Your teeth could win you dates – or lose them

It turns out that it was a good idea for your mum to make you brush your teeth before bed, as new research shows oral hygiene plays an important part in the dating world.

A new research study conducted by Arm and Hammer has found that bad breath and yellow teeth have a massive impact on whether you’re going to score that date you want so badly. Researchers discovered that bad table manners on a date and spotty skin were actually less of a turn off than yellow teeth; not only that, but Arm and Hammer also discovered that bad breath was the top of the list as far as biggest turn offs.

Along with yellow teeth and bad breath, unsavoury body odour rounded out the top three least desirable things for your date to have. Men were actually much more susceptible to body odour than they were to bad breath, the research showed, with male respondents reporting that they felt most strongly about dating someone with body odour.

Still, having bad breath was seen as one of the worst things to have, as 85 per cent of the survey’s respondents indicated that someone would rather kiss a frog if it came down to it. Not only that, but don’t start thinking about getting a second chance, as 82 per cent also reported that they would decline a second date if bad breath was present.

While the research is an obvious effort for Arm and Hammer to drum up interest in their toothpaste and other oral hygiene products, the research does make the point rather well: nobody wants to be romantically involved with someone with yellowing teeth and horrid breath.

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