Even people with disabilities deserve a chance at love

Life can be hard with someone with a disability, even more so because it can sometimes be hard to meet a potential romantic partner – but now there’s a new dating service exclusively for those Brits with disabilities.

Founded by mother and daughter team Angela Walford and Carly Mulholland, the new speed dating service is designed for people with physical disabilities such as blidness, deafness, or other physical ailments to meet people that have something in common. Angela, 44 years old and deaf herself, met her own partner at a local club for the deaf and blind in 2011, and the experience has prompted her daughter to aid others to find their own happiness as well.

The 20 year old Carly said that her mother’s career involves working with other people with disabilities as a carer. Having spent a lot of time with her mum going to and fro in order to help these disabled individuals, Carly found that one of their chief complaints was that they felt they would be forever alone; having grown up in such an environment with her own mother, the young woman had empathy and understanding for this particular dilemma facing people with disabilities, which drove her to organise the speed-dating event alongside her mother.

The special occasion will take place on 11 July, from 6.30pm until 8.30pm, at Monkey Bizzness Adventure Play, a play centre located in Eldon Way, Hockley, which is also Carly’s place of employment. ┬áThe young woman says it will be fitted to be wheelchair-friendly for the event and that the enquiries have been strong.

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