Be careful out there – you may meet that special ‘someone’

In the second of two articles today looking at ‘innocent’ false dating site profiles, we hear a tale of woe from both sides of the dating argument.

This one’s all a bit six of one and half a dozen of the other and is a little more far out and, well, scary than today’s other article. Especially as the story originates from a woman’s blog and she asks: who’s protecting the men from the psychotic women out there?, some of whom she berates and classifies as ‘bunny boilers‘ of Fatal Attraction fame.

No, I’m getting ahead of myself, here. First and foremost, the blogger in question admitted that she had conducted an experiment whereby she’d created fake dating site profiles with the sole intention of extracting information out of men to see how easily she could get their phone numbers, personal e-addresses, where they lived, etc. Apparently, within 2-3 communiqués, the alpha male relinquishes this data without too much of a fuss.

Then, said blogger affirms that she’s safe, but knows of ‘someone’ (I get the impression we’re onto another Chinese dating experience like “J” suffered, here) who was perhaps a few nuts short of a safe hub cap.

To cut a long story short, this ‘someone’ was hit upon rather rapidly after signing up to a dating site by a single male to whom she gave the pseudonym Marc – really? I have a very strong suspicion this was the gentleman’s real name.

When ‘someone’ told ‘Marc’ things were moving too quickly for her liking, ‘Marc’ told ‘someone’ to “go have sex with herself using a rather large implement” – well, not exactly that, but you can work the rest out. To whit, ‘someone’ took umbrage and proceeded to post multiple profiles of ‘Marc’ – coincidentally another dating site male who’d given up his information within the first few correspondences (you can see the comparisons, can’t you?), on gay porn sites, whereby his profile suggested that he was up for a bit of guy-on-guy action.

His name, home phone number, photograph – everything but his home address (which the blogger claimed this ‘someone’ she knew had possession of, but did nothing with, thankfully for ‘Marc’) went on these gay dating sites, claiming he was up for it. The poor guy even had his e-mail signed up to a load of spam sites and even suffered the indignity of his profile being posted on a site warning other women not to date certain men they’d met online dating.

The blogger’s moral – protect yourself at all costs. ‘Marc’ – if you’re reading this and you’ve got any pets that would fit nicely in a stew-pot, get your locks changed, bud. Take this woman’s advice and weed out the weirdos; you know where to start, methinks.

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