The legally-certified dating site personality test

When I first read this, I thought it may be an April Fool’s hoax, but, delving further, it seems to have some solid advice behind the mind-bogglingly long numbers used in the reporters article. These numbers will not be repeated herein, one, due to their perplexity and two, down to plagiarism laws that we abide by, but let’s run the rest of the article by you, sans les numbres terrible.

From the beginning – there has been one matchmaking algorithm created that doesn’t profess to match you with your perfect partner based on how long you’ve been a vegan, whether you were a boy scout, how long your toenails are or anything similarly specific. It simply states – look, there are five factors to determine your personality; we’ll match you based on those and those alone and you determine the rest – you can even see the results.

It beats the crap out of those dating site questionnaires that take an hour to fill in and, for those who promote dating sites on behalf of the owners, rarely lead the affiliate to any real income due to the urgent nature depicted by someone who starts online dating who wants to get straight into the action. Sit for an hour filing out a form? Nah, I want to get laid! Well, that’s the casual version. There are many other dating sites that you could join and substitute ‘laid‘ with ‘married‘, ‘divorced‘, ‘tied up with your pink stockings, Diane‘. The list is endless, but to represent the urgency, we’ll take casual dating as the benchmark.

However, it seems that one State in the US has set its stall by the duff information that these lengthy questionnaires promise to deliver. West Virginia, mountain Mama, has outlawed any other personality test other than the aforementioned five-criteria ‘16PF5 Personality Test‘ due to the increased number of divorces going through its courts, with blasĂ© claims by dating sites that their psychometric calculations can pair you with a future partner.

Fernando Ardenghi, accredited with developing the test, also known as the ‘Lifeproject Method’, which assesses self-confidence, self-control, comments laissez-faire vous ĂȘtes, how open you are/if you’re socially dependent and finally your family orientation, which could have a bearing on the relationship you’re looking to develop yourself, has been hired to advise other online dating sites how to implement its methods.

I don’t think personality matching should have been his career path; if he can sell that to the senate, boy, should he have been a marketing consultant…

…let us know what you think: are dating questionnaires too intrusive or time-consuming or has anyone had better results by totally filling one in? Love to hear from you. xxx

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