Valentine’s day spam just over a week away

So, I was looking online for something romantic to write about Valentine’s Day. One of the biggest days in any year for card shops, chocolatiers, florists and online dating sites. The problem is, when you have sent as many as I have done over the years, it all gets a bit old hat. But, just because I could give Clintons staff a healthy wedge of commission from the hopeful cards I’ve sent in the past doesn’t mean that Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a new and enjoyable experience for everyone else out there in dating land.

Instead of all of the insights into true romance that I was expecting to stumble across, I, quite happily, found many other singles who were wary of the occasion as much as I. Not due to the expense. Although there is a view that the day, whereby you can carte blanche spam as many people as you wouldn’t mind licking their sticky bit as you know with e-mails not-so cunningly disguised with this message on your dating site, is nothing more than a money spinner for the novelty gift and card shop enterprises between Christmas and Easter.

St Patrick’s Day, now, is popping up as a timely intervention to combat slow sales as Easter seems to get later and later in April every year. Do you think it’s somehow coy to send an Irishman a card with a drunken Leprechaun holding a pint of Guinness to help them celebrate their Saint’s day? As much appreciated as the spam dating site e-mails. So think again!

But back to the point – the dread of being single on the most romantic day of the year. Although that title is now being challenged by Boxing Day as dating sites see more sign ups immediately after Christmas than almost any other time of the year. The message I’m getting from those who are blogging about their dating status is: don’t send me a card – I’m single, loving it, and if I want to date I have a dating site membership and I can find my own partner – when I want one!. Okay, there may be an element of building brick walls as a reaction to perhaps being dumped now that Christmas and New Year are out the way, but many singles genuinely are enjoying being just that, for now, single.

The most interesting article I found on the subject was a young lady’s account, alikening singledom with leprosy. So, next up, a condensed version for all of you out there who are thinking of bombarding everyone you like the look of your dating site with unsolicited e-mail next week. You may get a response, but it sure won’t be the one you’re looking for.


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