Adele looking for a different singles success

For every single out there in dating land there’s a site on the Internet where they can meet the person of their dreams, no matter what they’re looking for in a potential life partner. From niche dating sites catering for Filipino brides to Sugar Daddies (and Sugar Babies), there is a commodity that can provide the introductions to take the hopeful single to the next level with their dream date.

So, when you learn that the winner of one of the America’s Next Top Model shows has gone into the online dating business, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the portfolios would be populated with waif-like models and chisel-featured hunks. Not necessarily the place you’d expect to find singles who’ve strayed a little from the path that the media would class as ‘mainstream singles’. Mais, au contraire, mes amis!

The Big & The Beautiful is a dating site aimed at the more curvaceous figured single, although not exclusive to the larger lady or generous gentleman as it is open to all ‘beautiful shapes and sizes’. Its president is none other than Whitney Thompson, the winner of the afore mentioned accolade in 2008 and self-confessed plus-size model, who created the dating site with the aim of allowing women to feel that they don’t have to lie and fit a media-painted picture of what a beautiful woman should look like.  You only have to look for evidence of this type of falsification on any dating site, where it is suggested 90% of dating site profiles contain at least one fib or another.

In order to boost the dating site’s profile further, Whitney has extended an offer to one of the hottest names in showbiz for the last two years, Adele, to head up their next wave of marketing.

Details in one recent report suggest that there is a seven figure cheque awaiting the ’21’ star if she agrees to align herself with The Big & The Beautiful to coincide with the ‘real women with real curves’ campaign that Whitney has planned for the niche dating site.

The concept of online dating is in no way foreign to Adele. The platinum disc solo artiste, who, in order to retain anonymity, has signed up to eHarmony without posting a photo. She admits to having issues, however. It seems that, without a photo, there has been a distinct lack of singles offering to date her. More fool them!

However, this may all be immaterial and the men on the mainstream dating site have missed the boat since she and charity boss Simon Konecki are now stepping out together. Looks like she’ll be giving others the chance to top the singles chart for a while – that will make a nice change.

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