Online dating sites shake themselves up to remain fresh

It’s been nearly twenty years since online dating began, and now these dating sites have evolved to keep themselves fresh and relevant, shaking things up by providing apps, online games, and even the occasional offline event in order to keep their match-making successful.

The popularity of online dating sites simply can’t be understated.  The biggest players in the dating site world have been around for decades, with millions of instant messages sent in between men and women looking for love.

However, it’s not just instant messages or texts when it comes to online dating anymore, with the biggest players in the dating site market diversifying to incorporate a wide and varied range of opportunites to find the guy – or girl – of your dreams.  One of the largest online dating sites has taken a page from the massively successful online gaming sector, creating two-player online games to aid people in making online connections.

Other companies have been cutting the internet cord when it comes to working with its members to find the perfect match.  One such dating service allows members to choose from a selection of real-world dates that interest them, such as a bike ride or a hike, and others respond in kind, naturally matching people with like interests together.

This focus on facilitating a real world experience is new, and something that traditional dating sites have largely avoided, the dating website’s founder said.  Most have instead placed a heavy emphasis on expressing online identities – something that has led to countless horror stories when someone’s online profile doesn’t match who they are in person.

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