New site for Oxford students gets a relaunch

It looks like there’s some life in the old girl, yet: one student dating site, one of the most active of its kind in its heyday, is getting a relaunch soon.

The Oxford Romance dating site – or OxRo, as Oxford students affectionately referred to it – had originally been launched in 2008 before becoming a victim of its own success; the number of successful couples that found love or companionship effectively crippled the free website’s user base.  But now, four Oxford students have banded together to relaunch it, hoping to capture some of that early success.

Students using dating sites is nothing new; OxRo isn’t the first website dedicated to the endeavour of finding a partner.  Its predecessor, Cambridge-based CamRo, was even more successful, as both CamRo and OxRo delivered a much-needed service to the community.

Richard Neill, the site’s creator and current Trinity College, Cambridge DPhil student, said that it was established to provide an outlet to the amount of intrigue and romance that was so prevalent on campus.  Neill added that the site allowed users to forge intellectual or emotional bonds with someone else before actually dating them, leading to much more legitimate and lasting relationships than those that began in a local club.

The site has always been a labour of love, with Neill stating that he’s lost around £500 in hosting fees, mostly through events and server costs.  However, knowing that there have been more than 400 successful relationships forged on the website – not to mention the 13 weddings and one soon-to-be-born child – is ‘quite heartwarming,’ making it totally worth it to the site creator.

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