Considering online dating? Here’s a tip: be proactive

If you’re thinking about using online dating to find that special someone, dating experts say you shouldn’t just rest on your laurels once you’ve got your profile set up – be proactive and get yourself out there.

If you’re going to go through the trouble of signing up at one of the many dating sites that have proliferated in the UK, taking the time to carefully construct your online profile, sitting there and waiting to be inundated by invitations out to dinner, you’re barking up the wrong tree – or you’re just barking. There’s little point to jumping through all those hoops if you’re just going to sit there; you need to look through that site for people you feel you may be compatible with, and actually reach out and touch someone through a virtual message – not one of those electronic pokes or winks, but an actual fingers-to-keyboard message.

You most likely will not get altogether that many responses, and that’s fine; that’s why you’re doing this over the internet and not down at the local pub on a Friday night. The anonymity of the website offers you a bit of a cushion for any rejection you might encounter, so feel free to be yourself and don’t take it personally if you never hear back from someone you fancied – there’s a shedload of people out there looking for prospective mates over the internet, and the more you look, the higher the likelihood is that you’ll find someone that you ‘click’ with.

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