Ten million dating site members – is it too many?

I’m almost convinced that there will be a time when online dating is compulsory, as will be further education. You’ll finish year eleven and, instead of trying to sneak into the nearest pub to get an under aged drink in the hope of meeting someone with whom you can pop your cherry, you’ll be using the dating site membership that you were given at the same time as you collected your exam results and college enrolment number.

I draw that conclusion based on the fact that White Label Dating, the company that hosts dating sites for individuals who would like to develop a brand in their own dating niche, whether that be mainstream or an aspect a little more tailored to an individual’s circumstances and/or sexual proclivity, have recently announced their ten millionth dating site member.

Keeping up with rising dating site numbers

Going back a few years, Matt Pitt, Whitelabeldating.com’s Director of Operations, may have been forgiven for thinking that the huge volume of singles recorded across their brands would be ten or fifteen years away. But, as he acknowledges in his summary in the announcement that they’d reached this milestone, social media has become such a big part of our lives in such a short space of time, people are a lot more accustomed and trusting of ‘social interaction’ than could ever have been predicted, even as short a time ago as fix or six years hence.

Also in his summary, he was quick to acknowledge the variety of personals sites that have sprung up in more recent times.

It is not only your ‘lonely housewives’ types of sites that have grown in stature, but it seems that for every type of passion away from dating, their will be someone who finds a way of getting people of similar interests together to see if a deeper meaning can be brought to the relationship.

Some surprising names amongst the clientele

You only have to look at the corporations that use WLD as their base platform for hosting their own online dating sites to realise exactly where he’s coming from.

Jazz FM, the radio station for lovers of that swinging beat and Jongleurs, the comedy club, have both chosen to host their dating sites with WLD. But there are, no offence to either of those, much bigger household names who have chosen this option.

The Independent, Bauer Media and Cosmopolitan media publications all entrust their reputation in the dating niche to WLD to look after their membership.

Is so much choice a good thing?

The issue is, with so many singles using online dating sites to deliberate over potential partners, the question has been asked if people are genuinely holding back on commitment because the ‘next best thing’ may be just a click away.

If you were single with so many other singles looking for – well, a bit of everything by all accounts – how readily would you want to sacrifice the freedom of choice on offer on these platforms? Okay, to gain access to the best features, there is usually a monthly fee, but that fee is often less than one night ‘up town on the pull‘ and you get up to 31 days (whilst sober, mainly) to choose without worrying that someone’s slipped a pair of beer goggles on you.

Matt also expressed that, having reached the ten million milestone, he cannot wait until the twentieth million member joins up. Something tells me, he’s not going to have to wait too long before WLD realises that goal.

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