Your handset says a lot about your dating habits – too much!

Guys and girls, it’s looking as if Android users are the app-friendly handset using equivalent of the Free Love movement of the late sixties, based on the results of the survey published in the last article, “Your handset says a lot about your dating habits – a lot!“, and this one just nails it: if you’re at a party and your stuck for a date, check out those with an Android device as 55%, again the highest percentage polled, stated that they would go for a one-night stand.

Now judge this aspect for yourselves, because it could be read two ways. When questioned about drinking when dating, an impressive 72% of Blackberry users said that they most certainly did. Another 67% of them have undying faith in love at first sight. Both ratings highest in their section. Now, does the alcohol make them see prospective partners with rose-tinted glasses when laying their eyes on their date for the first time? If so, are they looking for a long term relationship from the off, hence less likely to jump straight in the sack with them? Or do they just get so wasted they cannot remember whether they’ve actually gone all the way, or not? Mmm, tough call.

iPhones must be the choice of the professional, as they topped the ‘office romance‘ poll, with a quarter of them saying they’d seen someone from work at some point in the last five years. They are also most likely to keep their appointment to call you back after dating for the first time, whereas the other two device users would keep you waiting until you’d been out a few times before they thought it acceptable to see how their dating partner was doing between liaisons.

So, what does that say in a nutshell? If you want to a straight forward adult-dating type of liaison, straight in at the deep end, check out who’s carrying an Android. If you want to go out to have a great laugh and sink a few beers but risk your long term single life see who’s on the BBM network. And if you like things prim and proper and an almost officious relationship, the iPhone carrier’s the one for you. My wife’s got a HTC Wildfire – should I be worried, do you think?

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