Sugar Daddy dating site launch; past its sell-by, already?

The economic picture of the US must be getting tougher, that’s all I can say. Or the Sugar Daddies attracting thousands of young, nubile Sugar Babies on the niche dating sites must have something I don’t possess to have these college grads flocking to spend time with them. Mm, think I’ve answered my own question there with the term ‘millionaire’. Writing pays ok, but I’ll be lucky to hit six-figures, this year, let alone seven. Maybe one day.

But to the point in question. The launch of yet another Sugar Daddy dating site in the US is receiving huge press coverage over The Pond in an unprecedented escalation of the niche, which has seen college-aged girls, struggling to find regular, traditional ‘graduate’ jobs, turning to the Internet to find an older, wealthier guy to finance their education. is, however, slightly different from other dating sites in its niche. For one, it doubles up as a free dating site for those who are perhaps uncertain whether they have got what it takes to be either, namely the Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby. Somehow, with this attitude, it doesn’t convince us at this stage that it will ever rise to have the credibility of a site, perhaps, like Brandon Wade‘s, which has been in the news for all of the wrong reasons, recently. However, knowing Mr Wade’s business acumen, there is a sector of the online dating community who would suggest that the controversy has been somewhat manufactured, certainly given a helping hand to reach the mainstream headlines, at any rate. And, that the market-savvy entrepreneur would agree that, in his niche of the dating industry, all publicity is good publicity.

The premise of this new dating site is similar to others designed to pair together young, attractive single ladies with older, refined, wealthier gentlemen. Allegedly, it only takes two minutes to complete a dating site profile that will get you online and dating. That in itself smacks of cheap marketing that will not attract the type of clientele that will ever put it up in the niche of the high-end Sugar Daddy dating sites, which the genuine man about town would sign up for.

There are testimonials on the dating site, already. Given that it has only just launched, you would perhaps have to question the integrity of those comments. And a quick flit around the buxom profiles states that they have been ‘recently active‘ – put your own benchmark against ‘recent‘, if you will.

Things may get better for the dating site, which is targeted for singles in the US and Canada only, at present. Who knows? It may well be the next Badoo, but for singles at both ends of the dating spectrum, and this article will come back to bite me on the posterior. Nonetheless, I’ve signed up to the blog’s RSS to keep you, avid reader, updated with the latest developments in Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby land. Keep in touch with yourself. Z. x

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