US twice as likely to meet spouse online dating than in bar

The chances are, if you’re a married person in the US, the bar or club is one of the last places you met your spouse. It’s true, at least according to a recent survey that was completed by CMB on behalf of And that figure is dropping. In fact, you were half as likely to have met your partner at church as you were in one of the afore mentioned hostelries. And you were more than twice as likely to have met your long-term partner on a dating site.

The exact figures (for 2009/2010) for those categories, for those who like to see the statistics in black and white, are as follows:
• 8% of married couples independently surveyed stated that they’d met in the boozer
• 4% had met whilst they were at church – that definitely rules the UK being part of the survey, then, as I doubt 4% of the population, let alone married couples, regularly attend the place of worship of their faith
• 17% met whilst online dating

Okay, all studies can prove whatever you want them to; the criteria for this particular study of 7,000 US citizens was that they were 18+ and had been married in the last five years, but there may well have been other qualifying criteria that’s not detailed. You’ve probably had a go at taking part in online surveys yourself.

For example, most surveys have qualifying questions before you can take part, such as age, income, sex – you know the drill. How often have you filled in the qualifying criteria and the next screen has said something along the lines of: “Sorry, but we have all of the qualifying information from your sector that we need.”

That’s pure BS. What it should say is: “Sorry, but your ‘band’ is unlikely to deliver the answers the people paying us a lot of money to host this survey are looking for and if we don’t deliver, they won’t get the ‘evidence’ they need, so won’t use us again. You’re out of here!”

No doubt there is a ‘qualifying’ question, such as ‘have you ever used paid dating sites?’, for this type of survey.  If your answer was in the affirmative, you’re past the gatekeeper; if negatory, the bouncer is apt to decline your entry with a ‘not tonight, sonny’.

Anyway, for what it’s worth, the answers of the dating site survey strongly suggest that meeting your future spouse is still a lot more likely through someone in your family or a friend (27%) or at work (or for childhood sweethearts, school) 38%. That last statistic is quite huge, actually.

Based on that assumption, for every ten married people you know at work, (almost) four of them met their husband/wife in a similar work situation. Well, guys and gals, if you’re single and have a job (in the UK, for youngsters using online dating as a way to meet their first serious partner, the former is definitely more guaranteed than being in employment, sad as is the case), it seems well worth putting your glad rags on to go to the office if you’re looking for a long-term relationship.

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