The dating site problem – cause, effect and solution: cause

Although online dating has seen unprecedented numbers of new sign-ups over the last two years, the shape of the industry and what it does has not changed in any great manner.

It’s true.  Okay, many of the new dating sites springing to the fore from the far reaches of cyberspace do now have a very ‘social media’ look and feel to the way they operate and in the experience gained by the dating site member.

But, let’s face it, was isn’t social media influencing these days? Recent psychological analyses suggest that many people, especially the younger generation who have grew up with the evolving platform, are struggling to separate themselves in the real world from their persona online. In contrast, those of us who have seen the internet grow throughout our own adulthood still see the medium as escapism, especially when we can be creative with ourselves on matchmaking and dating sites.

It’s true. I cannot believe – and I still can’t, no matter how much I try to get my head around it – that someone pays me to write for the Internet. Dream job, or what? I love to write and the Internet, well. Is it real? For those who suffered the days of dial up, the version we have now is nothing more than a playground. But for business?

Well – let me tell you now – online dating is BIG business and (trust me when I say this now) it is going to get bigger. Starting right now, in 2012, dating sites will grow exponentially unlike at any time in their history. Why?

It’s all because of two Iranian guys who know the dating site market and know the Internet. They have learnt from previous lives that businesses grow through existing customers rather than try to attract new ones over and over and over again, which has been a problem for dating sites since the first tentative conversations on AOL started in mainstream chat-rooms fifteen years ago.

But that has always been the problem – if you are a successful dating site, your customers leave you, using their subscription fees instead to feather their own nests to hopefully furnish the matrimonial home. Well, that depends upon which site you use and what you want to gain from the experience, obviously, but that is usually the barometer of success by which the top dating sites are measured. So, that’s the problem identified. Now, what to do about it.

These two guys have cracked it, the established dating sites are looking over their shoulders. Over the course of the next two articles, I’ll try to explain why. Gad Zoosk!

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