Reader’s Choice award best dating blog 2012 shortlist 3-5

As promised, we conclude the review of the short-list drawn up for this year’s best online dating blog, after looking at two of the five, yesterday. Those two being 31 dates in 31 days and Checkmate Magazine, the ‘Science Now’ publication for’s intellectual singles.

Next on the list, we look at a blog hosted by a lady who’s been in all sorts of online dating reviews and panels, recently, Julie Spira. Her blog, Cyber Dating Expert, has made the Reader’s Choice nominations final five, which she is obviously thrilled about. And, to be fair, she has worked her way up through rank and file in the media industry from radio, blogging (obviously) and several TV shows where she has guested on numerous chat shows. Described in one write up as a ‘Renaissance’ figure and advertising a whole host of famous faces, most prominently Joan Rivers, who have endorsed her book ‘The Perils of Cyber Dating’ (you wouldn’t have guessed, would you?), Julie’s exposure to media and the perils of advertising have stood her in good stead, shaping her keen understanding of all the pros and cons you need to incorporate or avoid like the plague to promote your self and your dating site when you get to unearth a little bit of knowledge about your market and which channels draw in revenue. Good night, Seattle, we love you, indeed.

Next up we have eFlirt Expert. This is an online dating consultancy. I’m speechless. People actually pay for someone to write their profile for them. Just for normal dating sites! I can understand with the high end dating sites, where money is literally no object and you expect your $1,000 per month to fetch that genuine extra touch of class, both in service and the level of potential partner one would expect to meet for shelling out four-figure sums, but for a normal dating site? I’m in the wrong job. However, I must be in the minority; there are press articles galore about this dating consultancy and they do offer a package on everything. For $39, you can even get advice on how to chat up someone on Twitter. I am absolutely gobsmacked that singles would actually pay for that service. Swiftly, moving on, before my brain boils…

…the fifth of five, we have OkTrends by OkCupid, a bit of a close-to-the-bone (really) blog that is fragranced and peppered with real gritty commentary, painting pictures with words that would have been banned in the early nineteenth century, the artist possibly having their hands cut off for bad taste into the bargain. There are plenty of surveys, though how many are based on hard fact, like the fact that Twitter users are more likely to masturbate daily than everyone else or that they are so used to shortening their URLs that their relationships are likewise castrated – well, they’re a bit hard to swallow. But, there are some genuinely good dating site usage figures, tips, treats and guides that are written by someone with a rather black, ‘poke the fickle finger of fate at you’ side to their humour. Yes, I have signed up to their RSS.  One dating site that will genuinely keep me glued to my screen, I’m sure.

So, that’s it – your top five dating site blogs for this year’s readers choice award. Vote wisely; I know which box I’ve put my X in.

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