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Posts (355)  
   1.  The dumber – and darker – side of dating
   2.  Nothing like good advice – and this is nothing like it
   3.  Must men and women be at odds in every relationship?
   4.  New ways to solve an age-old problem
   5.  Nothing like a few wrong myths to ruin a perfectly good date
   6.  Does office romance start by accident through an email?
   7.  Looking for that first kiss? Not on the first date.
   8.  Revenge: a dish best served by a dating website profile?
   9.  Social media in Russia more anti-social than anything else
   10.  New show to cater to single songbirds looking for love
   11.  Current dating advice outdated, new survey says
   12.  Your teeth could win you dates – or lose them
   13.  Be lucky in love: keep your online dating profile honest and appealing
   14.  ‘Cougars’ on the prowl, hit back against social stigma
   15.  Take the stress out of social situations with online dating
   16.  New study says you can fake your way to love
   17.  Pick your prospective dating partners with care
   18.  Use the internet to enhance your dating experience
   19.  Don’t believe what you read online, new survey says
   20.  Considering online dating? Here’s a tip: be proactive
   21.  Edinburgh-based site adapts to increased tech usage
   22.  Even people with disabilities deserve a chance at love
   23.  Top tips for dating bliss from the experts
   24.  eHarmony security compromised
   25.  New site for Oxford students gets a relaunch
   26.  Have £60k a year to spend on a dating site? Me neither.
   27.  New survey tests the waters for both men and women
   28.  Online dating sites shake themselves up to remain fresh
   29.  You’ll need to be fit for success with new dating site
   30.  Music soothes the savage… heart?
   31.  Peer pressure determines boyfriend online dating choice
   32.  Cheryl Cole runner up in dating poll
   33.  Online dating is quite normal
   34.  Fatherless children select from “daddy” online shop
   35.  Zoosk steps up marketing profile
   36.  Sexual corruption takes over girls on the internet
   37.  Virtual war provides an avenue for love
   38.  Love scams can happen anywhere in the world
   39.  UK dating site may be template for online fraud detection
   40.  Customer retention way forward for dating sites
   41.  Ronan rebuffs approach from discreet adult dating site
   42.  Facial make up to blame for beer goggle bed-partners
   43.  Sugar daddies get younger but so does their worth
   44.  Online dating bill passed but ducking some responsibility
   45.  The tell-tale signs of dating scammers – in practise
   46.  Why dating sites can leave a sour taste in your mouth
   47.  The legally-certified dating site personality test
   48.  When does investigating your potential date become stalking?
   49.  Inject passion into your e-mails to score big in dating
   50.  Asking right questions will prompt a dating e-mail response
   51.  Dating site communication etiquette to follow for newbies
   52.  Sinead hoping nothing compares 2 recent dating site marriage
   53.  Dobbie looks to expand dating site network beyond UK shores
   54.  The reason why dating sites are upping security is clarified
   55.  Measuring online dating habits the facebook way
   56.  Will facebook become the next big thing in online dating?
   57.  New online dating treaty may raise core product value
   58.  Moving too fast with your facebook status
   59.  Dating site owner leaving to go on the game in US
   60.  Dating site content held in question. Pish!
   61.  Genetic dating – find a match using your spit
   62.  STD – not a dialling code for senior Canadian singles
   63.  Ten million dating site members – is it too many?
   64.  Use ad space to make the right impression
   65.  Dating sites – getting too quizzical?
   66.  Illinois considers mandatory dating site check-ups
   67.  First dates – what not to say
   68.  The beautiful people have feelings, too
   69.  Why waste time checking dating profiles in your room?
   70.  Alternative dating methods, allegedly
   71.  3 winks per minute in mad 2 days for lady in red swimsuit
   72.  Sugar Daddy dating site launch; past its sell-by, already?
   73.  Reader’s Choice award best dating blog 2012 shortlist 3-5
   74.  Best dating blog 2012 – shortlist has been published
   75.  Wax lyrical on your dating site profile for greater exposure
   76.  Figures for mobile dating are on the up…and then some!
   77.  Dating sites – a bit of something for just about everyone
   78.  Stick within your league for best dating site results
   79.  Two dating sites being sued over immoral ad campaign
   80.  Online dating seminar comes to Europe this weekend only
   81.  Senior dating – it’s all about knowing what button to press
   82.  Why all the fuss about seniors using dating sites?
   83.  Dating site figures get more impressive each time you log on
   84.  Like Pro-Wrestling, online dating is not a con
   85.  Adele looking for a different singles success
   86.  Improved technology not the be all and end all of dating
   87.  Is it our dating profile ageing or has the mirror cracked?
   88.  Be careful out there – you may meet that special ‘someone’
   89.  Brandon Wade to speak at Online Dating Summit 2012
   90.  The moral and legal thin line of Sugar Daddy sites
   91.  Dating site dominance goes hand in hand with recommendation
   92.  3 in 10 Internet users have tried online dating
   93.  Do dating site algorithms work or just string us along?
   94.  Spread betting on dating site profiles for small marg-ins
   95.  Dating site dementors officially vanquished
   96.  The party’s postponed for the men in little white coats
   97.  Tongue-tied and twisted? Plan your date outside the box
   98.  Where’s that chatterbox I met on the dating site?
   99.  US twice as likely to meet spouse online dating than in bar
   100.  It’s in his sniff
   101.  Why are all the good looking ones always fakers?
   102.  FBI issue US Valentine warning for date protection act
   103.  Sex and its perceived importance in new relationships
   104.  Dating site turn offs – what not to share
   105.  Darling, dirty sex doesn’t mean you don’t have to wash it
   106.  Drive wipe facility not available on dating site hard drive
   107.  Sorry, have I seen your face before? You look familiar…
   108.  Grindr hacked, sensitive men’s bits slipped into wrong hands
   109.  The dating site problem – cause, effect and solution: answer
   110.  The dating site problem – cause, effect and solution: cause
   111.  The dating site problem – cause, effect and solution: effect
   112.  Dating site numbers increase, but so do the fraudsters
   113.  Hoping for more than just connections on LinkedIn
   114.  The third person is not your ideal first choice date
   115.  Those three little words – i Pad 2
   116.  Just who was our Valentine hero?
   117.  Forgive the sentiment, but, come on – it’s Valentine’s Day
   118.  Steps to avoid being scammed dating online
   119.  Don’t let your guard down online dating
   120.  Dating sites not necessarily the key to dating down under
   121.  Ever wonder if you “could do better” with online dating?
   122.  The right time or wrong time to sign up for online dating?
   123.  Dating sites can bring out a side of you hidden for too long
   124.  Dating sites – here endeth the Valentine’s Day lesson
   125.  Widen your net; you’ll be surprised at the catches out there
   126.  Read between the lines of your dating site profile
   127.  Let your dating profile picture tell its own story
   128.  Choosing the right dating site user name
   129.  If you just must have a date by the 14th, stay safe!
   130.  There may be two or three also-rans before you meet The One
   131.  paying for your dating site
   132.  Learn to love ‘copy and paste’ for your dating site profiles
   133.  Mental note: what stands out in their dating site profile?
   134.  Paid membership dating sites help screen you from scams
   135.  The common downsides of the free online dating service
   136.  Where to start your search for your Valentine date
   137.  Okay – found a dating site. What next?
   138.  “J” reveals his “friend’s” lucky escape Chinese dating
   139.  Valentine’s Day – is anyone that bothered, this year?
   140.  “J” reveals his “friend’s” experience Chinese dating
   141.  Valentine’s day spam just over a week away
   142.  Being single is not a contageous disease
   143.  Seniors dating experience is no anti-climax
   144.  Your handset says a lot about your dating habits – too much!
   145.  Your handset says a lot about your dating habits – a lot!
   146.  A survey of US dating singles reveals their outlook for 2012
   147.  Surprising statistics about the US male single
   148.  US dating site survey reveals partners politics matters
   149.  Dating site scientists? You do the math.
   150.  What makes your dating site tick?
   151.  Abba, gold tracksuits and the treadmill dancing queen
   152.  Stop trudging the treadmill of dating and go work it out
   153.  Dating expert heads up pre-Valentine’s media panel
   154.  Falling in love and following up on first dates – when’s ok?
   155.  First dates – keep the personal stuff to a minimum
   156.  The first date – about me and you, not me and me
   157.  Relationship experts and their roles on dating sites
   158.  Start dating as you mean to go on – drop the fibs
   159.  The hopes and fears of expectant singles
   160.  Dating sugar daddies sure beats flippin’ sloppy joes
   161.  Florida – the dating, like the oranges, is sugar-sweet
   162.  Men can be their own worst dating site enemy
   163.  The quickest way to a man’s wallet is via his crotch
   164.  Men aren’t immune to online dating scammers
   165.  Seal of approval for dating site writers
   166.  Keep your target in your dating sites range
   167.  Stealth the key to commanding dating site chat-rooms
   168.  Blow the dust off your dating site profile
   169.  Call in the SWOT team for a dating site makeover
   170.  Can you stand to acid test your dating profile?
   171.  City slicker or city’s licquor? It’s time to start dating!
   172.  Blue Monday let down on UK Dating sites
   173.  All you gotta do is act naturlich
   174.  Who’s fooling who – do we need a dating coach?
   175.  Relationship experts – according to whom?
   176.  You know you’re not doing your dating, but who is?
   177.  Getting your message through to your online partner
   178.  Communication – do we know how to do it any longer?
   179.  Demographs, dentures and dating sites
   180.  Security checks now a must for Canada online dating
   181.  Be yourself to find a true match on your dating site
   182.  Australia cracking down on fraudulent dating sites
   183.  How to create the perfect dating site profile 3
   184.  How to create the perfect dating site profile
   185.  How to create the perfect dating site profile 2
   186.  That dating site’s got some Nerve
   187.  Savvy single or hapless hopeful
   188.  Global dating sites and askew dating numbers
   189.  Dating sites – if owners don’t invest in it, why should you?
   190.  Dating site expectations are often too high
   191.  A prophetic view of dating sites from before Wii knew them
   192.  Aussie rules speed dating
   193.  Speed dating down under – well, to catch a kangaroo…
   194.  Kevin, meet Barry – you’re both going home single, tonight
   195.  From chatrooms to honeymoons via a dial-up connection
   196.  Did AOL pave the way for today’s dating sites?
   197.  Shut your aunty up – date an escort
   198.  Dating sites from shy-guy to fly-guy
   199.  Is mixing booze with your free dating site a good idea?
   200.  Verification required – prove your online dating identity

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