You’ll need to be fit for success with new dating site

While it never hurts to keep fit in order to attract that special someone, a new dating service is coming to the UK that makes it not only a good idea but compulsory.

Men and women looking for a good workout can get together soon in order to overcome physical challenges together, thanks to an Australian firm called Fit2date.  The new company will be launching next month with 2-hour long Mega Meet workout training sessions in London, Bedford, and Chelmsford, and hopes to build on its success down under, where there have already been 12 Australian Fit2date member marriages – and 4 children!

Erica French, from Sydney, the dating site’s founder, said that she never thought that the idea would be so successful.  The woman, who met her own soulmate at one of her own training groups in 2010, originally developed the service for busy singles who had little time to socialise or work out – and decided to combine the two in such a way as to maximise the return for people looking for both a good workout and a chance at maybe finding that special someone.

All the Fit2date exercises require two people to do properly, unlike your typical gym visit where you can simply pop in your iPod ear buds and drift off into your own little world, French says.  Instead, you’re not only encouraged to engage, but to excel, it’s a requirement, and you can avoid all those awkward questions you normally have to fumble through in a strictly social dating situation – and you already know you’ve got the goal of keeping fit in common.

Ronan rebuffs approach from discreet adult dating site

Former Boyzone lead singer Ronan Keating has slammed an offer by one high-class, renowned adult dating site to head up its new marketing campaign, which they have offered to tie in with his role judging the Australian version of the X-Factor contest this year.

The dating site owners have become interested in Keating as a figurehead for its services after the singer confirmed his split from wife Yvonne following fourteen years of marriage earlier this week over a social media platform.

Dating site Ashley Madison have officially requested the star’s ‘support’ as their facility recognises the need in the marketplace for disheartened halves of couples who seek solace and sex from singles or other married individuals outside of their existing relationship.

They’ve associated the Irish singer/songwriter with that role due to has dalliance with backing singer Francine Cornell (who looks uncannily like one of The Nolan Sisters, if you ask me), which, it was announced this week, has finally become too much of a strain on the relationship between Ronan and his wife, Yvonne, even though they have tried to keep their marriage in tact for their three children’s sakes for the last three years in the shadow of his seven month fling.

The discreet dating site are said to have offered Keating a ‘sizeable sum’ plus access to a private jet to ferry the star between his new life in Australia where he judges the wallaby wannabe show and hopes to move to permanently and his home in Ireland that he still shares with Yvonne, although they are reported to be living totally separate lives.

However, it seems that the online dating site is barking up totally the wrong tree. Even though the couple confirmed the rumours that they’d split in separate messages on Twitter last week, it is obvious that Ronan is still very much in love with Yvonne and his three children. He may be considering a move Down Under to get over the separation but there is no way he would glorify his actions, which he is said to regret even though his mistress Francine declared “We’re in love” when confronted by Yvonne after she found Ronan’s private mobile containing messages about the illicit affair that the two had sent each other whilst secretly dating during his solo tour in 2009.

Ronan may not like it but Noel Biderman’s comments in The Mirror suggesting that his site, Ashley Madison, is designed specifically for men and women whose partners no longer satisfy the yearning for ‘excitement and pleasure’ that they did at the outset of their relationship, must realise that his actions reflect the sentiment that drive this controversial dating site.

However, not fancying seeing his name, or subjecting his estranged wife and children to, being plastered over adverts across several levels of media that Biderman has planned, Ronan has referred to the approach as “in bad taste”. Somehow, I don’t think he’s short of a few bob and values integrity over quick, easy cash. I wonder whether his ex-lover, Francine, can look herself in the mirror and say the same…?

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Dating sugar daddies sure beats flippin’ sloppy joes

Sugar dating is, whether Florida likes the statistic or not, helping to fund many young female graduates progression through their in-state university system. According to one recent report, college students account for 4 out of 10 ‘sugar babies‘ new sign-ups on one of the most publicised sugar daddy dating sites, The adult dating site now claims over 1,000,000 members and its CEO, Brandon Wade, likes very much to keep the odds stacked in favour of the daddies. That’s where the money is, he never wants to let them down, so he always ensures the books never run out of fresh babies for the daddies to lavish their money on. That’s a lot of college girls leaning on wealthy, older men to see them through school.

Although the dating site has had allegations that it is nothing more than a front for legalised prostitution, the relationships are not all about sex. The onus is very much put on both sides of the partnership to express what they want from the relationship – if the two halves of the one requirement match, then you’re in business. No pimps, no cajoling – everything is up front and in the open (within the dating site confines). If it’s not working out, you simply call the relationship a day, learn from any mistakes and build on that for another scoot around the sugar block.

If that all sounds a little too formal – more like a business contract than any real kinship to a loving relationship – then that’s because it is. This type of dating site is not about any pretence towards love or marriage or any of the other yardsticks you tend to measure the mainstream dating sites by. Indeed, many of the sugar daddies are married men, so any thoughts about falling in love and being happy ever after are blown out of the water from the off. Girls need money to get through college. Older, well-to-do business men spend a lot of time in Florida doing trade. Whilst they’re there, they like to have some familiarity around them to share in their wealth and success. But then the trip’s over, back to the wife, settle the dating site fees, end of transaction. Is it cold? Is it commercial? You betcha it is.

Brandon Wade is no mug. As online dating figures started to increase from this avenue, he didn’t bask in the wonder of it. He up-sold that market, branding the sign-ups from the universities as ‘college sugar babies‘ on his dating site, giving them their own .edu domain for their e-mails (using this filter to compile the data on the sign-up percentages) and publishing a list of the top 20 schools that were supplying him the 40% of new sign-ups in a league format on the dating website.

Florida’s universities feature three times in the list, contributing 219 sugar baby dating site sign-ups for 2011. Although you cannot search specifically by college, you can adapt filters to within a region – pretty important parameters if you’re only out of town on business two or three days a month.

By adopting a Miami-focused search on the dating site, with the additional ‘College Sugar Baby’ status, you can drill down to your catchment target area, leaving you with a clue that the girls you find are either at South, Central or International universities. Given some of the dating site profiles for the girls within those search parameters, it really is no wonder that none of the three universities cared to comment on this growing trend amongst its pupils.

Is sugar dating legal prostitution, older men manipulating younger women or vice versa? The only people I hear complaining are those not getting any of the action…

Florida – the dating, like the oranges, is sugar-sweet

We have all seen the recent press about what it will take to even get a place at one of the established universities in the UK, these days. What separates the English universities from some of the other global academic institutions, however, is that there are well-to-do parents not just from this fine nation of ours but from all over the world willing to fund their offspring’s education just so that it has ‘educated in the UK’ on their curriculum vitae, semper et in perpetuum.

For universities in other cultures, especially those as diverse as in the US where this level of education is almost mandatory if you want to do anything with your life, there is perhaps not so much of an abundance of readily-available wealth, or parental willingness, to support the whole three year stint completely from the family nest egg. The onus is very much, therefore, on the shoulders of the said son or daughter to at least part-fund their further education through this critical stage of US adolescence into young adulthood.

With a national economy in a very similar condition to our own, many of the part-time jobs are spoken for and those that do become available are right at the bottom rung of the employment, the vacantors of those posts moving on to positions that pay more than minimum wage. Credit is also an issue – it can be made available for graduates but rules and regulations for paying those fees back are a lot more stringent than we have in the UK, so what’s a girl supposed to do to get herself through university without spending any inheritance before it’s earned or trying to make split-ends meet after working a six-hour shift serving sloppy joes?

Surely that’s obvious – become a sugar baby! Sure beats flippin’ burgers to earn your crust and the perks far outweigh the downsides, that’s for sure. However, according to one recent report out of Florida, the number of registered sugar babies on dating sites could end up wiping out half of the country’s wealth, laying within the bank accounts of the sugar daddies registered on these very adult dating sites in one semester if the girls from the colleges who are currently signing up (a figure put at 40% of all new sign-ups according to’s founder and marketing mogul, Brandon Wade) really put the effort in.

And – here’s a new one on me – it’s not just for older men seeking a specific relationship with a significantly younger female, either; not to be outdone, the cougars (mustn’t have liked the moniker) are now flocking to the site and re-branding themselves as Sugar Mommies in order to bag a toy boy whom their benevolence can put through college. The relationships, as you would expect, all come with a price tag, some as much as five-figures a month, depending upon what each of the prospective partners negotiate for the services they are expected to provide. You don’t see Arnie or Rob Lowe bragging about that in the adverts for California, do you?

Next up, we look at some of the fascinating facts and figures that make up this niche area of the dating site world; while you head on over, I’ll just be checking out some uni’s in Florida, to see what spaces they have coming this fall (see, getting the lingo, by jingo, already…).

Aussie rules speed dating

Perth, Australia, not Scotland, has seen an unprecedented rise in speed dating gatherings, for all ages and backgrounds. To give the UK dating membership an insight into their protocol, here’s an overview of the down under view of speed dating, following on from our article, ‘Speed dating down under – well, to catch a kangaroo…’

Firstly, for many of these type of super speed dating gatherings, you have to register. It’s become that popular in Perth, that they hold sessions for different ages and varying experience, either gained or wanted. So, if you’re looking to date a farmhand in his early thirties, don’t turn up to a post-graduates event for the early twenties! Most speed dating centres do have an online dating presence, so book in advance for the event you want to attend.

Secondly, most speed dating hosts welcome you with a drop of the old amber nectar or Jacob’s Creek, just to settle you down – some even advertise the night as with ‘free-flowing champagne’, but not all serve alcohol. So if it’s essential, this Dutch courage, do have one before hand, but you do not want to approach anyone whilst you’re totally under the influence; here’s why:-

Once you get started, keep your objective in mind. Try to rehearse the questions in your head before you arrive and any possible answers to their questions that may be thrown your way by your target audience (a lot of the better speed dating organisations have a decent enough FAQ section to help you stand out from the crowd – well worth a peep to get the upper hand on the competition!). You may only have seven or ten minutes to make an impression and get the relevant information from the potential partner sitting opposite you – make every second count.

Once you have been through the field – not in the Biblical sense, mind, just the speed dating bit – do step back and think about it before you plunge in, but not too long! If there is only one beefcake or princess there, everyone will be gathering like flies around bees around honey. Try and pick out those who you may want to hone in on whilst you’re at the beverage stage, so that you can anticipate who’s left, enabling you to cut down the field as you approach the final one or two candidates.

This is why you must leave the beer goggles at home – everyone will seem fanciable after one too many and you’ll just go bounding from one to the next at the end, becoming more desperate after each rejection, putting off anyone who may be genuinely interested in dating you.

If your dating site doesn’t do it for you, or if you genuinely do not have the inclination to go speed dating, choose from our hand picked dating sites, to find your perfect partner in minutes.

Speed dating down under – well, to catch a kangaroo…

It’s great having an online dating relationship but, let’s face it, that’s getting you no actual action, whatsoever. There comes a time when you have to take that leap of faith and actually go and meet someone, especially if you’re paying a monthly subscription, otherwise, well, you may as well just donate that money to chastity charity.

In Australia, namely Perth, they seem to have this concept of dating sussed – the offline type, not the online. The city has seen an unprecedented rise in the number of speed dating events, recently, and they’re becoming ever more popular.

Typically of Australians, there’s no beating about the bush (the size of the Australian bush [hey, careful!], it’s no wonder]). If you’re sitting there looking at your online dating site but worried that you wouldn’t be able to support a conversation for a whole evening with any one of a whole number of singles who look as if they’re in your target bracket, based on age, income, background, education, etc., then why not try a speed dating event local to you?

You’re not expected to talk very long and if the person you’re interested in is just not into you, there’s no hanging about for days wondering if they’re ever going to get in touch via a private message or e-mail from your dating site. If they are, however, keen and you meet no one better and neither do they (than you, obviously, not themselves), then bingo, dingo! – you can be on your way before the clock strikes one and, at last, you can get that bit of dating action, which has been sorely missing from your life.

To give you an insight a little more about what an event like this entails, bearing in mind this is Australian rules – if you’ve ever watched Aussie rules football compared to the Premier League poseurs, you’ll know how vast a difference there is between us and our Antipodean cousins – we’ll give you an overview in our next article, ‘Aussie rules speed dating’.  So, keeping an open mind being very much the order of the day, we’ll see you there.

Shut your aunty up – date an escort

If you’re anything like me, over the years you’ve had enough of your aunty, lovely and well-intentioned though she may be, harping on about the fact that you’re still single, “at [my] age!”

Being of old fashioned stock and holding the purse-strings to our family’s financial fortune (rumoured to be a lot more than it actually is, but we still let her believe that she retains a hold over us, for some odd reason), I have yet to tell her that I do have an active love life, however it involves frequenting dating sites. Dependent upon my mood or what prior business engagements stack up in my diary will dictate which one is appropriate at any given time.

Hello, aunty, here is that girlfriend you keep asking about…she used to be an escort

With Christmas approaching this year, the parties on the way in the office, my mind turned towards the family dos, starting with the grand gathering on Christmas at said slightly demented aunty’s large house in the country. To be fair, that house is probably worth more than the family fortune; I don’t think she knows it. Bless

Now, on my dating sites, I have a lot of friends, some dearer than others; some a lot closer than others. A lot.

I could not, however, have put any of my dating site community peers through this charade. Many of them, like I, use free dating sites because we just are not ready for the whole commitment thing. With so much talent looking for a little adult fun online of a similar mind, why would you?

I was talking, after one of the equally staged works’ parties before the festive break, to a colleague; we’d escaped to the relative sanity of the hotel bar, far from the madding crowd, indeed. We were both two out of the three sheets to the wind (m’colleague closer than I) as I started to outline my dilemma, i.e., how do I enjoy the family gathering without offending either my aunty or one of my fellow dating site members by subjecting them to the festive farce.

“You use dating shitesch, right?”, my colleague asked, swilling and spillng a glass of festive cheer in my face as they did so. After answering in the affirmative, that yes, I certainly did avail myself of online dating facilities, I was beckoned closer to their ear in an overly confidential manner.

I turned so they could lean closer and, after catching and securing them by the elbow, they whispered “Eshcortsch!” into my ear, then wobbled back into their barstool, into what was as close to an upright position as they were going to achieve for the rest of the evening, and looking as if they’d just revealed the combination to the lock that contained my aunty’s deeds.

Escorts! I thought to myself the next morning, as I woke up in the ground floor hotel room, and instantly flipped up the laptop to search for Escort dating agencies in my area. Never a good idea when you’ve had a few, so I left it well alone, the night before. I was surprised at how many there were…
…not as surprised as my aunty, when I turned up at our party a few nights later with one on my arm…

Is paying for your online date legal pimping?

Labelled as “the oldest trade in the world”, way before the wheel and the pyramids came along, was prostitution. It’s still prevalent in society today, as downtown, low-lit street corners are populated with ladies of the night offering themselves for cash, with a cut going to their pimp, who acts as their bodyguard when things get tough, for his slice of the pie.

And now, for those who have trouble attracting a date by the usual means (ie online dating, these days…), you can now pay to take someone out, if the price is right.

This is not a hidden dating site, trying to stay away from the limelight, oh no. Brandon Wade has made darned sure this adult-only dating site has received maximum publicity, parading it on TV in front of live audiences.

The show even had some of its dating membership in tow as they attempted to convince the public that everything was above board, legitimate, and these dating site boys and girls were available to be wined, dined, wooed and, let’s face it, rude by their prospective partner, if they could stump up the cash (on top of their monthly membership fee).

Brandon Wade – in over his head, off it, or got it well screwed on?

Whatever your opinion of Brandon Wade, he knows where the money is, and he courts publicity like the members of his dating sites do each other. The fact that he uses human traffic to fill his pot, well, that’s up to the individuals who sign up for his services.

As well as this dating site, which allows you to pay for an evening’s entertainment with a member of the opposite sex of your choice – yes, there are men on there who are successfully reaching their price tag and thus being whisked away for nights of adult dating and whatever that entails – he also runs another site where there are big bucks involved, for Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies.

Honestly, you wouldn’t believe how many women flock to sign up to be a Sugar Baby! Anyway, he recently caused a stir when he claimed that Jim Carrey’s relationship with Russian student Anastasia Vitkina was akin to many on the Sugar Daddy site. The theory behind that comparison being that Jim’s quite a few year’s Anastasia’s senior and she flits across the globe to be with him, all at his expense.

So, back to the dating site where you pay for the privilege of someone’s hand for the evening: would you use this service, either pimping yourself out or paying for someone who took your fancy? And what would you expect at the end of the first date for your dollar?

You can see why some members of the dating site community see this as, at best, an escort service, at worst, an online brothel waiting to happen.

Why not check out our safe selection of hand-picked dating sites which could, theoretically, get you up and running in minutes; and whilst you’re on, check out our site for the many articles designed to help you get the best out of online dating?

Fear is the new viagra, allegedly…

Have you ever wondered why, when you’re one nil up with a minute to go against Man Utd in the 98th minute – of stoppage time – that you get stirrings down below? Or why, when the girl goes running out of the back door in the middle of the night to investigate that scraping sound she heard on the window in that gruesome horror dvd you’re watching you have to slide the cushion across your lap to stop your date from cottoning on to your inexplicable arousal?

Well, according to recent research, that scenario happens when your brain literally misinterprets the information it is seeing. It’s almost as if it’s telling you: “Oi, I don’t like this, even though I know it’s not real, it’s still scaring the bejesus out of me, cannot compute, cannot compute.” So, what’s the first emotion that kicks in for a male when his brain doesn’t know how to digest scary information? Arousal, of course!?!?

Okay, now that you know you’re not just plain wierd when the victim gets garotted with a length of fusewire that just happened to be lying around or that you’re having to walk out of the ground hunched over after the final whistle’s gone, what are you going to do with this information – after the relief’s set in, of course?

Well, there are boffins who actually study this area of expertise – blog about it, have even produced a book about it. And they truly believe that this emotion can be an aid to dating.

The theory goes like this, and it’s especially appropriate if you’ve met this first date on a dating site and you’re not sure whether they’re going to fancy you, or not. Even if your date is not totally enamoured with you at the time, being put, in a sense, in a place of imagined danger will stoke up this emotional turmoil and confusion.

Say, whilst you’re online dating you arrange to go ice skating for your first date; maybe you’ve both been individually before but neither of you are prolific.  That challenge, the fear of the unknown, will have you clinging to your new beau, without subconsciusly realising it – result!  Likewise, if you go see that horror flick together or watch The Wolves at home – or is that the same thing – hanging on for dear life means that contact is essential, even though it’s your first time out together.

It’s all clear and present danger but with the safety net of being harmless, from which our brains are somehow blinkered, that, after that first date is over, the pair of you will look back on and somehow recall just how aroused you were by your partner, and not the thought of Paul Scholes in a pair of tight white shorts running up to take the penalty (thank heaven for small mercies).

So, when your online dating days are over and you’ve just had your 25th Anniversary and need to inject a little spice, just remember that time at ‘The Silver Blades’ or ‘Evil Dead II’ or ‘Wolves 1 – 0 Man Utd’, and do something to recreate that sense of danger. Those old impulses will come flooding back and, once you’ve checked that, yes, the kids have finally left home for good, well – no need for the cushion, this time…

Single parents rush to start dating in 2012

Like many dating sites, eagerly anticipates an influx of new member sign ups early in 2012.

Many dating sites have reported huge surges in people flocking to start the new year with a new relationship by looking for love online. Some have even drafted in extra staff to cope with the rise in demand for the online singles services that they offer.

We’ve taken the view of the mainstream and reported on why they think that singles in their thousands flood to their sites so soon after the festivities are out of the way, but why should single parents feel the need so urgently?

Penny Russell, a spokeswoman for the site, which offers a free trial, gold (paid) and featured (only with a gold membership) service has gone to some lengths to give us an explanation as to how they interpret the annual stampede.

Stay resolute: give up giving up

The first insight from Penny will be familiar to all of you singles out there who’ve had ear-bashings from your nearest and dearest this Christmas and New Year.

She believes that, when the resolutions are made at new year, many singles look to shift that monkey off their back, prove the naysayers wrong and actively seek to do something about being single. The hope that is ushered in with January 1st is perhaps the kick-start that many single parents need to ensure it’s not another year spent alone.

Be my Valentine, Mommy?

Looming around the corner, so soon after we’ve welcomed in the new year, but not quite settled into it, is Valentine’s Day.

Penny reckons that many singles face this date with “dread” – more than any other day – if they think they’re going to be the one left on the shelf without at least a card on the mantelpiece, other than the one Little Johnny has made for his mother at school. Again, the thought alone is better than any marketing campaign as single parents flock to join such niche dating sites, especially if the mainstream ones have not worked for them, with children in tow.

However, this by no means is meant to suggest that this type of dating site is a last resort; with 13 million member profiles on alone, how could it be?

With a limited matchmaking site facility, profile set up and default photo viewer, as well as being able to give out regular winks – careful! – the free entry level offers many of the facilities that online dating members are used to.

The gold, paid service lifts restrictions on the number of messages you can send and also exposes other members full galleries to you and allows unrestricted video-chat and text facilities so it’s the real deal, alright.

For single parents looking to be not so single by Feb 14th and beyond, tip these guys the wink and see if you can get a winker, back.

Giving up monogamy this hogmanay

According to all sources, if you’re intent on cheating on your beloved, betrothed or bedraggled other half, your objectives will be outlined on 4th January more than any other day in the year. That’s the word coming from the media, backed up by new sign up figures at dating sites dedicated to adultery. is just one of the niche dating sites specialising in secret affairs that have reaped the benefits of one desperate half of a couple being released from the cage that has been their marital home over the festive season.

As the business sector slowly wakes up, in many cases to find the economic outlook equally as gloomy – if not worse – than it was before Christmas, phones rest in their cradles and order books lie open with a list of numbers that are nothing more than the cappuccinos and black coffee combinations to the drinks machines. All without sugar, of course, as individuals look to lose pounds, as well as fidelity, as they log back on to their computers straight to the secret dating site, rather than to a supplier’s stock screen.

It is this freedom, as married individuals become fed up of their home life and the claustrophobia that has been the festive season, coupled with the realisation that the run of the mill job isn’t going to do anything to lift the cloak of boredom from their lives, that has been blamed for increases of up to 300% for new dating site membership sites design to provide the stealth needed to have an elicit affair.

The figures really are astounding.

One of the leading dating sites aimed at capturing this unsatisfied married market had received over 600 new sign-ups by lunch-time on the fourth and missed out on a thousand for the day by a mere six individuals.

This is more than double the average daily number.

If you take the basis that, in one recent survey almost 20% of married women had admitted to cheating on their husband at least once and 25% of men on their wives, you can surmise that almost 600 of those new dating site sign-ups were the male of the species. Whilst the women are not charged for using the online dating facility in question, it will cost the married man (how he covers this up in his bank statement or explains the outgoing, we’re not sure) €100/£80 month to actually contact the results of his matchmaking search. That’s a cool £50k, almost, for the site, yesterday. In one day. More than I earn in a year. One day. Wow!

With the dating site boasting 640,000+ ‘genuine UK users’, assuming 60/40 male/female split, you’re talking over £3.5M income per annum from male members’ fees alone.

There’s an old saying in these parts: where there’s muck, there’s money.

Dagnammit, the old ‘uns got that right.

Festive pressures increase adult dating sign-ups

The festive season can get fraught with tension as families are cooped up for longer-than-usual periods. Like it or not, one (or both) of the individuals in such couples turn to dating sites such as for solace when things in the marital home get just too much.

This year, the owners of the strictly adult dating site, designed specifically to target married couples looking for excitement beyond their existing relationship, were ready.

In their first year in operation, 2010, were overwhelmed by the influx of new members in the period immediately after Christmas. This year, the trend was no less emphatic with almost three times the amount of new members signing up than average.

So, why did almost 20,000 feel the need to look elsewhere for new relationships following the Christmas holiday? Relationship experts and lawyers give their opinion as to why this should be the case.

Pressure cooker situation needs space to let off steam

Dr. Maryse Vaillant, a relationship advisor to the dating site, points out the blinding obvious.

She reasons that, whilst one or both halves of a couple are at work usually, when the festive holidays break there can be two weeks of enforced togetherness that denies the relationship its ability to breathe which it would in normal circumstances.

If there are hidden cracks, this added pressure will get between them and burst them wide open.

The legal outlook

Voices from the legal sector tend to back up what the relationship expert and the dating site tell us.

The period directly following the festive break is the busiest for family lawyers who handle divorces. More applications for separations are filed at this time of year than any other.

Poll give tips to those who fear the worst

Following last year’s glut of new arrivals, the dating site surveyed 5,000 of their new members to try to ascertain exactly why they had joined.

The top five reasons are listed as:

1. the other half doesn’t appreciate them
2. the romance has gone, yet is sorely saught
3. bedroom antics have become stale and excitement is yearned
4. arguments with the spouse have caused them to look elsewhere
5. the Christmas stocking was almost bare

The message is simple when presented with so much evidence.

Make sure you find quality time alone with each other if you’re subjected to prolonged periods of togetherness, including putting the effort in in the bedroom.

And, when considering your spouse’s Christmas gift, take the time to consider the gift to nip any recourse in the bud before it happens.

No cold front this Christmas for Carrey

Whatever Jim Carrey does, he cannot seem to keep his love-life out of the media spotlight. Although his current beau is almost 30, the fact the she’s a Russian student who flits across the country to be with the Hollywood star (presumably at his expensive), puts ole Jim in the Sugar Daddy category, according to Brandon Wade, founder of one of the largest Sugar Daddy sites on the planet.

It would seem that it took a rock concert to officially alert the press to the relationship and grease the Axl to keep the media wheels a-turning. The pair were spotted hand-in-hand in LA at a Guns ‘n’ Roses gig to officially bring to an end in the world’s eyes Jim’s relationship with Jenny McCarthy as he takes up with Anastasia Vitkina.

Is it really a Sugar Daddy/Baby relationship?

The ‘official’ definition of a Sugar Daddy, according to Wade, who is also author of ‘The Definitive Guide to Sugar Daddy and Mutually Beneficial Relationships’ so some cynics may say has a vested interest in the relationship’s encumbent publicity, considers a Sugar Daddy to be a man of definitive wealth, somewhat older than his partner, to whom he is willing to concede some of his time (and wealth) in return for her affection, be it platonic or intimate.

Loosely speaking, if reports in the press are on the money, the two do fit the bill to be tagged thus.

Many Sugar Babies live a similar lifestyle

On Brandon’s dating site, which hosts more than a million members, many of the young girls who hook up with their older partners do travel extensively to be with them and their bank accounts.

The girls on the adult dating site, who outnumber the Sugar Dadies by 10-to-1, unbelievably, are rarely expected to fund any of the accomodation or travel expenses and often list their occupations as ‘students’.

Given this, you can see where the parallels are being drawn by the media with the relationship between Carrey and Vitkina and what has become socially recognised as the Sugar Daddy/Baby relationship.

Wade puts the success of his own dating site,, as much down to the economic crisis as anything else.

Jobs simply aren’t there that college-girls would normally take to tide them over; it is much more benfitial, and lucrative, to date an older man with wealth, who may not be expecting a long-term relationship, just a fleeting association, which suits the students to get them through college…

…we must have been going through a credit crisis when I went to University, too – I just thought the girls all had rich fathers when they were dropped off for a new term. Shows what I know.

Less flack nowadays as cougar styles move in one direction

When Doctor Foster happened upon Gloucester in the middle of the nineteenth century, never to return again, it wasn’t perhaps the fact that he stepped in the piddle up to his middle that stopped him returning. More likely, if the women way back then were anything like the city’s present female population, it was the fact that he was being hunted by cougars that made him uneasy about going back.

This is what the results of a recent survey, show: Gloucester has more cougars than anywhere else in the country, with 7 out of 10 women actively considering dating younger men. Of those, 12 per cent are actively on the prowl, looking to get their claws stuck in to a strip of younger flesh for nothing more than a passing liaison.

Quite surprisingly, that figure is not excessively higher than the national average, with just over half of the women on singles network Badoo who took part in the online questionnaire conceding they had seriously considered picking up toyboys at one time or another.

The dating site polled 2,000 UK women to find out which city was the country’s cougar capital, with Gloucester having one in ten more women likely to pounce on a young buck than its closest rivals. Both cities completing the top three in the adult dating survey were north of the border, with Aberdeen registering 62% of its women looking for a highland fling with a younger man and Scotland’s second city, Glasgow, finishing in third, with 61% of its females pining for younger Gorbals looking to sow their oats.

As recently reported here on, although fashionable, this type of relationship can soon get fraught. Demi Moore’s relationship with Ashton Kutcher, 16 years her junior, lasted a fleeting six years after they made it down the aisle. Madonna and Guy Ritchie promised so much, both at the pinnacle of their professions, but lasted such a short time.

Of course, the current flavour of the month is media presenter Caroline Flack, dating X-Factor wannabe Harry Styles from the group One Direction, made popular by money-magnate Simon Cowell’s show. At 32, Caroline is taking the cougar theme to the extreme by dating the 17-year old, who would still be at school, albeit sixth form, if it wasn’t for the ‘fame’ bestowed by the popular update of New Faces.

Will this one go the distance? I’d bet him a pint that it won’t, but he’s not yet old enough to buy it me when I win…

The sweet truth about sugar daddies

As online dating sites cast off the dementors of their past and come well and truly into the light, so too the stigma is shed like an outgrown basilisk skin. As such, many dating site members become the brand’s best advocates when they meet someone online, fall in love and enter into an offline relationship, even marriage. Should you find your perfect partner online the monthly subscription fee you will have paid will certainly have provided a great return on your investment.

Using the US as an example, where matchmaking sites as we know them now have blossomed more than anywhere, compared to the somewhat dubious forefathers which earned the industry its distinctly tawdry reputation in the early days of the internet, between 2007-2009 20% of straight couples there met using online dating facilities. That’s a lot of free advertising and recommendation is perhaps the most successful and trustworthy form of marketing that there is.

The world of online dating is a vast marketplace with many niches; willingness to share one’s experience is not true, however, across the entire medium. Certainly, many members of the adult dating site niche may have professional or family-oriented interests that they wish to protect, hence play their cards very close to their chest when it comes to revealing where they have met their latest beau.

Well, that’s what one adult dating site host thought, but found a very different reason as to why he was not building brand recognition as he had hoped.

Seeking Arrangement is a site for Sugar Daddies and their younger, female relationship partners, Sugar Babies (you learn something new every day). The Sugar Daddy dating site has its roots in a yahoo discussion group but has developed, over time, into a stand-alone site for the young lady looking for the older lucrative male to share good times with.

Unlike other dating sites, given the clientele and the presupposition of the site, this is one community where, other than dating and (presumably) sex, a third prerequisite comes in to play. One in no way suggests that a frugal gentleman could not join in the fun, but one suspects that his pick-up rate would be considerably less than other members who are prepared to splash the cash.

What is troubling the webmaster is that almost 40% of his membership is keeping the details to itself; almost a half of that sector admitted to wanting to keep the fact that they were sugar daddies under wraps completely, no great surprise there. But what upset Brandon most, and, from his tone, he feels this on a very personal level, is that the mature men are keeping schtum because they want to ensure that the well of sugar babies never runs dry.

This level of ‘sugar selfishness’ personifies the genre, in dating site terms. If you are looking for long-term relationships, perhaps this is not the site for you. If the Daddies are looking for a bit of eye-candy to impress at social and professionals levels and are happy to lavish the lovelies from their considerable personal or expense accounts, this is more like it. And if the Babies are not looking for a serious relationship, just a good time moving in perhaps higher circles, this is an opportunity to get in at the deep end.

Surprised that the dating site membership comes across as selfish? Who are you trying to kid?