STD – not a dialling code for senior Canadian singles

Back in the old days, when broadband was a CB reference, breaker, breaker, picking up an infection from the Internet was strictly to do with a nasty little virus on your hard drive. According to one recent report, Canada is experiencing another type of infection rapidly grabbing its incredibly online-biased per-capita populace of dating site surfers.

Yes, it seems that the Canadian dating community have a nasty bout of syphilis spreading through its rank and file. Put it down to over enthusiastic youngsters who can’t wait to get into someone’s underwear for the first time? Think on…

We’re not talking your regular teenage dream, here, but rather of a generation that ought to know better, but so obviously don’t. The nasty little infection is being spread around the silver surfer set who hale from a time when Johnny was the name of Popstars and Chat Show Hosts and gay meant being happy with your lot. Perhaps it is this naivety causing the STD to spread like wildfire around the senior dating set so virulently.

the millennium bug struck, after all

Since 2000, new cases of the disease have increased ten-fold, with the middle-aged population getting to grips with dating sites and finding that there are millions of senior singles out there in dating land just as promiscuous as they were when Hendrix brought Woodstock down and free love didn’t mean a no cost trial on a dating platform.

The direct rise in dating site numbers from the same time parallels the spread of the disease in the more mature dater. According to one expert, once someone of an age starts into a relationship online, they feel like they know their partner well enough to sleep with them. In fact, this supposition is backed up by another report which suggests that sixteen percent of Canadians have been one half of an Internet couple who have ended up going further than man ever did in their quest for the moon, i.e. all the way.

It seems that the disease, or similar STIs -even HIV – have been reported in high volumes by users of Internet dating sites as far back as 2004, when it is believed that 43% of women who checked in because there was something not quite right had been with a partner from on online dating agency or another.

A combination of two other factors also contribute highly: the women are past the age of conception, so pregnancy is not an issue and the men, when faced with an erection, don’t want to have their rush of blood recede, leaving them flaccid and embarrassed.

Safe sex is for everyone and you don’t develop immunity just through a rite of passage of age. No matter who you’re sleeping with, make sure the little red rider is hooded before sending it into the bushy forest on its own.  Those teeth bite!

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