Like Pro-Wrestling, online dating is not a con

The argument is raging thick and fast between the scientists in the logical world and the owners of dating sites who claim to use strings of logic – algorithms – to pair individuals on matchmaking personals sites. But are the scientists who are ranting against the calculations missing the point entirely, and just playing into the mainstream big-hitters marketing plan even more by giving these algorithms credibility by even warranting that they exist, at all?

The simple point of fact is that, if a single believes they have an element on their side to help them find love online where they have failed to do so in the real world, they are more likely to be open to committing to someone who they believe is a scientific match, even though they have proven to themselves, by getting their online relationship to the stage of dating offline, that there is a chemistry there between them with these huge strings of logic to testify the fact.

Any businessman knows that it is easier to sell to a qualified lead than to cold call and expect the same return. Singles join for the dream – there is no selling involved; they already want your product and are prepared to pay handsomely monthly for it – and the expectation is that they’ll end up getting married through one dating site facility or another. Okay, it might not be to the single they hooked up with as a result of a string of calculations on a server in deepest Texas, but you can bet, being so sold on the idea and having the chance to ‘get to know that person’ through the medium of chat is perhaps half of the courtship battle done and dusted.

But the wording of the marketing is very cleverly put together. It doesn’t actually come out and say that: 542 couples per day get married who met on eHarmony because of a string of useless data. It states that so many people tied the knot because of the dating site. With there so many people in the US, the chances of two singles meeting otherwise would be very slim without this facility.

So, you have to ask yourself: Is algorithmic online dating a con?

Or rather, like Pro-Wrestling, nothing but show? Excellently choreographed to provide entertainment of the highest level, and fit enough to run with the best? I think it probably is. A con, no. But if you go into it with your eyes wide open, you’ll probably have a better experience for it. The scientists can argue about the algorithms all day, but, the bottom line is, do dating sites bring two people together into a loving relationship? You bet your candied ass it does.

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