Music soothes the savage… heart?

The saying goes that music can soothe the souls of the most savage of beasts, but it’s probably a safe bet that no one ever thought that this applied to singles looking for love.

Digital music service Spotify, which supplies streaming music to users while allowing all their Facebook friends to see what rubbish taste they have, has recently teamed up with a pair of dating agencies in order to bring music lovers together.  It’s a bit of a time-saver, honestly, as most people have to soldier on through the painful first date, hoping that your potential partner doesn’t have a collection of Wham! albums in their flat (or perhaps hoping that they do – it’s a free country, after all), as the dating services will look at your Spotify history and match you with someone that has compatible taste in music.

Spotify’s platform director, Sten Garmark, commented on the new development by saying that music preference is one of the most common ways to start a conversation upon meeting someone for the first time, whether you’re simply making friends or if you’re looking for more.  No one wants dissonance in a burgeoning relationship after all, and when she likes Iron Maiden but he prefers Celine Dion, it’s probably better to just give it a pass and move on to the next pairing.

Truth be told, using music tastes as a way to match up prospective mates is nothing new, as dating sites have been doing it for years.  However, the automation that Spotify offers makes it painless for both end-users and dating site developers alike, as there’s no mucking about by ticking countless boxes or filling in forms – and you’ll be sure to be matched with someone who’s got the same poor taste in music as you do for once.

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