New survey tests the waters for both men and women

A major UK dating site conducted a survey this past March in order to test the waters for both men and women when it came to their hopes, desires, and other online dating habits, with some interesting results being published recently.

Men overwhelmingly feel positive about joining a dating site, indicating that they feel they have absolutely nothing to lose.  Meanwhile, women say that they can select their relationships with more care and exert more control over their love lives by using an online dating site, also a very positive shift in looking at their online dating experiences.

However, a picture is still worth a thousand words.  17 per cent of men and 14 per cent of women say that it’s ‘a big turn off’ when they come across a user that doesn’t have a picture included in his or her profile, and both sexes agree that the best way to see if they’ll relate to someone is if they have interests in common as listed on the other person’s profile.

It was no surprise to see that men are more comfortable taking the initiative when it comes to striking up a conversation over the internet.  28 per cent say they sent more than 15 messages over the past 6 months, which is much less than the anywhere from 4 to 8 that 23 per cent of women said they sent in the same period of time.

Women say that the best trait to have in a possible mate is honesty.  Men, meanwhile, prefer that you laugh at their jokes, as having a good sense of humour is top on their own list when it comes to love.

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