Privacy Policy

The practices outlined in the following document, in relation to the personal information submitted by you, the user, to and how we protect that information thereafter, have been approved and authenticated by the Legal Centre UK.

From time to time, this page and its contents will be modified to reflect any amendments to our legal responsibilities; as such, we highly recommend you, the user, return to familiarise yourself with any updates we are legally bound to enforce.

How and why we utilise your submitted information

We aim to provide a bespoke service, second to none, tailored to your specific usage; therefore, in order for us to retain continuity of the best online dating service, we may store specific data.

We want you to return to our dating site time and again; as such, you may feel there are areas where we can improve or we may recognise new features or services from which we will both be beneficiaries. Based upon your usage history, we may contact you with applicable updates to our service.

During the creation of our business, we have very carefully selected partners along the way, with whom it is usual to share your information (where appropriate), unless the law dictates otherwise. Under no other circumstances will we distribute, share or sell your data without your express permission.

Your data in safe hands

Only authorised personnel have access to our secured servers; all processing of your confidential information is completed by staff who adhere to strict guidelines, designed with the ultimate goal of shielding and protecting from accidental damage such details in a caring and respectful manner at all times.

You retain the right to ask us to remove your data from our records (see below); legislation also puts restrictions on the amount of time we can store your personal data. Should your information change, please drop us a communiqué and we will amend your records accordingly; failing that, we will secure your information for as long as either you, the user, or applicable legislation permits.

Cookies for cream

Online dating is a competitive market; we want our site to deliver the best possible experience whenever you visit, in our drive to become the best of the best, the cream of the crop.

In order to accomplish this, we may place passive cookies on your hard drive to enable our server to recognise your operating system, browser and IP address to configure the best relationship between your screen and our software. This enables an exemplary viewing experience and helps us keep our server on trend with the latest browsing features to keep us at the forefront of our niche.

If you do not wish to receive our cookies, you can program your device to reject them; however, this may mean much of our site may not display as we wish, as our server will be unable to decipher which medium you are using to visit us.

Privacy policy updates

Technology and applications are developing at frightening speed, as are the laws which govern them. So that we may remain one of the market leaders and operating within strict regulatory guidelines, the content of this page will reflect any amendments applicable to our dating service.

Should laws be passed that drastically affect the service we are able to provide, we will contact you via e-mail as soon as we have incorporated those amendments into our online service.

Contact us

In the unlikely event that you have concerns with the way we handle or represent your information, please feel free to contact our customer service department who will address your concerns without hesitation.

Opting out of

At any time, if you feel the service we provide here at is redundant for you, we will remove your information from our extensive database, no questions asked, whatsoever; simply send the request in writing to:

freelancesupermarket Ltd,
Windsor House,
Bristol BS3 1LL

Registered number: 06081728
Data Protection: Z2105703

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