Sinead hoping nothing compares 2 recent dating site marriage

Well, she’s nothing if not persistent, that’s all I can say. Allegedly, Sinead O’Connor (for a whole eleven days last year Sinead Herridge), has announced on her own blog that, even after last year’s disastrous whirlwind romance with a guy she met on a dating site, she has joined PoF. And she’s making no secret of it, is the Irish starlet – you can access her profile under her user name VeryCareful1.

One would assume that dating site profile name has been chosen specifically after her 2011 stab at online dating which saw her marrying Barry Herridge after a short online relationship, then getting divorced two and a half weeks later. It does make you wonder if the two filled in the Chemistry section of the dating site, assuming that it was PoF they met on, of course.

If they did, something must have gone seriously wrong with the potion at elemental level for such a quick turnaround in affection. But she’s hoping for a little bit more of the old Luck o’ The Irish this time around, as it was announced on CBS that she’d come clean publicly rather than anyone think she’d gone discreet, shy and demure on us. What? That little lambkin?

This time around, Sinead is not limiting herself to the men in her native Ireland and the capital where she lives. From her quote, it seems as if being a ‘nice gentleman’ is what matters to the artist who was formerly at number one with Prince’s Nothing Compares 2 U. To be fair, after she ripped up the photo of His Holiness The Pope (John Paul II) live on television, it’s a wonder that any of the Dublin men would give her the time of day, let alone think of starting a relationship with someone possessive such a heathen streak.

Although, if she cannot find herself a single man on the dating site, she may have a little more luck with the married man of The Emerald Aisle. According to a report at the tail end of last year, Catholics top the naughty nookie poll. So a quick amble across O’Connell Bridge or Grafton Street and she should be on her way, if that’s what she’s in the market for.

Whatever it is she’s looking for, we wish her the best; we know what a shy, retiring character she is, so, we’ll leave that one there, with just a final thought:

if you were fanous, yet still wanted to have a crack at online dating, would you stick with your own name, or be totally discreet and make up a random user name? Answers on a postcard, please.

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