Why dating sites can leave a sour taste in your mouth

Online dating can be quite disturbing if you’re new to it and you really aren’t sure what to expect after the initial sign-up process. It doesn’t matter how savvy you are at dating in the real world, regular dating site users can spot a chat-room virgin and country mile off.

Take two blogs I’ve read this week, whereupon two seasoned online daters had their eyes opened by two quite separate unexpected requests that had both bloggers bog-eyed at the outrageousness of the content in the questions asked by two people who were, if I may politely put it, chancers. However, read on and I’m sure you’ll think of a whole host of other names for these insidious dating site pests whose interference really does no good whatsoever for the image of online dating.

Sadly, this typifies the actions of irresponsible dating site users who, if their sexual persuasions are of an overtly lewd nature, they really ought to stick to sites that cater for their preferences and not interfere with mainstream singles who may occasionally stray from the straight and narrow with the help of a few chardonnays too many but would certainly keep that level of activity out of the public domain.

The first case in question was on a blog entitled ‘Confessions of a preacher’s daughter’. So, yes, you could guesstimate from the blog name that the young lady blogger was perhaps a little more worldly-wise than some. However, what ended up in her inbox certainly made her eyes water.

There was obviously some previous post history about a bloke that goes by the name of, ooh, let’s just call him Santa for the sake of this post. And because that’s his online dating persona, too.  It appears that he’d been off the radar for a while since our blogger had last blogged about him, but out of the blue she received an invite through her free dating site portal e-mail from said ‘Santa’, asking if she wanted to go to a party.

Knowing him of old, it transpires that she turned him down; however, she did receive a text from him later as he himself was reconsidering attending because of the distance of the party. The fact that it was a double gang-bang party – a point he’d not mentioned when asking said Preacher’s Daughter out on the date earlier – hardly seemed to phase him. Needless to say, being cut from a different cloth, she turned that one down, unreservedly.  You can perhaps see why dating site members of this ilk put serious daters off the online scene and, for the case in question, why Santa only comes once a year and when he does, never fails to empty his sack…

…join me tomorrow when the second tale of woe is much more disturbing – not graphically, as this mini-online dating saga turned out, but something a lot more deceitful, even more of a pestilence on Internet dating than sexual harassment. Yeah, bet you can’t wait; some good lessons in it and well worth the read. Keep in touch with yourself. xxx

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