Those three little words – i Pad 2

Would you Adam and Eve it, but there’s a dating site app been launched by Cupidtino purely for Apple device owners. That’s right – any other Smartphone users are going to be left out in the wilderness east of Eden this Valentine’s Day as prospective members cannot even sign up unless they have a device that supports the ‘beautiful hardware and software designs‘ associated with the Mac name.

There is something not quite right resounding from the pages of the site as the only real love affair going on (so far as Blackberry or Android users are concerned) is the one the web’s creators have with the legacy left by the late, great Steve Jobs.

Almost anyone who’s reading this will have, at some point, browsed a matchmaking site, heck probably even signed up for one or two of the dating sites that match you and a potential partner on the grounds of career, lifestyle choice, goals, ambitions or what you want from your next relationship.

To qualify as the most sought after single on Cupidtino, however, you are matched and rated on ‘Appleness’. Must be something to do with the dual core on the iPhone 4S, I guess. It’s absolutely true.

In place of the usual questions that would perhaps prompt a new dating sign up for their favourite band, hottest A-list star, football team or career ambition, this dating site asks its membership their favourite iTunes playlist or what’s queuing up in their Netflix. Even the name of the dating site is derived from Cupertino, Apples HQ in CA and that little rogue cupid.

There are fetish dating sites for rubber, feet (should have put ‘sole’, there really, would have fit nicely in with the Apple theme; ne’er mind), sadomasochism and dominatrices – those you can perhaps understand. But for the love of hard- and software? Must be some form of BASIC instinct.

Well, if you’re tempted by the Apple-only dating site, please, give it a go. Let us know if, as the sign up stage states, it is for people who have better taste. On second thoughts, the thought of some sending me a Valentine’s Day card with iLoveU on it? Maybe not.

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