Improved technology not the be all and end all of dating

It’s no surprise that, following iDate 2012 Miami, there is a huge amount of excitement about what the year holds for the industry. For those at the top of the online dating tree, they have set their targets and gleaned from the scientists and competition where their dating sites can make inroads and how to do just that.

It’s one thing the dating industry knowing what technology can do for them but what do the dating site members expect?

Great strides have been made in technology in social media and Internet users have now come to expect a level of unparalleled browsing and ease of use that may have many ‘dating site in a box’ website owners speaking frantically to their coders to ensure that their facility can keep up to date with the latest that the industry has to offer.

Finding a dating site that suits your skill level and personality is key to success

That’s certainly the state of play in New Zealand, where details in one recent report suggest singles have expectations of a certain level of service, but have learnt not to expect miracles when it comes to the physical result without having to put a bit of effort in themselves.

More there than perhaps in other countries they know that finding the right dating site can be the very real difference in experience between success and failure. As the sites mature, the users do so with them; as such, there has been a recent leaning towards matchmaking facilities whose questions can put everyone on a level playing field, at least as the search for the perfect partner gets under way.

Rather than head off and go gung-ho into dating site profiles that may be a match or have a nice picture as the younger generation do, the more mature dater has had time to assess what’s become important to them. With set questions applicable to the right type of dating site to suit the more mature dater’s requirement, they can be a lot more selective of the dates that algorithms throw up and use the potential partners as a guide. However, whereas the inexperienced dating site memeber have been known to expect the search results to be definitive, dating site algorithms are no Google or Yahoo web-search; although the principal and the aspiration beyond the facility may be similar, the targets are not a distinct as a set of keywords. That’s not to say that keywords don’t play a part in achieving accurate results; they most certainly do.

So, if you do know what you’re looking for in a dating site and a partner, it may be well worth considering a matchmaking site; as long as you’re prepared to put in a little work after your e-mails with your ‘best match’ singles comes through and don’t expect them to be definitive or exclusive to your search, they could very well get you on the way to finding that all-elusive dating site partner.

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