Have £60k a year to spend on a dating site? Me neither.

In what can only be a sign of the coming apocalypse, there are men willing to spend £60,000 a year on the ability to gain access to a super-exclusive dating site – because finding a date for the weekend is obviously more important than feeding the homeless for months.

If you were in need of proof that the nation’s rich and powerful are completely out of touch with reality, look no further: Secret Diamond Club is here, offering access to the dating profiles of women desperate to find themselves someone who can afford to drop £60k on something as frivolous as a dating site.  The women who sign up need to pay as well, with the maximum price hovering at around £30 a year (though it’s rumoured that particularly attractive women need not pay nearly as much).

The nation’s celebrities, millionaires, and top businessmen now have a club just for them when it comes to finding their next future ex-wife, and not a moment too soon, as there’s nothing worse than a lonely, bored man with money to spend and an obvious lack of scruples.  Apparently signing on to the Secret Diamond Club is much less frowned upon than cruising up and down back alleys looking for a Julia Roberts look-alike, as the filthy rich can now find their very own “Pretty Woman,” it seems.

The massive initiation fee for male clients is allegedly a good thing, as the ability to purchase such a membership acts as proof-positive of the member’s financial solvency.  This is doubtlessly a massive relief to all those women out there that are just dying to meet a rich man they’re at least marginally physically and emotionally attracted to in order to see if they can’t milk that cash cow a bit more.

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