The moral and legal thin line of Sugar Daddy sites

One thing you can safely say about Brandon Wade is that he is not shy about putting his dating sites in the firing line. Sites, he has many, most are controversial. As much as the public at large complain about the man and his dating sites, you can’t argue with the fact that they’re popular.

In a recent interview, Wade was took to task about the fact that there are so many sugar babies on his sugar daddy site that were students at NYU – 500 plus, if the report is accurate – and how the idea came about. You may (or not, thinking about it) be surprised at his role models and how his own dating experience led to the niche dating site‘s inauguration.

Seeking Arrangement is a dating site that connects wealthy elderly gentlemen (by that, I mean older than the person they expect to date – according to Wade, the average age of his site’s male members is 36) with (a lot) younger women. The former being the Sugar Daddy, the latter the sugar baby.

There is an expectation that, for being pampered and bestowed with gifts by the well-off Sugar Daddy dating site member, the sugar baby will come to an arrangement – through the site – with the ‘generous benefactor’. Two adults coming together for mutual benefit – where’s the problem?

The issue in the public eye, and with many local New Yorkers, is that so many girls at NYU are signing up to Seeking Arrangement to pay their ways through college. In Brandon’s eyes, this is the perfect scenario. College girls who would perhaps never get the opportunity see how the other half live for the price of positioning themselves as eye-candy or a trophy girlfriend; in return, an otherwise lonely bachelor (or married man, he’s imposed no restrictions for wedlock being a barrier on his sites) has someone who he can lavish his wedge and bestow gifts upon.

That outlook is not surprising as Wade grew up idolising Hugh Hefner, he of Playboy fame, whom he wanted to grow up like. Given Wade’s self-confessed geekishness, that was never going to happen unless he could tempt female company by dangling the carrot of spoiling them beyond their wildest dreams. Recognising that there was a huge market for this, the adult dating site was born. Now, with 900,000 members (at time of interview), you have to take your hat off to the bloke and say he nailed that to perfection.

There is a very thin moral (and perhaps legal) line and whether you disagree with it or not, there’ll be a lot more graduates coming out of NYU debt free than if Wade’s site was not about. Go, Brandon!

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