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Although we have recommended paying for your dating site membership, there is one thing you really must look out for in the small print before you hit the ‘submit’ button with your credit or debit card information. A lot – and we’re talking most of the dating sites, other than those who sit right at the top of the online dating tree – put a ‘roll-over’ clause in their contract.

It is a little bit sneaky and perhaps even immoral but they do write it in the small print so they are covered legally for doing it, but a lot of dating sites state that they will continue to collect your subscription, whichever period you sign up for, without your prior consent. There will be a one-liner that states ‘by pressing submit you agree that you’ve read and digested all of the t’s & c’s’.

In said terms and conditions it will state that you give the dating site the right to take the money from your account ‘in perpetuity’ . Basically, forever. That sounds daunting but, apart from cancelling the bank account from whence your dating site membership fee comes there are two other ways you can get around this sneaky little way of screwing you for a few quid every month, one more advisable than the other.

The best way for you is, once you submit your details, there is a cooling off period. Don’t wait for that period to come to an end, do this straight away. In your account profile there will be a payment settings. Go straight in and cancel the contract. You will still get the time you paid for on your dating site, but not the headache of having to approach your credit card company when you want to leave to make the dating site stop taking your oney by the credit company imposing a charge greater than the sum of your membership fee, after you’ve told the dating site in question in writing that you wish to cancel your account, which is the second rather messy way of doing things.

This may not apply on the high-end dating sites whose membership, paying in excess of $1,000/month, and normally paying for a year’s subscription in one go, are usually afforded the decency of not being subjected to this sneaky little clause.

With so much competition, you’d hope that the odd one or two would break the mould in an attempt for the other dating sites to follow suit, but this rarely happens.

That’s about it on choosing your dating site; tomorrow, we’ll start taking a look at your profile and what we can do to entice your potential dating partners.

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