little bit more is expected in return – I’ll leave that to your imagination!

You can even get dating sites as an app, via which you can utilise your phone’s GPS system to get a date in your local vicinity once you’re out and about.

And for those who have a lot of money to spend and want to ensure they have the right level of service or work long hours and just don’t have the time to date, there are the high-end dating sites which, after a one-to-one assessment, can take all the hassle out of dating for you and organise an initial introduction – after coaching you – before you get to take that special someone out for the first time.

Yes, the way we’re dating is changing, of that make no mistake; check out our dating sites, to see which type is right for you. Happy hunting!

We all have to start somewhere

Online dating – wow! Where do you start with so much choice? Thousands of dating sites, millions of potential partners…
…if this is your first time checking out the myriad singles looking for love online, you may just need a few pointers to help you get started.

Here on, we aim to bring you the best dating sites, the freshest news and the handiest of advice, for newbies and seasoned online daters, alike.

As we’ve just launched our site proper, here are a few pointers for those who are new to us and, more importantly, new to online dating.

Get the balance right in your profile

As you peruse the ocean of dating sites, a few will glisten on the surface and tempt you to sign up. There is no telling at this stage which ones they’ll be – different singles want different results from their online dating experience.

Believe me, there are dating sites for just about every love-story, every type of relationship and even any fetish you can think of without losing your sanity – there is a home on the Internet for it all.

Whichever sites attract you, whether they’re forum-based sites, comparison sites (yep – they’re not just for insurance) or matchmaking sites, i.e. taking your details and using scientific algorithms to match your personality with a similar match, they’ll have one thing in common: they’ll all promise you ‘Love at first site’.

Before you sign up to any one dating site, take a look at a few of the different types available, if for no other reason than to see what members are writing about themselves.

Yes, you will want to weigh up the calibre of other singles looking for love online, whom you may pencil in as potential partners (or bookmark) but more importantly to check out the way they are filling out their dating site profiles.

What you will soon learn about dating sites the world over, especially the free dating sites, is that they will position their ‘most viewed’ member profiles on their landing page – the first page that you see when you click through a link for the first time. All dating sites need success stories – those at the top of the industry have based entire marketing campaigns around their matchmaking prowess – therefore see the quickest way to get people together is highlight its members that are attracting the most interest.

A well written profile is as important as the photograph you choose (more on that, later). By ‘well written’, I don’t mean contrived. If it is too polished, it will not read right to other, more seasoned dating site members and may get passed over.

The single best advice is to answer all questions posed when filling in your dating profile – if you don’t answer them all, others may think you have something to hide – as honestly as possible without over-thinking your answer, always with the goal of finding your perfect partner online at the forefront of your mind.

Next up, Patience is a virtue – and a prerequisite (11/01/03).