From Russia, with love?

Whether they want to escape the minus thirty temperatures and below that hit the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics every year or these stunning Russian singles are genuinely on the lookout for a Westernised gentleman, there’s no escaping the fact thirty online dating beauties intend to flit the country after showcasing themselves in’s Snow Angel beauty pageant. The dating site members who cast a vote get to chat online with their chosen beauty as well as seeing if their nominee wins first prize.

The competition, that began running Mid-November and will go on until Christmas, gives you the opportunity to vote for your favourite, hand-picked dating site stunner as soon as you arrive on the landing page, There are three hopefuls per page and you choose your favourite of the three until you have filtered through all ten pages. Alternatively, the dating website gives you the option to see a thumbnail of all thirty contestants on one page.

In the run up to the yuletide festivities the matchmaking site has duly obliged by having all of the dating site hopefuls dress up in winter finery, with professional make-overs, to boot. If the temperatures do drop as far as some of the necklines, they really do want to be putting more clothes on than they have on in the thumbnails or face catching their death of cold.

are you prepared to go all the way on your dating site?

Due to the fact that, as soon as you click on ‘see full profile’ you are prompted for lots more information about yourself, and a little slide up live chat facility presents itself with the caption, next to a blonde-haired beauty’s photo, ‘never married, fair-haired gray eyed’, I would no sooner enter my credit card details than would I place my naked genitalia into the mouth of a circus lion.

Maybe that’s just me, but the women looked just a bit too perfectly contrived, too similarly bedecked in (lack of) winter casual wear of the same brand and all presented with too professionally-shot dating site profile photos against the backdrop of the same studio set for all of the shots to make the ‘pageant’ believable.

There is, purportedly, the facility to share a live one-to-one web-cam chat and enter into translated e-mail correspondence with any of the women on the dating site; to enjoy this experience, however, you have to enter details that, unless you are serious about using the facility that the ‘Introduction and Romance Tour Company’ adult dating site has to offer (and I have no doubt that those services, should you accept an invite to take the tour, would be extremely adult in nature), you would otherwise keep to yourself.

Nevertheless, if you fancy traversing the Iron Curtain to vote for your favourite and see them sit at the top of the beauty contest Christmas tree next month, please carry on to the site and Putin your details on the forms provided.

Catholics top naughty nookie poll

Depicted in many a film as god-fearing, righteous citizens, a poll of over half a million members on an extra-marital dating site has shown that, of those who chose to submit their religion, more than a fifth were Catholic.

As subjects of The Roman Church make up only 10% of the UK population, that is perhaps a surprisingly high amount. Or is it?

A Harley Street social therapist hazarded a guess as to why the specialist dating site poll produced the results it did.

Her thesis centres around the fact that too much discipline can often lead to acts of rebellion, akin to a ‘rage against the machine’ that is the doctrine laid down by The Vatican and its interpretation of The Bible when it addresses fidelity.

In essence, the therapist refers to escapism for Catholics and other strict religions that feature most prominently in the top three of sects in the online dating site likely to stray from the matrimonial bed, given the opportunity. Following years of ‘suffocation’, the temptation (Get thee behind me, Satan) to seek sexual gratification elsewhere can often be too great.

A spokeswoman for the adult dating site was possibly closer to the mark; she inferred that those with a religious background have an opinion, whether they believe it their own or it’s been instilled from a very early age, of what is right and wrong.

That accepted, of all the religions of members surveyed, the three that hold the strongest viewpoints when it comes to remaining faithful to the sacrament of marriage were more likely to be purely seeking the thrill of breaking the rules, more so than any deep, psychological issue, as the Harley Street therapist goes on to embelish.

Harley Street on God

From the subject matter of the results of the personals site poll, the therapist meanders a little from the point, underlining her views on The Bible and its place in society as a whole, stating:
“Religious texts have given us a tool on how to live and how not to live. Some religious beliefs can cause much pain and guilt, being obedient and powerless can cause ‘irrational guilt’ leading to depression.
“Many can get wrapped up in the idea that being good is more important then being happy.”

I’m sure that many who have suffered at the hands of happy and jubilant terrorists will agree with her, 100%, and not wished they’d remained on the right side of good, at all. Or not.

Other religions that were recognised in the dating site poll were Anglicans, who made up 33% of the members surveyed; so, almost a third of the poll was from that religion, but that must not have been so much of a surprise as that particular statistic was only mentioned as a byline in the subsequent report.

And then there were those submitted ‘no religion’ on the niche dating site, categorised as atheists and agnostics and C of E, as well as Jews and Methodists; the latter two were classed as most faithful when it came to honouring the sacrament of marriage.

Silver surfers #1 in online dating searches

The thought of running a match against my online dating profile and the results bringing up my grandad are, well, just plain scarey, let alone what that eventuality would do for my self-confidence.  Needless to say, if our dating credentials were compatible, I’d probably never be able to look him in the eye again…
…and sitting on his knee at the Christmas get together – forget it.

But the odds of me meeting someone from the, shall we say, more mature dating crowd online are slimming by the day.  In contrast, just the thought of any compatability with the upper branches of my family tree through any type of online singles service has me reaching for comfort-chocolate and puts pounds on my hips, but that’s perhaps for another day.

According to the US Census Bureau, more than a third of men and women fifty-plus are not married.  That figure translates into new adult dating site memberships; the reported numbers from dating agencies suggest that sign-ups from the over fifty-five bracket has increased almost 40% in the last three years.

The reasoning behind these figures, those in the know suggest, is down to a combination of factors.

First and foremost, individuals looking to find love on line are a lot more au fait with the internet than previous generations classed as ‘seniors’.  Many have matured with the age of computing, therefore searching for their perfect partner online is not as alien a concept as it has been to this age-group in the past.

Online dating agencies are great tools for searching for your partner if you know what you’re looking for and you concede a fair amount of leeway in what you expect from the profile search results.  Maybe having been around the block a few times, the more mature members of society using an internet-based dating tool know precisely which character traits to filter out.

Not only can our mature dating seniors show us a thing or two about being honest in what you’re looking for, but also their experience of dating off-line brings realisation that you can spend all of your life looking for that one special relationship, which ticks all of your boxes, but miss out on helluva lot of fun with those who are darned close.

It is less than surprising, then, that singles in the fifty-five plus bracket are hitting dating sites more than any other age group. But they have some competition – the 45-54 group hold second spot in frequenting online dating sites.
So, I’m off to find a partner online quick, before the internet dating community is sponsored by Saga…