Wax lyrical on your dating site profile for greater exposure

The art of creating the perfect dating site profile takes time, patience, constant tweaking and hard work. Certainly for it to work in a way that attracts the type of person you want to get to know, on and off line, from your online dating experience, anyway. And it’s an aspect that many singles overlook in their desperation to be swiftly online and actively chatting in the forums.

But let me ask you this: Once you have started chatting to someone on the dating site forum, or perhaps even before, what do you do? You check out their profile to ensure this is the type of partner you could envision yourself with. Do you not think that the majority of the singles on your dating site do exactly the same before they open conversations with you? Of course they do.

The temptation for many singles who have not taken the time out to craft a dating site profile that they can simply cut and paste, after tweaking their base document to suit the mood on the dating site they’re joining, is to get straight into browsing without providing enough information about themselves that the other members can appraise.

But even that step may be one too soon, as singles rush like the Pamplona Bulls to check out the talent after final taking the plunge to start online dating. Before you upload any personal information about yourself, you have to create a user name, again something that is oft overlooked. But user names are important, even more so if using European dating sites, where as much weight is attributed to the written word, including the user id, as is the profile photograph.

There have been many studies looking into dating site names that do and don’t work, both in the northern and southern hemispheres. So choosing a name that will illicit responses is imperative; tying that name up with incidental data in your profile is an even better.

Julia Spira, she of much dating site renown, recently wrote of her experience choosing a user name from a song she’d heard on the radio; she then set the lead in to her profile as a query to anyone who clicked through in relation to the song from which she derived her dating site id.

The results were astounding. Even if people were not necessarily coming on to her for a date, it did inspire fans of the musician, someone who saw fit to change his name from Reg Dwight – that ought to tell you something about the power of choosing a suitable public moniker – the other dating site members were contacting her to answer the profile query. In fact, her inbox was full of winkers.

So the moral really is, choose a user name that reflects your personality but other members can also identify with and respond to. Pair that with a well-prepared profile, and you, too, can hope to be poked by a whole host of winkers, wanting to get to know you better.

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