Best dating blog 2012 – shortlist has been published

The reason that there are so many dating sites, both existing and ones being created almost every week, is because of the diversity of human nature. It therefore stands to reason that those who spend time online dating, in order to get the best results, read about it whilst they’re between browsing dating site profiles. That’s where us writers come in, hopefully providing tasty tidbits to keep you amused whilst delivering invaluable advice gleaned from dating websites from around the globe.

There is even a competition for the best dating blog. It’s true. And the 2012 short list has been drawn up and you, avid single dater, can vote for which of these five you think is the best of the best.

In true Schofield-esque manner (minus the silver do), we announce this years finalists, in no particular order.

Checkmate magazine is a blog for the educated online dater (or perhaps that should be data, if we’re talking geek-speak); who else but the self-proclaimed intellectual would name their online presence after a game of chess? Relationships here have as much to do with two inanimate objects gravitational pull on each other as they do with finding your perfect partner online, but the science behind dating is lived out in all its glory by those who prefer figures in black and white, on paper or the chess board, perhaps to those behind the dating site’s galleria of beautiful boffins.

Next up is 31 dates in 31 days. No, not authored by ‘Loose Women’ as the title may suggest, but by Tamara Duricka Johnson, authoress of the book of the same title. Unique content traipses over ground the writer covered when she was still occupying the world of hopeful singles. The blog remains true to the core of the thirty-one day challenge. It makes you wonder what her now-husband thinks of this tawdry affair, now that she has indeed tied the knot. Still, the information contained therein remains extremely popular due to its relevance for the ever-hopeful single who hopes that, by getting through speed dating in this manner, it will help them reach their ‘Mr Right’ in as short a time as possible.

We’ll run through the other three finalists tomorrow. Voting for the candidate you see fit to carry off the best dating blog crown commenced on the 22nd of February and carries on until March 21st. Sadly, you won’t find our blog in the short list, this year, as we have only been live for such a short period; perhaps next year, we’ll be amongst the pick of the best dating literature on the Internet.

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