Cheryl Cole runner up in dating poll

Apparently, Cheryl Cole may turn to internet dating sites to find her perfect match after the split from her husband – British soccer player, Ashley, two years ago. Friends have recommended several dating sites for her, but not the sugar daddy site,, much to that dating site’s disappointment.

The website’s main business involves linking up pretty young women with rich old men and has been running an online poll of its (male) members to find out who their perfect “girlfriend” might be. Cheryl tuned up as number two in the list just after the person who took on her role in the TV series, the X factor, Tulisa Conostavlos.

Not to be seen to be one sided, the sometimes controversial dating website also ran a poll amongst its female members to find out who might be their favourite “sugar daddy”.

Surprise, surprise, Cheryl’s old boss, Simon Cowell turned up as the top candidate for their sugary attention. Perhaps a bit more surprising considering the average age of the sugar daddies was that Prince Harry was the runner up to Cowell at number two – hardly a daddy!

Tom Jones (is he still alive?) crept in at number five.

The two online polls sought the opinions of the 50,000 members that have signed up for

Never far from the media limelight, Brandon Wade, who is the founder and CEO of SeekingArrangement, has offered Cheryl Cole a life membership for free. He didn’t quite specify at what age as a “life” member she would naturally stop being a sugar “baby” and turn into a sugar “matron”.

According to Wade, Cowell is the perfect sugar daddy as he is not only stinking rich but over generous to boot. His last fling with Mezhgan Hussainy ended quite amicably recently and to show nohard feelings he gave her a £5 million house in Beverly Hills in token appreciation of their relationship.

Perhaps SeekingArrangement is simply seeking some media attention for its European launch this month. It started up only 6 years ago and has done phenomenally well. A quick look around the online tabloids in Britain at the moment and the dating website gets a lot of mention, with apparently thousands of hard up young women all attempting to enrich their bank accounts by meeting up with rich old codgers using Mr Wade’s website.

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