Dating sites can bring out a side of you hidden for too long

We’re almost there – getting you ready to attack those dating sites this weekend to ensure you at least get Valentine’s Day e-mails from your online dating sites at the very least. We have a few last little tips on your dating site profile, then we’ll take a look at how to get the best out of the dating site membership by modifying your searches and responses.

So, your dating site profile should be almost complete, even having had it acid-tested by a friend you can trust to give you honest, forthright feedback. One last aspect to consider before you hit the upload button: does your online persona sound like a happy soul? Would you want to be with you if you were reading your profile?

Be honest with yourself. Joining an online dating site that boasts million-plus membership can be a daunting prospect. If you were feeling nervous and apprehensive before making the decision to join one or two dating sites, by the time you’ve seen the competition and the calibre of singles out there looking to find love online, it can be downright depressing, let alone nerve-racking. But you mustn’t let this anxiety show through in your dating profile.

Confident, even a little bit cocky, is a good attitude to have. With UK dating sites, they really are a place where more timid people can find a voice they never knew they had, or at least only suspected but have never had the platform to bellow out their inner emotions (keep the personal stuff to a minimum, though!). Providing you stick to the rule of not attracting people you wouldn’t want to date and retaining a pretty accurate portrayal of the real you, your new dating site is the perfect place to find that hidden aspect and just turn up its voice, decibel by decibel, until you’re even scaring yourself with what this vociferous new you can achieve.

What you may find is that you are attracting a whole new audience. Sure, there’ll be some whackos – every dating site has them – but don’t be automatically too dismissive. If you’re absolutely certain that you’ll never meet up with someone who’s taken the time to contact you, let them down gently. Never ignore them; remain courteous and be honest without being hurtful.

Even if that someone comes across as arrogant, they may really be just like you, nerves bringing out a personality they can’t control. Any angry retort or outright putdown may damage their confidence irreparably.

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